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How To Get Rid Of Spots Quickly

Beauty : Skincare

To make spots disappear faster, put toothpaste on the spots before going to bed at night.


For lots more advice on spot removal and getting rid of spots quickly, read the reader hints and tips on spots below:

By: Victoria Cairns on Tue, Jun 4th 2002

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Also try dabbing some calamine lotion on the blemish before going to bed.

I have completely blemish free skin but when I get a spot it's big! So I put tea tree antisceptic oil (which you can get in Boots or any chemist) on the blemish before I go to bed which dries the impurities out and it will just fall off while your asleep and doesn't leave a single trace that there was ever a spot there.

I totally agree about the tea tree oil, I read so much about it, it's probably the best natural antiseptic out there, the thing is - it smells hooooorrrriibly! I tried using it once and three minutes later I couldn't stand it and I had to wash it off. Try adding few drops to the warm water and rinse your face with it, supposedly it works just as well!

How to get rid of spots. Like me, if you suffer from spots, you will find they are very itchy and the more you touch them the redder and the worst they get! My secret is "sudo-creme" put it on before bed and it stops the itchiness, redness and in a couple of weeks your skin will be much clearer.

I suffer badly from the odd spot, and I really recommend two litres a day of water, it's amazing how your skin feels! And then at night I use a bit of sudercrem, just on the spot.

Make sure you use a towel on your pillow to save staining.

I havent got alot of spots but i do get the odd break out and its horrid. I get mine from stress and too much chocolate i tryed going on a chocolate free diet and drank alot of water and found that my spots cleared up in 2 weeks it was amazing.

I find putting my face in a sink of hot water or under a really hot shower then rinsing it with freezing cold water straight after does the trick, putting hot on opens the pores and cleans them and putting cold on closes the pores back up so that no dirt can get in while the porses are open. Dries my spots up in an hour..

I tried grating a nutmeg onto a glass of milk, and that works wonders for me ;) i wouldnt recommend the toothpaste remedy, it brings me out in more spots, but then again we all have different skin types...

Do you need to have any perticular toothpaste or jst any 1?????.

I have a lot of spots and i hate them i tried all sorts ive taken tablets given of the doctor 2 bt it doesnt seem 2 help bt recently i avnt been washin my face with soap jst cold water n it makes me feel better and also dries my face up !!!!!!!.

Try dabbing a treatment caled TCP its a old fashioned way of treating spots boils and other things it gives you a burning sensation..

Germalene seems to work. Apply a small bit on your skin when at school or work as it is easily absorbed and wont leave a trace , do this 3 or 4 times a day..

Well, this is for me, but it should work for everyone I think. Put savlon or another skin healing cream on spots. Dab on a little in the morning, and apply a generous amount at night, putting a plaster over your spot. I've done this for a DAY and already ALL the spots on my cheeks have gone! .

Drink lots of water .

i hate spots so much i have tried savlon hot water and cold water and toothpaste and still nothing seems to be working i am really upset because i get bullied because of them.

All of these do collectively work, however eventually your spots may become immune to all these methods. Now i suffered from acne at one point, and the only true ay to stop spots before they scar, is to prescribed a drug known as 'Roaccutane'. This really does work, but can lead to side effects. I went on it for 6 months and experienced absolutley no side effects, apart from the occasional nose bleed due to dryness of my nose.

What this drug actually soes, its tell your brain to stop producing grease, which in turn forms that substance in spots, (sebum), which clogs your skin.

I have been of Roaccutane now for a year, and only get the odd spot now and then. I strongly rate this drug, although some specialists are skeptical about this, but believe me, It realy does work.

And if you do get scarring or already have, you can always look into dermabrasion or laser therapy.

JK, England..

Germoline does not work I tried it the other day and my spot went even bigger than it was, this is really getting me down as I have NEVER had a spot in my life. I need a remidy quick as I am going seein my bf this week and I don't want him to concentrate on my spot.

So can somebody anybody PLEASE HELP ME..

I just came back from china and someone gave me something tht does help for my spots,its called pearl powder.you canprobabley pick it up from any chinese medicine shop near you.

Well i found out that if you drink alot of water than your skin becomes clearer and fresher which may stop the grease from producing the spots.Its usually dirt and grease that produces spots and if you ahve long hair like me then you may get alot along your forehead which is produced from the grease that your head produces.I drink alot of water and noticed my spots are starting to fade where as before i didnt drink pure water anymore so if i was you drink alot of water.

Hi, i'm 13 and i'm a model.one thing i do when i'm at home and not modeling i go into the bathroom and first i wet my face with water,second i rub imperial leather soap into my hand, then i pour salt on my hand and rub them together and wash my face with that and i know that it works for my friend who suffers badly from big red spots.

Hi ive heard so much about how sudo cream gets rid of spots does it really work? how long is it until there all gone? and also do u put the sudo cream on the spot and leave it on all night? some 1 plz answer these qustions 4 me that would be gr8 luv yall.

Hi, i have been using sudocream and it doesnt work. i only have a few spots but its gettin me down. Someone must know something better thn sudocream. plzzzzzz help xxx.

When i get a spot i put nail polish remover on a cotton bud on dab on the infected area it works really well and clears up straight away.

HeYa. .i'm a person who suffer from reallly bad acne..i always get big red angry spots on my cheeks..which hurts..i tried using toothpaste.,.and i don't advise dat to people who have sensitive skin like me..because i tried that once and my whole face turned red and blotchy the next day..Recently , i tried this skin care product : ProActiv which really woRks! as i can see the difference now...and using listerine helps too...i just dab listerine on spots..and it dries out..so i guess it isn't a bad idea!.

I've been using Silicol Skin gel for 6 months now and the results have been quite impressive! Its approved by the acne foundation and really does improve the apperance of your skin. I started using it with not very high hopes, as i've tried everything, tea tree oil, water, witch hazel, and prescribed medication. But this was different! If you stick with it, then its worth the results and the money! Its available on the internet..

Well usually my skin is really really clear and i hardly get spots, ever, burt when i do their huge red ones, and i only get these around the time of the month. What i do is i either put toothpaste on my spot, or aftershave, but tea tree oil is very very good. Also do not touch your spot or more bacteria is transferred onto your spot. Drinking lots of water usually keeps my skin really clear, but the myth of chocolate is rubbish as i eat so much chocoalte and it doesent cause any spots. .

Toothpaste does work but not if you use it everyday i use it once a week or even less its much better.

Trust me have loads of water!!! my acne was possibly the worst ever, tried everything, did anything work? did it hell!!! drinking plenty flushes all the impurities out and really helps bring your glow back!!!.

I'm a student nurse and spend most of my day running around in a hot hospital environment, so I often get breakouts. The best product that I have used is Clean & Clear Advantage - Quick Clear Treatment Gel. You apply it to the spot overnight and I've found that it really reduces the size and inflammation. It doesn't dry the skin too much either. Also, try and avoid the temptation to squeeze the spot!! I've had so many pre-going out disasters by doing this!! :).

Tomato juice..

Hi eveyone...I too suffer from spots, but they were worse when I was younger. I have two suggestions. Birth control pills is one. I used to use Diane 35 but since it's not available in the US, I've moved on to Orthotricyclin Lo. The original works just as well. I only breakout just before my period and the rest of the time, my skin is clear. The second suggestion is pure cortisone...preferably the LIQUID form. I use Candid-b, it's a corticosteriod which relieves redness and swelling. But I figure any corticosteriod will work. It must be applied on the spot and nighttime is best since our skin heals itself then the best. My bf uses Proactive and that works for him. And yes...drink more water, get rest...but see a dermatologist..sometimes they CAN help..

