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Top cleaning hints, tips and ideas

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How To Get Ink Stains Out Of Fabric
My tip: To get ink stains out of clothing/fabrics pour rubbing alcohol on the stain, before you

How To Remove Superglue
Superglue and soapy waterTo remove super glue from metal use very hot soapy water.You need to be

How To Clean Carpet Stains
Remove carpet stainsUse baby wipes to clean stains on carpets and upholstery. Using baby wipes

How To Remove Biro Stains
If you get a biro mark on a white shirt you can remove it by using hair spray. The spray should

How To Remove Stains
To keep stainless steel hobs sparkling, clean with (Johnson's) baby oil. Scratch-free and effective

How To Remove Chewing Gum From Clothes
To get chewing gum unstuck from clothes, put clothing in freezer for a few hours, then pick the

How To Clean Stainless Steel
Cleaning stainless steel is simple: just wipe with undiluted vinegar!You should find that the

How To Clean Off Candle Wax
Accidents can happen with candle wax, if you get it on the carpet wait until it is solid and remove

How To Remove Ink Stains
Before you wash ink stained clothes, tip a little milk over the stain, then wash in the usual

How To Clean A Toilet
Cleaning the toilet is one of the most hated household chores but has to be done regularly to keep

How To Clean Your Kettle
The kettle, let's face it, as an essential piece of equipment in most kitchens.The best way to

How To Clean Jewellery
When cleaning gold and silver jewellery, use cider vinegar to add that extra shiny

How To Remove Limescale
An easy way - and cheap too! - is to use salt. Apply to the affected area with a cloth that's

How To Remove Chewing Gum
Chewing gum tastes nice, but can be a real pain to dispose of!If chewing gum gets into long hair,

How To Remove Chewing Gum Easily
Put ice cubes on chewing gum, and it will be able to be removed more easily.The ice causes the

How To Clean Silverware
Lucky enough to own silverware? Here`s a simple and effective way of cleaning it. Silverware:

How To Remove Paint From Clothes
Put Paint Thinner or Lacquer Thinner on your clothes where the paint is. This should remove the

How To Clean A Blocked Sink
Blocked sinks can be a real pain to clean!To prevent your sink becoming blocked, every couple of

How To Clean A Black Saucepan
If you have burnt a saucepan black by letting it boil dry, there is a surefire easy method of

How To Clean Windows Without Smears
Window cleaning is easy if you do it right.Use brown malt vinegar in water to clean windows and

How To Clean A Microwave
Cleaning and microwaves... two things that are necessary but don't go together too well!How to

How To Remove Lily Pollen
To remove lily pollen stains from clothing DO NOT WASH!Rather, brush off excess pollen and hang

How To Clean Your Fridge
Before you start cleaning, take out all the food and check every single item to see what is out of

How To Clean Your Oven
After you have cleaned your oven and all the shelves are shiny clean, make a paste with

How To Remove Mould From The Bathroom
If like me, your bathroom is plagued by mould here's how to get rid of it. For blackened grouting

How To Defrost Your Freezer
If you are having trouble getting into your freezer, and reaching the items in it involves an axe

How To Clean Your Room
A facetious suggestion on how to clean your room:1) Go into your room and attempt to kick things

How To Get A Limescale Free Kettle
To remove all traces of grotty limescale from your kettle, simply following this easy advice: soak

How To Clean Tiles
To clean tiles, and make the grouting white, clean with liquid shoe

How To Clean Windows Well
When cleaning windows, at the end wipe with scrunched up newspaper to get rid of smears.The result

How To Clean Your Teapot
To get tea stains off the inside of your tea pot, put 2 tbsp of Bicarbonate of Soda into teapot,

How To Clean Limescale From Taps
Pour some white vinegar over the offending pieces and wrap toilet tissue round or cover with

How To Remove Pen Ink Stains
Soak overnight in metholated spirits and the ink should have loosened enough to put in a whites

How To Clean Marks Off The Shower
To clean soap marks off clear shower doors, try using a spot remover for carpets. I used resolve

How To Get Rid Of Old Milk Smells
Get rid of the smell of old milk after an unfortunate spillage on any material. After the mess

How To Remove Blood Stains From Clothes
To remove a blood stain from clothes: Soak the garment in very cold water and salt for a few hours

How To Clean Fat Stains
My tip for you is: if you spill fat on your clothes then don't wash them straight away. Rather,

How To Remove Ball Point Pen From Clothing
Spray wih hairspray and the ink will vanish like

How To Declutter Your Kitchen
Regardless of how much time you spend in your kitchen, you can make life a lot easier by organising

How To Get An Adhesive Label Off Glass
Have you ever tried to peel a label off a jar, and it leaves a very nasty adhesive on the glass