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Problems and Dilemmas

Here is a list of the current problems and dilemmas. Simply click on a title to find out more and read the suggested resolution. If you have a question that is not answered here, then please send it to us, simply include your question in the message box.

I am finding it hard to make friends at my new school, what should I do?

I am getting teased because of my hair colour which is unfair what can I do about it?

I am really into learning music but my friends think it's uncool and tease me how can I get them to stop?

I fancy an older boy but he's two years higher so probably won't like me how can I find out if he likes me?

I find it really hard to pay attention and listen in class how can I get better at concentrating?

I find school subjects really hard, my teachers think I don't try but I do, how can I become cleverer?

I forget things easily no matter how hard I try to remember, how can I make my memory work better?

I get hardly any pocket money my friend gets loads more why are my parents mean?

I have been grounded for weeks just for staying out late, which is ridiculous. What can I do?

I have no friends and am really lonely and I don't know what to do?

I keep on getting annoying texts from idiots at school who got my number, how can I stop them?

I really like this girl in my class but I don't know how to tell her, what should I do?

I'm a guy and think I've started to like one of my male friends does this make me gay?

My best friend has started smoking which I know is dangerous but she won't stop. Should I tell her parents?

My family is poor so I have to wear my sisters old school uniform and my friends laugh at me, why?

My friends are bunking off school and pressure me to join them, should I?

My friends are starting to do things I think are wrong, but I want to stay friends with them, what should I do?

My mate has joined a bad group and started stealing things I'm worried about him, should I say something?

My parents are much stricter than everyone elses and it's unfair - how can I tell them to relax?

My parents are really embarrassing - my Mum thinks she's young and cool but my friends laugh at her. Help!

My parents are really strict compared to my friends ones who let them do anything. Why are they so strict?

My parents sent me to a religious school as it's the best in the area but I don't believe in God what should I do?

My parents smack my little brother sometimes but people at school say it is wrong, is it?

One of my friends died and I'm really upset, what can I do?

One of my friends is being bullied at school. What can I do to help?

One of my teachers hates me and always picks on me with the hard questions in class what should I do?

The kids at school make fun of me all the time because I'm really tall, what can I do?