I tend to use the same product mentioned earlier - clean and clear fast active treatment, it does work but over time its beginning to be less affective whether thats my skin becoming immune to it i duno. But does anyone know how to get rid of the marks left after spots have dried out? im always left with annoyin red marks for ages after the spot is gone.

Hey every1, i have spots and i find that sudocream and antiseptic lotion work wonders. i went on 2 sorts of the pill and found that they work okay but give you terrible mood swings and i wouldn't really recommend going on them!.

I am prone to really bad spots since I got my first spot in year 6 I've never been spot free. Unfortunatly there is no product or regimine that can clear spots completely I'm afraid. It's just part of growing up and EVERYONE will get them at some point in their lives. If you have spots young then they will actually go away quicker and then all your friends will get them! Also it's a fact that if you have oily skin you will get less wrinkles when you are older!

Anyway, here are my best tips to get rid of unwated blemishes:

1. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (but don't go crazy because you can make yourself ill).

2. Dab either toothpaste, tea tree oil or whatever on yout spots before bed to dry them up - whatever works best for yout skin type.

3. Try to wear hardly any foundation, concealer or any other make-up on your skin because it will only clog them. If you absolutly have to , wear a treated product like almay and an oil free base.

4. Get fresh air! Get outside and let your skin breath.

5. Do a face mask every week. Choose one that best suits your skin type.

6. Try to keep your hair off your face and don't be tempted to tounch your skin or pick your spots. It only spreads them.

&. Eat healthily and get plenty of sleep.

9. Go to your GP and check you don;t have an intolerence to a type of food. I absolutly love cereal and couldnt stop eating and my skin was awful. Turned out I had an intolerence to wheat! Make sure you check!

10. If you have a school holiday coming up, vow to yourself to do everything you can to clear up your skin. Trust me it works if you stick to it!

I hope my advise has helped. PLease let me know! .

Hiya, im 16 and just become a model, i have spot mainly on my fore head, i found toothpaste and tcp didnt works, i find what always works a treat is sudocream , just leave it on the spot with no rubbin in overnight and the morning after, ur spots are gone.

Hi. i used to get small spots on my hceek but i used tea tree face wash and they went. but then i got loads of spots (all different types, big small) in my t-zone (around forehead,nose,chin). At first i just carried on using the face wash hoping it would get rid of them but it didnt wotk like it did on my cheeks. So i got tea tree essential oil and dabbed it on before going to bed. That didnt work. I tried other things like steaming my face and using face masks once a week. This does help prevent spots but it doesnt really get rid of them. So i got really annoyed and went to the doctors. They gave me this lotion containing zinc and said to use it for a month. I did. This helped. It prevented them but the worst thing was i have lots of scars from previous spots which look just like spots! Ive started to drink more water. Im not getting as many spots as before but the scars just look like spots anyway. My forehead was the worst place and its reducin but the scars just look as bad as spots!! Lavender essential oil is meant to be really good for getting rid of scars! NEVER squeeze your spots!!!!!!!you will just end up with scars! and trust me they are not good!!! Try using lavender oil to get rid of scars but use it quick but first try not making any scars by squeezing spots because it makes your face look worst!!!! Dont worry too much about squeezin blakheads because they dont really leave a scar!.

I found something easy 2 get and very effective.dab perfume onto your finger and place it on 4 times a day it may sting but it works . It only works if you try it proprely.Firstly they will get bigger for da first try then they will get smaller..

Hey every1 well i too suffer 4m spots bt every so often i get clear patches bt i aint tryd sudo cream does it work??i wash my face wit warm water den cold water after which works ok 4 me!jst leave ur face alone cause ull only make it worse!!!!!really!!!bt can sum1 tell me if sudo cream works????.

Ok girls i am a spot freak !!! mostly on my forhead but i can't help myself but i have to wear foundation !!! i but when i get home i wash it straight off !! anyway trust me this work first forget the toothpaste rubbish it don't work !! get someking of thing to put on your skin like tea tree or clean and clear like what i use and i ate five fruits a day drank 2 litres of water a day and ate chocolate but not alot!!! do this for a week and it works!!.

If you wanna get rid of a spots redness and reduce its size overnight then just use Vics Vapour Rub - it really works because im not normally prone to spots but every now n then i get one and its the perfect way to get rid of them in just a few days! ive been using it for 2 days and its less than half the size. Try it!.

I am 12 years old and realy self concious and i cant take it when i get spots at the moment i have loads and i cant take it, its realy depressing please tell me something that wont dry my skin out but will get rid of them :(.

Hiya! im 13 and i have had spots since yr 6 and im at d end of yr 8 now! im fed up wit all my m8s who have clear skin and dat! ive tried evry spot cream from unda the sun and none of them work! ive read wat sum people have wrote on here! and i have taken in that i shud drink lots of water and not wear alot of make- up! the suma holidays are soon so its guna b a no make- up ZONE then ..... newayz wish me luk !!!.

Hey ppl...i hate spots..make me depressed n i feel ugly..ive tried everything..toothpaste..sudocrem..stuff from doctors..things on the market form spots..but nothin works..its horrible...from reading ppls messages ive decide to go healthy..drink loads of water..eat more fruit etc...hopefully it will work cause i got my school prom ne3xt month n i do not want to be spotty for that...if uve got adivce send it to me plz! i'd appricate anything! thank u .

Im 26 now and every week i get a boil like spot somewhere on my face, i think maybe as i drink atleast 2 beers a day and never drink water, i also noticed when i took multi vitimins it grew worse but maybe was just me.

Hey ceri morgen, if your prom is next month just go on a healthy diet with lots of proteins and green veg and drink LOTs of water 2! also dont touch them and adding tea-tree oil does help! its worked amazingly for me as i read it off this same website,

much love amy xXx hope it all goes well ! have a good prom!.

Ello!!! i dnt hav tht bad skin nw but i used 2 hav like spots n lumps on my forehead!! was mingin!! so wat i did was used sensitive skin make up wipes nothing strong other wise it will jus make it worse trust!! jus wash ur face in water and tht n if your skin is dull steam ur face and add half a lemons lemon juice and rose water to brighten it up! n if its oily rub parsley on ur face 4 5 mins but make sure u keep the blood flowin in ur face! good luck love yaXxXxXxX.

Hi i'm grace. i'm also suffering from breakouts and have alot of blemishes. i have tried almost evreything for my skin but nothing workined untill resently when my mum told me to go to allders and get a product called Clinique. They have all sorts of different skin type product which really works. They first examen your skin to find out what works for you and then give you a kit system with night, day-time creams, clarifying lotion, and cleanser. it is quite expensive but it is worth it. i spend around £52 for the basic product i needed, but its up to you if you want the whole kit. you might just want the clenser and lotion which is the toner and use your own cream. you can find this kind of product in major department stores, allders, boots. superdrug, etc..

1. Chocolate does not effect your spots so eat away.

2. 2 litres of water a day will have your spots cleared up in no time.

3. Do not pick spots only squeeze. If no puss comes out when squeezing LEAVE THE SPOT.

4. Put your face in a sink of hot water then in a sink freezing cold water. Do this continuosly once a day and spot will go away quickly. Putting hot water on your face opens the pores and cleans them and putting cold water on closes the pores back up so that no dirt can get in while the porses are open.

5. Eat a variety off food..

The best thing for spots is a cream called Quinoderm Cream which you can get behind the counter at Boots - its quite strong so use sparinlgy. I've been using it for about 10 years and swear by it. It clears them in a matter of days..

SPOTS CAN BE A NIGHTMARE! im a nurse and i have alot of teenagers coming in with rashes and reactions! My advise would be too use only natural oils and creams, sure puting all the chemical junk on your face will work, but the spots will come back in a week or two! follow these tips that work everytime!

