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How To Remove Blackheads

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To remove a large unsightly blackhead, here is the technique you need.

First remove the inner ink tube of a pen. Then press the transparent end over the top of the spot or blackhead and twist from left to right. Hey Presto the blackhead pops out. Now place a bag of frozen peas (or anything else cold) over the hole that has been left to make it close up.

This blackhead removal technique works wonders and should leave you blackhead free!

Blackhead Pens

Note that you can also buy blackhead pens, so-called, from many beauty stores: these are specially made removal devices that work using this same method. They are worth buying to ensure your blackhead removal is safe and hygienic.

By: Steve Thompson on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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Also, before doing the "inner-tube-of-a-pen" technique (which works for me), remember to put warm water over the blackheaded part to open up the holes!

I just tried... and it worked!

Thanks! :D.

The method doesnt work for me. and i believe that it will induce infection over time. i suggest using facewash that contains microbeads that could prevent blackheads.

Yeah, instead of this pen stuff which can be unhygenic you can buy 'tools' which do exactly the same job. In the UK you can get a blackhead remover from The Body Shop with change from a quid!

I have loads of blackheads, but i have just started doing something which seems to be clearing them up. For this you will need a towel, a large bowl and some face wash. Once a week i boil the kettle and put the boiling water in into a large bowl. I put my face over the water and put the towel over the top of my head. I stay there for about 5 minutes. This opens your pores. After 5 minutes wash your face straight away (i use "Clean and Clear Blackhead Remover) after i have applied this i wash my face with really cold water. The facial wash cleans all the dirt from your pores and then when you wash your face with the cold water, it is closing them quickly. Remember, you must only do this once a week. DO NOT DO THIS MORE THEN ONCE A WEEK!!

I found this method really good. i used it just once and already i can see a difference.

O.M.G i dont believe it worked miricals on my skin its spots free

thank you 8)

Googeld blackheads because i was bored and they botherd me and i found this tip and went into the toilet with then inside of the pen and did it it hurt a bit left my chin a bit sore but really worked, took me about 3 mins to to about 9 of them all the gunk just fell out amazing going to use it all the time as i have been wasting time with face wash but now i no thanks x

Dont people say that if you squeeze spots they get worse? is it the same with blackheads? thanks

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