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How To Find A Lost Hamster

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If your hamster escapes from the cage, you have to find it as soon as possible, because when it is loose in the house, harm can easily come to it, not to mention that it can do a lot of damage should it reach electric wires or anything else it can chew through.

Lost hamsters: beware!

If it is left to roam the house it could also climb up onto a high shelf and fall, so you have to be very careful until it is found to keep an eye open for it and watch that it isn't trampled underfoot.

How to lure your hamster

A recommended method for luring your hamster to safety is to get a bucket and a pile of books to make a "stairway" leading into the bucket, and set it up somewhere central in the house. You can line the bucket with a towel if you want, and place some food that your hamster likes in the bucket, perhaps strong vegetables or sliced apples which also leave a smell.

Put some on the steps leading to the bucket too. Hopefully this will act as a kind of trap to find your hamster, as it will smell the food and follow the trail right into the bucket, where it should be unable to climb back out of again, so effectively you have caught it and it is back in your care.

By: Bev on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

More hamster advice

I lost my hamster once. If he goes missing during the night, look what doors were open and what doors were closed, so that you know where he can't be. Then keep the doors of rooms he can't be in shut. Put a bowl of food in his cage by the doorway and leave the cage door open, if you then leave it for a while and when you come back you will probably see he has come and taken some food, then in the early evening sit quietly near his cage and he will probably come back for more food, it worked for me!!.

I don't know how to ask a question on this...but i lost my hamster and i desperately want her back. I also have a dog, and i'm scared that she will scare my hamster away. My house is also big so i'm horrified that she might have jumped or fell off. She already jumped of the counter from the cage and i'm afraid that she is injured. Any advice would help.

I lost my hamster once i was gone for about 5 days, i was very sad also i did not know how to find him?

that is why i lokked it up on the web it was very good as 2 days later my hamster came back all i done was made a trap like the one they have said to do on this website put his/hers favourite food out and some comfy bedding in the box or bucket hopefully then it will be encouraged to come back home! if this does not worktry leaving its house out with its house door open but make sure you do not clean it oput as it will not come back because it will not be able to smell its own scent. if this does not work i am so sorrry to waste your time and i am sure you have a computor so just look up on google 'how to find a lost hamster?' it should come up with lots of great info for how you can find your hamster.

all my luck

We lost our hamster last night. We looked on this sight and were advised to set up a friendly trap - put a bucket with some food in with some books as stairs. We did this very thing and at 2.00 am heard some scratching and low and behold there was our hamster, inside the bucket. We are so happy she is back and safe. Thank you for the advise.

My hamster is lost! My sister was playing with him until 11:00 PM. My sister forgot to close his door when she put him in! This was the 3rd time we ever lost him. I need help. Last time when my sister lost him I set up that trap with the bucket and ramp but I'm not so sure if hes gonna come back again. Theres this closet near his cage with a bunch of stuff in it and every time we take him out of his cage to play with him,and we put him on the ground, he always goes running to it. He can fit under it. Me and my sister wouldn't dare to look in there because it has so much stuff that if we take one thing away from the bottom the whole thing would fall out! And I'm afraid that the stuff in the closet is going to squish him! Last time my mom woke up really early to make breakfast and then my hamster came running into the kitchen and climbing up my moms leg to get food. My mom was really scared but then she saw my hamster and started to calm down.

If you want to find your lost hamster now then I can help you with that. I lost my hamster because on a sunday she was running on her wheel and it kept me up. I didn't have her ball so I just set her down and took a shower will she was just a baby and she was able to crawl under the space of the door. We lost her for 5 days but we found and this how we found her. In each room put a dish of in all your rooms. Everyday and night look to see if something was taken or if food is around the dish bowl. also try the bucket trap put food inside the bucket all its favorites and put a books like stiar case to lead into and it will be so good it will just jump in and won't be able to get back out. Dont give up I was even thinking about getting a new hamster but we found her because of thoughts things I looked arouund the food dish room I knew she was in and I open the door but I didn't know that right then she ran out of the past her cage in the area she was in and fell down 6 steps but she was ok just stressed and anther trick is to dont claean her cage set it in the area she is in and maybe she will smell her snect and got in to it. Dont give up one of those will work just keep looking around conors under things and in stuff my hamster was just a baby and she went 5 days without water anf food only jjust a little. So I hope that helps don't give up!!!

my sister lost her hamster recently and this was how we found him. first we used the bucket trick but we added a little exra stuff first we put some of his bedding at the bottom of the stairs and then in the bucket try putting in some boiled eggs that worked for us but you have to be patient

I'll tell you exactly how to find a lost hamster. Putting food in the middle of the floor and some noisey plastic to listen for and turning of the lights is a great thing but first be a detective; LOOK FOR CLUES! Look around the cage. When your hamster jumps out of your hand, which way does he usually head towards? Then look around the cage, do you see a trail of shavings, shredded newspaper, etc? Does he usually spit out food when he/she is scared; look for a small trail/pile of food that is moist. Did a child loose it? Was the tv moved? Maybe the child moved it looking for the hamster. Is there a small amount of liquid on your couch, or a tiny brown nugget? That is usually a clue to where he/she has been!? Also I read a great tip, get a nut like an elephant peanut and tie a long piece of thread or string to it and put it out. (dark is best and night time) and when the hamster grabs the nut it will pull and you can follow the string trail. Just make sure you put a few of these down. Just found mine again, 3 yr old snuck it out again :-( any other helpful advice needed, I know lots, just ask!

The bucket trick worked for me....we lost my new hamster on boxing day 2010 and went 5 day without seeing her, however she was coming out for food at night when we were in bed. On new years eve me and my daddy waited up till 2 am and still she hadnt turned up, we fell asleep on the seatee and were woken up at 3.15 to the sound of our hamster trying to get out of our bucket trap. We did put some tangerine in the bucket that night which smelt quite strong and must have lured her in. Thanks very much for the bucket trap tip.

I've lost my hamster.. I love him to bits :( I put some bread with cheese and pea-nut butter on.. I just have to wait but any more advise? 'cos I'm also scared I may have squished him while looking for him.. he's only young and tiny and he jumped out of my hands without me being able to catch him.. please help! :(

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