1) Get a tub fill it with boiling water and put a bit of vic vapo rub in it lean over the tub and put a blanket on you and breathe in the steam and relax and try not to take the blanket of unless you really have to (if you have very bad breathing problems or if you have classtrophobic to no try this! the steam opens your pores and clears your skin in a week or less!

tea tree oil is also fablous!


If you want clear skin, its simple..i grew up with quite oily skin from time to time and then i finally decided to do somthing about it... evey morning when you wake up instead of your usual coffee...which is awful for your skin by the way have a cup of hot water with juice from a whole lemon squeezed into it... it really helps remove impurities from your skin and if you are persistent with it, it really works.. also i put savlon cream on my face every day-morning and night.....i really feel so much more confident now and love the way my skin looks.. Good luck everyone! .

I'm 26. I always drink the bare minimum of 2 litres of water a day. I eat at least five pieces of fruit and veg a day. I'm fairly healthy. I don't eat chocolate or sweets (No sweet tooth!!). I've tried Tea Tree oil / wash, toothpaste, prescription drugs and all to no avail. I'm still as spotty as ever!!.

Hey, ive had spots for the last 6 years now and im starting to get really fed up, ive tried a load of stuff but they never seem to clear up well, ive bin to the doctors and they hav prescribed antibiotics, but ive neva bin able to run the full course cos antibiotics seem to always make me really ill, im really desperate now, but my skin is so problematic cos its really oily, yet if i use anything too harsh it jus dries my skin up and it starts to flake off which luks jus as bad, i usually dont use foundation cos i try to keep it clean (nb. maxfactor 'colour adapt' foundation is good at covering up, but seems to make spots WAY worse the next day), and another thing, contraceptive pills: do they work for skin? and is there any side-effects cos the doctor suggested it but i dont wana jepedise my health to get rid of spot, yet nevertheless i REALLY want clear skin, please please help!.

Hi guys! well i have a few tips but they rele all the same as every1 elses. im 13 and i have had spots for ova 2 yrs.

yes drinking loadsa water helps but i found that the water steam and cold water thing rele works i was tryin it out the utha day and my pores were so much clearer!

toothpaste mite work, it rele depends on ur skin type so dont knock it til u've tried it! coz u neva know! i wud try sudocream coz it wrks 4 me :-). just make sure your hair isnt in ur face at night and yh, if u r putting cream or anything on your face at night a towel helps prevent stains, i know the first time i tried it ma mom screwed at me 4 stainin ma pillow, lol wish i'd found this webby then neway good lcuk peeps! xxx.

For skin on your chest/back l use "Ketsugo" spray (google "ketsugo" to find vendors). With consistent use, it lessens the oil production under the skin, and there is a gel which is effective for your face - it may take a fortnight to start seeing great results, but I've found nothing better. Slightly pricey, but what value can you place on good skin!?.

Hello i have recently discussed matters such as acne and rough skin with dr.hemmingway up at u.e.a and he has told me that the way to get get rid of spots is to not touch them to much uyou do not want to put bacteria all over them.Also DO NOt use tee tree oil you do not want your skin to oily, from bob a 14 year old who is smarter than all of you..

Hey i had really bad acne till i started using Clearasil ultra deep pore treatment scrub my skin was better in just a couple of weeke n now wen i get them they go in a net 2days its really gud and made me feel much more confident n i don't get bullied. its really good u should try it . Good luck!.

I find that cutting a tiny chunk of juicy potato and rubbing it on bad spots helps. its cheap, easy and it works. make sure you only rub it on affected areas other wise it'll make the rest of your lovely skin dry and you'll be tempted to pick it and itch it. hope it works 4 ya. if not dnt worry, spots are natual and every1 get them. be proud of hu u r!!.

Drink water, if anything it makes you generally feel better, technically chocolate doesnt give u spots, BUT it will make u fat! Eat fruit and veg - this jus leads to a healthier lifestyle anyway. Wash ya face, pat dry, and i use this herbal product which works similar to the idea of toothpaste, but it generally works, i get it in Holland and barrett and it you put it on at nite and it does actually work! Herbal things i find work on my skin best, plus my skin becomes immune to chemical products very quickly!! Everyone gets spots - so your not alone, stay happy too! cos else you'll skin will break out in spots if ur miserable!! .

Well i usually dont get spots but once in a while they pop up..so wut ive found out is tat dabbing on a lil bit of lemon or lime juice on the spot helps it fade in less than 3 days!.

I use to get spots but nowadays i tend to get smaller ones.. little white head ones around my forehead and just under my chin, i get alotof them but coz they are tiny i rub them hard and they pop..i get them around my forhead wher i thread my eye brows do u think thats got anything to do with it?

the clinque products is good and expensive but u see the resukts at first then once u have used it for a while it doesnt work anymore... sudo cream really good and the quinidone cream.. .

Oh my god oh my god oh my god......PLEAZZZZZZZZZZ help me this is an emergency i have i gigantic swollen spot on my forhead that hasent come to a head yet and i dont have the confidence to talk to this guy im in love with in skule if i have this big animal on my head....how can i bring it to a head so i can get rid of it,im desperate.

Ohmigod. i have a such bad spots, its horrible. i really like a guy who i see like twice a week, and its so obvios that i have horrible spots. I have a fringe but i dnt wanna get rid of it coz it really suits me. i reeeally need an option that doesnt cost me anything, coz i spend my allowance on kickboxing lessons. do you know any DIY options for spots?? im so depressed. i dont wear any makeup and im using TCP atm. does it work? xxx.

In my experiences with spots your best bet is to drink alot of water, 2 liters minimum throughout the day, wash your face with a mild soap twice a day and avoid touching any spots.

Another thing that I found wich helps clear up spots is cutting down on greasy food. Dont have anything fried. Cook in the oven and grill, microwave meals also arnt good for you. Being overweight can add to spots as you sweat more.

I havnt had any experience with creams and such but when I started drinking water, eating healthy, and washing my face my spots really cleared up. I still have a few and today got some Sudocrem and Tea Tree Oil.

Hi all, i h8 spots, the best thing for me is to rub moisturizer into your skin at night then dab big blobs of it on directly to ur spots. in the morning you look in the mirror and they have dispappeared its amazing!!!!!!
none of theses special creams work for me :(

I think that most of the spot remedys you all are offring can only work for you and only certain others because it really all depends on your skin type,how often you get spots and how long you have been suffering from spots.
Just dont get your hopes up when someone says this really works try it beause it may not work for you but dont worry because if you keep searching you'll find one that suits you one day!

It's soo annoying, i'm 14 and all my friends have perfect skin and complain about one little spot, yet I'd love to panic over one blemish!! I've been covered in spots for the last 4 years... HELP!! does anyone know if Ketsugo Gel really works because I don't want to waste my money but I'm willing to try anything.

I suffer from spots 2 i've had them 4 ages and tried loads of stuff like clearasil and clean and clear and oxy. they dont work wat shull i try??

Hey every1 i also suffer 4m spots ma skin is quite clear until dat time of da month!!:-( but 2 sophie grant well da best ting 2 use is simple products bcuz clean and clear and clearsyil contain alcohol which actually take away all ur natural oils in ur skin which gives ur skin dat glow!!they also give u spots ma beautician told me all dis and i av switched 2 simple products and have seen a dramatic change in ma skin its soo much better!!!but does ne1 no ne ting i cud use at nite while im sleepin which will help cuz iv spot on ma cheek which is reali sore :-(:-( plz help!!xXxXx

All i get told by my parents is just to wash your face in hot water, try not to use oily stuff like soaps, shower gel, or any products like clerisil and clean and clear, i some times get really depressed about my face, and pile a load of products on my face, all it does is litrelly burn you, your face goes red and ist saw and once it got a bit swolen. when i use toothpaste on them it makes my face feel like its burning and when i wash it off it remains saw, so try natural things like salt and hot water, try and go to a sorna if you can, steam id great to clean pors. ^__^ just heed my advice and keep away rom products.

