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Womens Gym Kit Guide

Health And Fitness : Exercise Guide

A great gym kit should include:

The right underwear...

Sports Bra
- A correct sports bra is vital for training, you will need a well fitted one, you can visit stores where you can get professional measured for one, or you could just try them on yourself, you may already know the right sizes.

The best Sports Bra's available are:

1- Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym Bra - £35.00 from shockabsorber.co.uk

2- Nike Pro Essentials Compression Sports Bra - £22.00 from nike.com

3- Adidas Multifunctional Essentials Bra - £18.00 from adidas.co.uk

- Believe it or not, socks are actually quite important for a workout, you can buy socks that work perfectly with trainers and may even help increase your performance.

The Best Socks available are:

1- Karrimor Dri Socklets - £3.99 from sportsdirect.com

2- Nike Anti Blister Running Socks - £6.99 from sportsdirect.com

3- Accapi Running Action Socks - £29.99 from sportsdirect.com


The tops you wear in the Gym or for training are dependent on what you feel comfortable in, some people like to wear oversized shirts, and some like skinfitting tops. They all have different benefits. There are many different styles from tank tops to sweaters. Some help you keep cool, while some are designed to make you sweat. Look around and find something you feel confortable in, because you will have a better workout if you feel confident and comfortable.

Heres a list of some great tops to workout in:

Nike Loose Tri Blend Womens T-Shirt £25.00 from nike.com

Adidas Response Long Sleeve T Shirt £18.00 from sportsdirect.com


Bottoms need to be chosen based on the type of workout and exercize that you intend to perform. There are many bottoms to choose from, ones for cycling, ones for running, leggings for yoga and stretch pants for pilates. Find the style you want. If your just working out at the gym then its best to have leggings/tights. If your training outside and its cold you will want some ones that keep you warm. You can always enquire in sports shops and someone will help you choose the right styles.

Here is a list of some great bottoms to workout in:

Nike Legend 2.0 Tight Fit Training Trousers £40.00 from nike.com

Adidas SP 3 Stripe Tights £21.99 from sportsdirect.com


The right trainers are vital so that you dont cause injury.

They need to be the right size and bult for the type of arch you have. You should get someone in a sports shop to help you and to guide you into the right trainer for you.

New Out: Nike Free TR Twist Canvas training shoes £80.00 from nike.com

Hair and Makeup...

As a women its understandable that you might not feel great going to the gym with no make-up and messy hair, its all about your confidence and if your feel insecure your not going to have a great workout. So a bit of makeup isnt going to hurt. Use a light foundation that wont clog your pores and add some waterproof mascara, Pull your hair out of your face, maybe in a ponytail or a bun.

You can get Nike Chevron Sport Hairbands for £10.00 from nike.com

By: Jade

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