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Top computing hints, tips and ideas

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How To Get A Cool MSN Name
If you are struggling for a name for your MSN Messenger profile, then here's a great little site

How To Generate A MSN Nick Name
If you are struggling to generate a fun nick name for your MSN profile, then struggle no more - at

How To Get A Gmail Account
As you may know, Google have recently launched an excellent free email service, Gmail, with a

How To Find Old Friends
Nostalgia getting the better of you? Curious as to what your first girlfriend or boyfriend is doing

How To Force A Web Page To Refresh
You can "force" an internet web page to refresh properly by hitting Control plus the F5 key on your

How To Copy And Paste Quickly And Other Keyboard Shortcuts
Copy and paste text easily, with these shortcuts. Simply highlight the text in question, and press

How To Fix Fragmented Virtual Memory
The Windows Swap File acts as "extra memory" for your computer when regular RAM (Random Access

How To Make Money Online
Make money on the internet: research shows that the best way to make money on the net is to have a

How To Free Up Hard Disk Space On A PC
Double click on My Computer Right click on name of your hard disk ie C: and choose properties from

How To Wipe Your Computer
If you are going to sell your computer, or just donate it, the key you need to remember first is to

How To Advertise Your Site For Free
Want to advertise your website for free? Then write in to computer magazines and supplements in

How To Boost Your Web Site Ranking
The answer is simple - you need to get a high listing on Google. This site is so phenomenal and so

How To Add Fun To Your Documents
Add fun to your documents and text with pictures. You don't need to be a great artist - there is

How To Avoid RSI
Avoid getting RSI: make sure that your desk is right for you. Ensure that the monitor is level with

How To Clear A Cluttered Desktop
Clear a cluttered desktop quickly - if you have windows 98 or later, instead of closing all the

How To Improve Your Surfing
When surfing to make the page larger just press F11 on the keyboard. To get the page back to

How To Stop Autocomplete
When auto complete is enabled in Tools/Internet Options/advanced, then every entry you put onto an

How To Edit A DVD
To edit the contents of a DVD, you need to demux and disentangle the sound and audio streams that

How To Decrypt A DVD
If you have a DVD that you want to copy - first make sure it is legal to do so and that you won't

How To Make Friends Online
A good way of doing this is to have a chat program - either MSN - microsoft network, from

How To Copy Text Into A Box On A Web Page
Open up Internet Explorer showing the page into which you want to copy text. Open up the other

How To Copy A DVD
If you need to copy a DVD - first make sure it's a DVD you can copy legally! If so, then the

How To Make A Website Logo
If you want to make a logo for your website, then you might be tempted to pay someone else to do

How To Get Paid For Your Opinions
Get paid for your opinions - search on the internet for programs that will pay for your opinion, or

Convert MOV To MPEG
If you want to convert MOV to MPEG, then you will need to use some software to perform the

How To Fill In Forms Quickly
If you get tired of typing out all your details when filling in forms on the internet, download

How To Find Word Macros
Want to know how to find out all the keyboard shortcuts in word 97 onwards? Choose Tools Macro,

How To Avoid Using The Mouse
Instead of clicking on your mouse to get to another part of a page click on

How To Copy Files Quickly
To quickly copy and move files from one place to another, simply right-click and drag the file; you

How To Improve Your Typing Skills- Touchtype
Improve your typing skills with these handy tip. Put your middle fingers on the 'home' keys - f and

How To Convert AC3 To WAV
If you have an AC3 and you need to turn it into a WAV (for instance maybe to join together with a

Convert MOV To AVI
A common desire is to convert from the MOV format that you might associate with Quicktime to the

How To Make Money Hacking
One security firm is offering people cash for discovering security problems with well known

How To Add Links To Your Webpage
When you build your webpage, you may need to link to other websites, or pages internally. To do

How To Restore Your Machine To A Stable Windows XP Setup
If you have Windows XP on your machine and your system is unstable (due to adding bad drivers,

How To Add Foreign Characters To Your Documents
Want to create accents or a tilde quickly without using the character map and spending lots of time

How To Shut Down Windows Quickly
You can do this without using the mouse at all - simply press the windows key, then press 'u', then

How To Fill In Computer Forms Quickly
Excellent answer for filling in forms on the computer: sign up for a form-filler such as

How To Customise A Page
How to format text and add images. To basically format the text into paragraphs, use the < br >

How To Make Money From The Internet
Everyone thinks that it is easy to make money off the net. And a few years ago it was certainly