Thankyou to the person who suggested savlon. It has acted like a miracle cure for me. I had previously tried everything, What i did was did the hot cold thing every morning and night and put savlon on both times aswell. It has worked like an absolute charm.

Hey random people, i used to have no problem at all with the old face, and then came the autum of 2004. The worst time of my life. i tried several things - antibiotics that tasted like the smell of ink eraser and capsules that made me ill. Then i tried skinoren - and it worked, sort of. Then they got bad again so i tried toothpaste. i had heard two years earlier from a conversation invoving a friends gf and another guy that "toothpaste burns then off." so i tried it and it worked well at first. A word of advice: dont smear urself in it, and try only to use it on the whiteheads - theyre the only ones they REALLY work on. anyway, after about a week of heavy use i got this massive chemical burn mark where id been using it - that wasnt nice, but having long hair meant i could hide it (ha ha). Well, after that i tried somthing called retin-A. i love it. apart from the fact that i have to rub it all over my face and then try and go to sleep without getting it on the pillow but hey - id rather be uncomfortable than have those blasted spots! seriously, retin-A works really well. oh, and here's another tip: avoid looking at the mirror at every opportunity. stress doesnt help!

Well i got a cream yesturday and its just new out called FREEDERM gel and i tell you what its the best thing ever! I put it on over night and my spots had literally gone. wow. Get it every1 its brill!!

I am 15, and i do occasionally get the odd spot..i use a 10% peroxide cream called PANOXYL AQUAGEL 10, this is for the treatment of acne and it does really work.
you could start out with number 5, and work your way up, as this cream if you over-use it give u dry skin..but thats what moisturiser was made for..isn't it?
hope this helps, i know ill be trying a few of the suggestions on here..

Help. i have gd skin, and take care of it. and get a few spots every now and again. but on my nose i have had this spot for 6 months now at its a dark brown/ dark red and reallly knocks my self confidence! and also on my nose i have lots of annoyin black heads and when i try to get rid of the black heads by squeezing them, its just makes my brown/ dark red spot bigger. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET RID OF IT!!! i have tried face wash clearsil spot cream, sudo cream, tcp, calamine lotion, tooth paste, tea tree oil and they dont get rid of it! i have this spot for months n because of it i am single! i have seen the doc about 3 months ago and she said it would "just drain away" but it hasnt please help me!

I tried all the 'tv' miracles and they are simply not strong enough so this is the best advice I got:

- drink 2 litres of water EVERY day
- Cut down on alcohol
- Don't be rough with the spots however much they pee you off - don't rub them or scratch them
- Tea Tree oil is good but don't fret it that spot is still there
- Roaccutane is an option but still a frowned upon suggestion - due to the side affects. I am convinced there are better ways than this risk

Right now I have a spot on my nose the size of Kenya - I look a bit like the Elephant Man - and I am 30. Booo.

Me too i have tried everything, apart from rucoattine? where do u get that from, tea tree oil works on all me other spots apart from this annoyin one on me nose!! ! ! ! i have had it for 7 months and its seriously gettin me down. i drink 2 litres a water every day and that works for everything apart from this spot on my nose. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ! ! !

TOOTHPASTE DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT JUST MAKES YOUR FACE SMELL MINTY!!!!!!!!!!!! AND STINGS

I've taken note of what everyone's put so i'll have to try them out and see how it goes. :)
But i'd say drink plenty of water too, wash regularly (your hair especially) otherwise that's how you get spots on your forehead. The grease clogs up your pores - so wash regularly. Also make up clogs up your pores easily to try and use a bit less than usual.
I heard that crisps are bad for spots but i'm not sure about that.
But try and not use too many products otherwise your skin will lose it's natural oils and will be prone to spots. Just wash your face morning, evening/night on a regular basis. I use the Clean and Clear purple bottle. You wet your face then squirt the soap on your hands and rub it over your face then wash off. I do this daily and i can see a difference in my skin.
Just stick to a treatment for a month to see if there are any changes. Some things may not have a dramatic change over night.

I had v bad spots on my back and chest in yr9 so i bought clinique back and chest spray and it worked really well i have none on my chest now n only 1 or 2 every now and then. also i found that tcp works well and instead of doing the whole cleanser toner moisturiser thing i normally tone then cleanse then moisturise! works well!

Right.. listen up. i dont have really bad skin but when i get spots.. they are aweful. more like huge lumps that cant be sqeezed!! and trying to cover them with make up is so frustrating!
but i found that putting ur face in a sink of hot water then washing, and then putting ur face in cold water does the trick... but! before u go to bed, try putting talc on the spot! it works wonders. u wake up and they're no longer greasy or inflamed! its a miracle!!

Hey, everyone here has different skin, right? So I'm not here to give you advice on what to use on your skin, but:

1. Water does help. Not just for your skin, but for your hair, digestion and general wellbeing.

2. Your perception of what is on your face is ALWAYS worse than what other people see - they're normally too worried about what they look like to notice you. Relax, smile!

3. Resist the temptation to pick/scratch/rub etc. It might be the hardest thing in the world to do, but it's one of the best things for your skin. If you really have to, wash your hands before (and after) so you're not putting bacteria in the open spot.

4. Don't over-stimulate. At first, it might seem as though it's working, but after a while, you'll notice your skin is getting worse. Use a gentle cleanser every other day.

5. And last but not least, give any products you do use at least three weeks before you bin it. Expect miracles straightaway and you'll probably be disapppointed.

And a last piece of advice. It might seem as though your skin is horrible and everyone else's is perfect, but it's really better to get spots now. It makes it less likely for you to have them as an adult.


I have given up this spot on my nose hs become immune. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING, i want to have laser surgery on it but dont know of a clinic please can someone reccomend one to me?? i have had the spot for about 8 months btw n it is a dark reddy brown colour that is very hard to cover up. and if i touch it the rest of my nose go's bright red for the next few days!!! HELP ME!!!!!

Well im 13 an getting teenage spots i've tried loads of stuff but they're not going away but all i can say is just dont use toothpaste it doesn't work i tried it and i now have big red patches it might work for some people but i wouldnt try it. my doctor gave me a zineryt lotion which doesnt work either so i have given up on these treatments and im just going to use tea tree oil it works wonders but you cant expect the spots to vanish overnight you have to use the treatment for a while so you skin can get used to it.
i stopped using when my spots went away and restarted eating chocolate and thats really why i now have spots again but if you wants results be patient

I am nineteen, iv always had the odd spot but just recently iv had a massive outbreak, i still haven't found my number one treatment but suda cream does help, apply alot before bed, this will reduce redness and dry them up. also remember they look alot worse to you than anyone else.

Hi. im 14 and i had this spot i put tee tree oil on 2 dry it up and i woke up 2day, and it looks like its tunred into a rash!! and wosre than be4!! WHAT CAN I DO?? and i aslo have a few odd spot my frohead but they are only lil bu i have mde dem redder now :S can some one plz help me what can i do to get rid of them every one has better skin than me and its reli getting me down!! i just hope i will av clear ski when im older!

Hi, I am 19, female and usually get spots around that time of month. I have tried so many things.......all the things you guys are suggesting and my brother also asks me for tips and between us i've found the best way; it will work for any one. i've tried sudo cream, tea trea, toothpaste, mouth wash, all the expensive products such as Climique, Molton Brown etc.... but heres something that really works:

1. if you have a spot which is ready to burst, then burst it, and instantly put perfume or a really strong toner on some tissue and hold it there hard on the spot for abour 1 minute. Then take it off let some air get to it for about 1 minute, and then (and this sounds silly but TRUST ME) get a hairdryer and hold it infront of the spot as close as you can without burning yourself and hold it there for about 3 minutes. I've found that the toner/perfume dries the pore and then the heat from the hair dryer dries the skin so much that with in a hour you will be able to cover the spot up without having a bump showing, and depending on your skin type you could even be able to flake the skin off.

Also... in my many hours of experiments i've found that; if you have a spot that hasnt got a head, then if you use a needle - a sweing needle or safety pin, you can poke the needle in toward the spot (this can be painful) but this then bursts the cage like, that is round the spot and should break through a hole in which you can squeeze the bacteria out.

I am a really bubbly person and love to look good, but when i get spots i get so depressed i sit in front of the mirror four hours!!!! trying to look good, my boyfriends so good he just waits for me. But i am yet to find something that completely stops them but my methods do help. Also Clearisil wipes do work well theyre strong and you instantly feel it working but have some moisturiser free as it dries your skin out alot.

Happy picking. emma xx

Da thing is every one on here seems to hace oily skin and i have dry skin!! i need help how to get rid of my spots without amking the rest on my skin to dry i really need your help as i am really gettin fed up of my skin and every where i look people have better skin than me! i have tired toothpaste and that dnt work tee tree does sumtimes!! CAN SUM 1 PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!! :( :(

Swimming in the ocean really helps with acne spots. The salt water dries out your spots without drying out face, and is just really great for skin. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit, go outside in the sun. Tea tree is great. steam rooms are great. and to all the women, although its hard, don't wear any kind of face coverup/ makeup..it just makes an awful pattern of getting more acne and therefore putting on even more makeup. plus, you look a lot better when your skin is free and can breathe without all that crap trying to cover it up.

I have read all the articles and found that some of them do work. The ones which i would recomend for people with oily skin non-sensitive like mine would be to take a flannel or a cloth wet it with hot water then wash ur face with it den also with the cold water. before you go to bed it is best to either put tee tree product as dat dries the spot and reduces the size. i have also tried vinigar and water mixt together dat also dries ur spots it works for me. do not use a toothpat called Euthymol IT CAN BURN YOU SKIN it did to my sis. once a week you can use a scrub and this helps take away the dead skin and slowly the marks left will be gone. ALSO DRINK WATER IT HELPS ALSO FOR OILY SKIN. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!. avoid fizzy drinks.

Hey everyone!

im 16 and i have had spots for over a year now, i havnt really thought about them, sometimes i think why have i got them and some people havnt! I have never really had the confidence to walk in a shop and say do you have something to help me get rid of spots, i find it embarassing, so ive come on here to get some ideas! thanks, some of them are REALLY helpful and im going to try them today! I think i ave a bad case of sports as they have also appeared on my chest, i have just left them and covered them up with clothes as much as poss but now im becoming paranoid! im 16 and want to have fun if you get me but they are stopping me from doing so! please help me find the BEST way! im going to start drinking plenty of water everyday now and the toothpaste thing and the hot and cold water on my face! ill keep you posted on how things go!

thanks j

Help i need some help i got real bad spots and i cnt get rid of em eny1 got any gd ideas coz i like this girl but these spots make me really down coz i am so concieous of them

Hey i ve had spots since started secondary ive made new friends and stuff and all of them dont have any well they do but u cant really noctice i really need help somtimes i cry at night just to get rid and now that i've found this site i am really gonna try to do some. my dad has told me that tea tree oil helps but i never listen to him and tomorrow i am going to go do the health shop that ive been 1 to but i didnt get anything and i hope that it will work beacuse when i went on summer holidays to portugal i thought that my spots werent going to go but when i was there i didnt have that much that i have now WISH ME LUCK PLEZZ.

Hi, i have a few tips on how to get rid of spots. I have noticed that everyone on this forum just asks the question 'help get rid of them' so i am going to answer!! I have a few natural things that help - may sound disgusting but have got rid of mine after several weeks!!!
Ok, first solution is to make a facial scrub. Into a bowl put 3 tablespoons of grounded oats, 1.5 tablespoons of lemon juice, a little tree tree oil then mix it alltogether. Now comes the fun part. Rub it all over your face, and massage it in for about 5 minutes, then leave it on for 2 minutes then carefully wash off with warm water. This calms them down and takes the redness away. You will see a dramitic difference, also if you have really dry skin like me it will soften it.

Another soloution is to beat up an egg white and put 2 table spoons of lemon juice in it then beat it up until it goes white. Then put on your face and leave for 15-20 minutes then wash off with warm water!

If you find these helpful then please let me know ...i have tried and they work really well. Thanks



Hope this helps. It gives the recent top 10 blemish creams.

Try some of those :-)


After much experimenting with some really stubborn spots, I feel I have come up with a real spot recipe for success. I realise that everyones skin is different, but if you're having minimal success with any one of the above suggestions like I did, try this:
Morning: Using a cotton bud, thinly apply Quiniderm (mentioned earlier and available from most chemists) directly to the spot(s). The instructions will tell you to apply to the whole area and not just the spots, but after 2-4 days you will have a load of flaky skin that looks worse than the spot itself!
After Work/School: Get yourself a half pint glass and fill it to the brim with hot (not boiling!) water. Then add a good tablespoon of vinegar. Now form a vaccum with the glass around any spotty areas so the the water is in direct contact with your skin. This will open up the pores in your skin whilst the vinegar will help clear them. Hold this in place for 2+ minutes. Now empty the glass and add a tablespoon of salt. Top up to the brim with cold water and do the same for 2+ minutes. As mentioned in other posts this will close the pores back up and help clean the skin.
Before Bed: With a cotton bud, thinly apply that Quiniderm directly to the spot(s) once again. When you go to bed, try to avoid any sleeping position where you might rub the spot(s) against your pillow, as this will rub of the cream and rub any dirt back into the pores. As bad as it sounds, also try to prevent laying on your side as dribble is an evil contributor to spots!

Arghhh i need urgent help EMERGENCY: i have my gymnastcs show on sat and i have a huge red spot on my nose, it doesn have a head so i cant sqeeze it. Help me and whats even worse is its shiny!!! HELP...i know its not infected by the way.

I have the same problem, right on the end on my nose, BRIGHT RED!, can't be popped, shiney and sore as hell, plus it monday morning 2moz and i got college :(
anyone help out? toothpaste didn't work for me, it gone more RED

Well ihav the most amazin treatment for spots! boil a kettle add 2 table spoons of salt 30mls of tcp liquid and approximatly 3 drops of tee tree oil get some cotton wool and soak your face for 5 minutes then dry your face with dry cotton wool not a towel and then apply some antiseptic cream to infected areas your spots should have gone down over night ! well done u succeded good luck

The best remedies are the simplest!

Since spots are caused by infection of germs from dirt or even sweat from the skin, water cleanses (or cleans) it best. I use warm water to open up the pores and let some of the germs out etc then use cold water to shrink them again before more dirt gets in. Try using ice; it shrinks the pores! Do this every day!!

Sudocrem, germoline, vapour rub, mint (in toothpaste) are good at removing acne because they are antibacterial, and aparently...garlic is better then mint for this kinda thing, better for your mouth too(now why don't they put it in toothpaste...lol). Hopefully you'll have some of that stuff; most food shops or chemists sell it.

Tea-tree oil gets rid of spots really quickly but many people can be allergic to this and come up in a rash (as I've read here), so be careful with that strong stuff.

A good diet also helps. Don't get me wrong, chocolate does not cause spots! But a healthy diet of vegatables, like carrots, plenty of excersise, plenty of sleep and lots of water helps to flush out the system and keep you healthy. I tried having eight pints of water every day and it cleared my skin up; made me feel great, but maybe too much water...

Also (sorry; girls only), some contraceptive pills also clear up the skin and prevent spots.

Woh, thats long, but I have been bullied about acne before so I know what it's like. Hope smoe of that helps or gives you ideas!

Please Read

Hi. My name is stephen, im 15 and from the UK. Now my father is a doctor and my mother a nurse (my father being indian and my mother british) i have quite a bit of knowlegde about various medical problems, one being spots and acne. I do have very slight acne myself as my mother suffered from spots when she was a teen. My parents met at the age of 17 and by then my father tells me my mothers spots where completely gone and her skin looking fresh. So how did she do this?

Well; After reading the articles above - I notice that some people are actually doing the right thing, telling us how their spots have cleared and all is great. Now i dont have a cure for spots and acne, (if i did i'd be one hell of a rich guy xD) - But i can give you the best possible advice, as really it is coming from a doctor - the following points below are the best ways to rid of acne and spots, so please to try them - but if they dont seem to be working in the first few days/weeks - and your skin feels tight, sore or looks red and stings - then try something else instead.

Here are a few ideas (Some have been mentioned in the articles above);

1. Toothpaste: Do NOT use toothpaste if you have sensative skin. You will find that you face will become red and very sore to touch and in the longterm WONT help your spots. Inflammation of the skin can lead to more spots in that area - because the skins pores are opened letting in more oil and bacteria.

But do try toothpaste, as it does have good effect on some peoples skin. (Only use toothpaste once or twice a week and dont let the paste sit on your face for to long as this will damage your skin.

2. Water: This is the most long term help with acne. Most people say you should drink 2-3 litres of water a day and *poof*...the spots are gone.

Not true.

Everyone i think should drink 2 litres of water a day anyway - as water can help other things such as; eye strain, sore joints, dandruff and contains enough goodness to keep the doctor away (like the apple). But water really does help to rid of acne so try it.

With meals have 2 large glasses of water - Remember to not drink lots and lots of water in a small period of time. Space it out through the day - Say, a smallish glass every hour - its not that hard really. I myself love water, tastes great and hey it helps.

3. Creams: The application of cream to your face - No matter WHAT mirricle cream you have - should only be ONCE or TWICE a WEEK.

if you apply cream twice a day, your skin will think of it as NOTHING. almost like it becoming immune to the substance - making the cream useless. By applying say twice a week, your skin gets a shock and the cream does work much better.

Im going to be very lazy and say; the creams mentioned in the other articles on this page do infact work - its just a case of finding yourself the right one - and remember, if you use a cream and it ISNT right for you - then dont use it - try another.

Trust me their is a cream for everyone, its jsut a case of finding the one for you. If your having trouble finding the cream for you then go see your doctor. He will examine your skin and will tell you which creams to use.

Dont hesitate to go see your doctor. They will help you alot, giving you the advice you require...but if they subscribe cream and it fails to work in a few months then.....

3. Medication: If your lucky anti-biotics work a storm. You will know if they are working at an early stage, as your spots become less red and inflamed, but dont worrie if you can still see a mark under the skin - this just means its disappearing + WORKING :D - If your less lucky then dont panic, Anti-Biotics for some people take time - but are guaranteed to work. The side effects of anti-biotics are stomach pains - But if you are young, the doctor will give you a weaker form of the drug, which does NOT give you the pains, yet takes longer to have effect. The stronger drug will give you slight pains, but other pain killers can solve this........

I hope that helps. Now a little something from me. Remember;

Eat healthely - Cut down on greecey foods and please if you suffer bad from acne;
Stuff yourself with fruit and veg! - it helps alot.


and finally,

Go see your doctor, dont let the spots get you down do something about it - and remember...

Your Spots Will Go Eventually !


I hav sum spots on my face but i am now 100% dedicated 2 gettin rid of em!!! loadsa ppl fret about lotions and creams, but really u need to be worrying about your diet! Make sure u eat LOADS of fruit n vegetables, dont eat any sugary or fatty foods and drink loads of water. yes its tru that chocolate doesnt cause spots, but it can make them alot of wurse. Last year i ate salad for lunch for two weeks, had no chocolate and had 2litres of water per day, and my skin wos SOO clear - it wos amazin!!! but then i ate mor n mor chocolate n now so my skin is quite bad. Just eat healthily n drink that water!! for cleansing, just get a cheap, mild/sensitive clenser and then do the whole hot water, cold water. Also i advise a 2-day detox. :-) i hope they cleer up n rememba - SALAD AND WATER!!! (also sleep is important 2)

As well as toothpaste, try getting some fresh rosemary, boil it in water for about 30mins... its should be a red wine colour. Let cool down and transfer to bottle/etc. Cleanse your face morning and night with cotton wool, spots should be gone within 2 to 3 days. Dont apply any other products though, you want the full effect

Last summer, i was spot free, had one or two, but never anything serious. but later on, i had an outbreak of spots, and have had non stop spots for about 4months now. this could be due to a number of things:

o i used to play a lot of sports in summer ---> loads of water
o my grandma was living with us for a while, and she always told me to drink hot water after every meal.

having said this, in the summer, i did drink a lot of alochol due to going out often, which didnt really do anything to my skin. i'm going to try the tea tree oil stuff, and hopefully, my spots will go. tried toothpaste last night, didnt work. just made them worse. may work for some though. good luck everyone =D

My best advice is the following

1.) DONT TOUCH THEM. THis spreads the bacteria and also if you pick it can cause scarring and blemishes. I know its hard but just try and leave them alone.
2.) If you have oily skin, don't try and dry it out too much. If you dry your skin out, your glands will produce double the oil because it thinks you need it. This will actually create more spots. Using a moisturiser for problem skin is an essential.
3.) Drink loads of water. If you don't like water or if starts to get boring try weak ribena or weak squash.
4.) Sudocream is awesome but obviously might not be for everyone. It tends to take the red out of spots.

I have a big spot near my mouth that will not go away. it keeps just filling back up. anyone got any ideas?

I'm 20 in a couple of months and i still ave bad acne, i've had spots from the age of about 11 or 12 and they've never completly gone i ave a few days every couple of weeks wen my skin wld b fairly clear and i'd b happy with it but then i wld get these breakouts always around my nose and chin where i get big red spots that end up turning into big white heads which really upsets me cause i can never seem to cover them up properly i ave very oily skin and my makeup doesn't stay on much. My mum has acne problems and i've even had my doctor saying its probably genetic that i've gt spots because my mam has them. anyway i'm someone that has tried lots of different treatments over the years for my skin and none of them seem to work properly, at the moment i'm on the diante pill and i've got antibiotics for my spots which my doctor perscribed i also use tiger balm sometimes on my spots (however it does make them very red and your skin can get flaky) and i also use oxy 10..does any1 ave any recommendations on what i can dab onto my spots to dry them up and get the inflamation down?..thanx xx

What ever you do, do not try to rub the spot away with a towl. A few years ago i tried this out of desparation to get rid of a particulary big spot. It made the spot bleed while also leaving a big friction burn across my forehead. This mark was about 4 inches across while still having the original spot there. What i have found to work is to drink water avoid picking and squesing (unless the spots gone white on top) and to wash your face twice a day GENTLY towling your face down. I get them every now and then but if you don't touch them they don't go bad (hard i know, i did it yesterday)

This is for all the people who need my help on spots/acne/measles etc.. If you are panicing about spots well theres lots of ways to avoid them and get rid of them. But theres one problem... they keep coming back. To get rid of them rub toothepaste (if not sensitive skin) on the spot and wash it off 20mins later or use clearisel or differin cream and leave it on overnight. If these methods do not work then consult doctor and get treatment thx for reading all peeps

At the moment i have been using Nivea Young Visage for my face - it aint all that good, my advice would be not to use it as it does irratate my skin alot. But before I was using Clean & Clear face things and it seemed to work occasionally - you might want to try this because with having a different type of skin - it could well work wonders.
My mum has pointed out to me that i have been munching on a lot of crisps lately and it seems that since i have - spot number increases! So at the moment im trying to cut down on crisps and also drink loads of water, trying to eat fruit alot and having yogurts when i have the odd craving for a pack of crisps!

Ill tell you how i get on - but an other thing is i have been using T-Zone spot zapper which is a tea tree oil and it has been helping my face loads! Just apply some at night.

VERY USEFUL ADVICE: do not squeeze spots, it irratates them a hell of alot and makes them al sore and noticeable.
My friends have been saying face masks and face saunas work wonders aswell.
Whatever you do - if u cant resist squeezing something dont do the whiteheads, black heads are the ones!

Ill tell you how i get on xxxx

The only thing that works for me as to getting rid of spots is going on holiday! I know this might not sound like good advice but i'm guessing (apart from the great weather) it has something to do with the fact that i'm relaxed, as stress causes spots, i get lots of sleep and i drink about 10 litres of water a day!! So i guess relax, sleep and drink water... sunshine is also supposed to be good for getting rid of spots, i guess as it dries skin out, so get outside as much as possible!

Hi guys. Maybe I can provide some info for you.
Prior to going to bed, freeze your acne for 20 mins. In the a.m. it will look much better.

Now you don't need all those concoctions out there. Get yourself a cheap tube of baby rash ointment. Works practically over night. Gets all the red out to. Clears it right up. I loved it. But no longer need it.

Also take zinc gluconate. It will heal the tissues and help prevent scarring. You need 50 mg.

Acne is usually food related. Heard this years ago, from a good source. First start eliminating all dairy for three weeks. If no more problems with breakouts, put the dairy back into your diet. But one product at a time. Until you find the culprit.

Also take your blood pressure after every food you eat. Your pressure goes up when you digest something. If any food goes up higher than another, your allergic to it. You could be allergic to more than one. So keep going.

Cod liver oil will help heal the tissues also. Contains Vit A and D.

Wash and pat, (do not rub) the face with lemon juice. do this three times a day. Also shampoo the hair frequently.

Do not squeeze. You'll just cause more eruptions. Picking and scratching causes scarring.

Do not use oil - based cosmetics.

Add some soured products to your diet. Ex- yougurt, cottage cheese.

Good luck!

Basically i would advice just to drink lots of water andwater enriched foods such as vegetables and fruit. Going out in the sun i hear is a good rememdy as well!

I read above that for a excellent exfloiator to rub some soap in your hand then put salt in your hand and just kind of rub on your skin. No where near your eyes though :S !! Then rinse off with water then to close pores again rise with cold water several times. Your skin will be red for ahile afterwards but no joke you will feel literally baby soft skin. Do this about every three days. If you have sensative skin i would use sugar instead because sometimes people disagree with using salt on your skin- for some strange reason as it works a treat lol !! x everyone try it out ...


If i where you STAY AWAY from the followin Fizzy drinks Coffee.

Use These few simple steps to reach clearer skin results:

Use Oil Free Foundation *cover girl is best*

Eat Loads of raw fresh carrots they reduce the amount of seburm which is the substance that causes dirt.

Drink 2ltrs of Spring Water

Use a facial wash that is oil free and perfume free (natural) such as Simple.

Remember to Cleanse,Tone,Mosturise- if your skin is oily use a oil free one and dry use the opposite.

If you follow these few little steps your skin will show improvement

And Remmber those creams that Doctors give you for acne are not natural they contain Peroxide (notice if u use it your pillows will become lighter imagin whats going to happen to your skin blouchy colours.......

Let me know if this helps you i use it and mi skin is clear =)


I had such oily skin on my forhead it felt like someone had smeared grease all over it, it was disgusting and when i touched it my fingers where shiny and greasing and because of it spots where appearing all over my forhead, i had to do something about it.

My mum picked up some CLEARASIL DAILY OIL CONTROL CREAM it doesnt cost alot and it takes ages for the tube to run out, what you do it after clensing and washing just put a bit of that on covering the area you dont need alot as it spreadable and it soaks up all the oil it disappearsin seconds and your skin is fresh and oilfree for hours the longest time i went for until my forhead became the slightest bit oily was about 7 hours the whole school day which was fantastic for me. Seroiusly this is amazing stuff and its PERFECT TO WHERE UNDER YOUR MAKE-UP EG CONCEALER ND FOUNDATION i really love this stuff and now i dont have any spots on my forhead


I've tried everything under the sun. Had zits for 6 years (11-15) but eventually they are basically gone, all for the odd few when I'm stressed.

- Stay chilled out, because stressed does cause spots.

- Wash your face morning and night in the hot then cold soak routine. Then pat dry, no touching.

- Applying sudocreme over night does work if your skin isn't too bad.

- Applying toothpaste works too - but not for really big blighters.

- I also tried lemon juice on cotton wool but it sung and couldn't see much difference.

- I tried olive oil and salt (my own exfoliate remody.) It really worked but hell it's messy.

- I also tried Superdrug face mask - there's a raspberry one which costs like a quid, which has been the BEST and probably the cheapest mask. Just rub into face and leave for either over night or a few hours and then your spots are GONE.

- I tried like clean and clear and all that rubbish but nothing worked well. I then tried oxyspot products. Make sure you get one with benzoyl peroxide in. It's over the counter stuff, and you can have 2.5% ben per. or 10% ben per. the 10% is best, obviously.

- Then that made me start puking because it smelt awful and stained everything too.

- I then went to the doctors. They perscribed me benzamycin gel - IT WORKS SO WELL. IT's seriously the BEST cream for mild-moderate acne and you can see a difference pronto.

Hope this helped ;)

Hey guys!
i thought id just tell everyone what has worked for me to get rid of acne. I used to have really good skin wen i was in my early teens, but around 16 i started getting acne. it wasnt really bad or anything but my face was always breaking out, and really red and splotchy. If you have pale skin, that is very red, and oily listen up!
It probably reached an ultimate bad when i was 18. My face was so red, i had a ton of breakouts and scars, as well i couldnt go more than a few hrs without having so much shine it was reflective. I did not feel comfortable without a ton of makeup on to cover up everything. I know i was doing a ton of stuff wrong now that i look back.
1) First of all if you have acne try, reallly try not to wear alot of makeup! or if u feel that you have to (which i did) wash it off as soon as u get home
2) do not keep trying new face cleansers, stick to one
3) i highly reccomend clinque 3 step system

a few weeks ago i came on this site, and i sort of combined a bunch of the ideas to create a face washing system, that has worked wonders for me! so here it is:
1) fill a sink with super hot water, (as hot as you can stand) then sprinkle a bit of tea tree oil in the water. then splash your face with the hot water to open up your pores.
2) after that wash your face with clinique soap, pat dry (DONT rub face)
3) use the clinique toner
4) splash face with ice cold water to close your pores again
5) after that use a mositurizer (oil free!) i recommend garnier shine control, this really helps take away oil and it moisturizes and helps w/ breakouts
6) then just once a day i finish with dabbing my acne spots and red areas with tea tree oil

- tea tree oil works great if you can stand the smell!
- i kno this wont work for everyone, but give it a try!

also if you do happen to have zits, especially whiteheads i kno the temptation is almost impossible to not pop it! so if u pop whiteheads i recommend putting toner, perfume or nailpolish remover on a cotton ball and compressing the spot you just popped for a few minutes!

- well i hope this helps someone!

I've had so much blemishes.. It's annoying!
but Ever since I've tried BIORE Ice cleanser and Oil Control it works great!
Give it a try!


i suffer from normal teenage spots! every time i looked in the mirror i would get frustrated by them so i seeked something to help. I tried many different things; toothpaste, teatree oil.. but none of them worked as i have fairly sensitive skin. then i found something called 'sudocream'. u can buy it from most chemists. i saw it writted about alot on the internet, so i thought i'd try it. when i saw the packaging, i must admit i was abit wary! i was faced with a grey pot telling me it was for nappy rash.. but i though hey! ill give it a go anyhow! so i did.. i just rubbed some on to my forhead(onto the spots)and amazingly within only one hour i could see a difference! and it moisturises too, leaving your skin not only spot free, but soft too !

give it a try ! it really worked for me !


A lot of people on here are saying drink water. do you think it would work it you added orange juice or something to it? because i dont like water on its own

Well, i tried drinking water but it was just to hard it tasted nasty so i tried:
before i go to bed i washed my face then put lemon juice on a bit of cloth (it stings srating releves the itchy ness but dnt)
i done this for 2 weeks and i saw the different

Another thing i done was was my face with clearasil 'daily oil control' every morning and everynight before i got to bed and also before i go to bed i put on 'sudocream' it really works and your skin will be clear in a little as 2 weeks (watch your diet to but thats not really a big part in getting your skin clearer)

Im a twelve your old kid that doesnt get spots that often
But when i get them they are huge

I've just learn this from my 18 year old model sister

OK first of all get a safty pin. (MAKE SURE IT'S CLEAN!)
dip the point of it in some antiseptic cream,

------------------ NOW THE SEMI-PAINFUL BIT -----------------

Jab the safety pin (not to fiercly) into the direct centre of the spot (the yellow and/or green bit)
this should remove the top and it will be less painful to squeeze

Now squeeze the spot for about 4 seconds.. then release and check what has come out.
Repeat this until blood starts coming out instead of puss.

When this is done dab with some tissue, then put a bit of anti-septic on a new tissue and dab some more..

wash your hands and DONT touch your spot after..

This should completely remove the spot

Help! i have had this same spot for now about 13 months on my nose it is a shiny reddy brown colour. i have tried sudocrem/teetrea oil/ spot creams/ toothpaste etc. i went to see the doctor he gave me zinerty for the spots on my back and this one on my nose. after a few months all the spots on my back had gone BUT THe spot on my nose was still there as big as ever. it is also surrounded by black heads which doesnt help. the doctor has given me this cream to put on it but that isnt working either. i am thinkin about having it surgically removed and will consult the doctor on it unless there are any other treatments that will remove this one spot. if u have any ideas on how to get rid of this spot on my nose or the stubborn black headssurrounding it please tell me????/ i am thinkink of having microdermabrasion which i saw on tv and that gets rid of blackheads but does anyone know how much it costs. this big spot and the the blackheads on my nose totally knock my confidence and have left me feelin insecure n depressed. PLEASE HELP.

How do i remove all the blackheads on my nose??? and also which is the best product that stops oil building up on my nose because at school my nose always becomes really greasy and oily and i HATE IT. at the mo i am using neutrogena black head eliminater however this just reduces the appareance of my blackheads for about a 30 mins, i want a product that can remove them or prevent oil building up on my nose???? at school i have to constantly wipe my nose with a tissue to remove the grease,,, PLEASE HELP? i have been suffereing with this problem for about a yr now n i cant take it much longer?? :(

I've had extreamly bad skin now for about 3 years, I've tried everything... it goes away for about a week...then comes back again. I'm 18 years old...and I thought by now, they would have gone?
And to dave... I have spots on my nose too...and I've tried everything to get rid of them...Can someone please help me...because I've been bullied for this all through high school...I really don't want it effecting my joblife aswell.

Hi, i dont normally get spots but 4 days ago i got 1. it's quite big and red, but it's not a normal spot.it's like a small circle of broken skin n it's really red around it. It's not bumpy but it dries out really quickly and all of the skin around the circle goes really dry as soon as i apply makeup. Im too self concious not to put cover up on my spot so I cant stop doing that. I have a BIG date tomorrow and I really want it to just go away and be normal skin again!! Please help,i need the thing to have gone by 7:30 tomorrow morning and so far 4 days hasnt done anything!! Thanx

Hi, right, for ages i had really bad spots, like all throughout high school, and tried everything. i finally found something which actually works an wanna share it with you lovely ppl! heres the thing, rather than focusing on individual spots, try a complete skincare overhaul. using loadsa medicated spot treatments will just irritate your skin in the long run, best to just get your skin healthy again. two priceless products iv found are st ives apricot scrub exfoliator and evian moisturiser. the scrub gets rid of all the dirt, oil and dry skin and makes ur skin feel all soft and smooth, and the moisturiser is non-greasy so it just stops you going dry and flaky and balances out your skin so it doesnt feel it has to produce seemingly endless amounts of grease itself! also, try using a powder instead of traditional foundation, it lets your skin breathe but you dont feel naked! if u only feel comfotable using foundation then try dior 'icon' creme-to-powder in number 001, its pricey but itll even out your skintone amazingly, then u wont even need to plaster any other makeup on it! of course loadsa sleep and drinking water helps too, also sun in small doses, without suncream, SHOCK HORROR!..(but obviously not so your face peels off!) so yea, this stuff actually works and really quickly too, after like a couple of days jus doing this i had way less spots, my skin looked more even and felt more comfortabl, an of course, if ur comfortabl youl b more confident!

I have a few spots, but everybody is telling me there not that bad, but they must not be looking at the same mirror has i am!, I have been reading up on the last posts, and people seem to like Sudo-Cream, i am just wondering how to use this ? 1 reply says leave it and dont rub it in, other 1 says rub it in and leave it over night ?, is this also using my current spot treatment called FreeDerm ?

I am really self concious about them, has im only 15 and worry what others will think about me. Thanks

Ok, im an 18yr old model, italian touch, now, I hate when I get the odd spot on my chin or on ma side burn sometimes, like you know once every two weeks or so, and believe tell me about self conscious....I have one too many times, canceld important meetings or seeing people just because of 1 spot. My whole face is like baby skin but I have no idea why I get the odd spot. Another thing I have noticed, is usually after sex, but thats just me, anyway before I used to have tiny tiny tiny ones on forehead, just a small section that would stay there for weeks. I found out by going on holiday or using sun beds helps alot, this has helped me alot, when I go to see my gran ma in Sicily I always go beach even if its in winter time or summer time or whenever, I travel alot to go and see her, coz I miss my people in Corleone. Ohh and yes, that is really my name, but im not sure if I have an actual link with the real Antonio Montana. So my tips are

Dont drink fizzy drinks or eat chocolate

( I used to love this but when manager told me I cant eat it no more after a few months not eating it, I dont even feel like eating them anymore)

Eat tons of fruits, or if you lazy like me, buy a blender and stick them in, I love home made shakes with milk.

Drink alot of water, but not too much a time, coz U will vomit...ok?

Use a sun bed once a month or go on holiday for a few days, it dont cost much to go to Spain for UK people, but trust me its worth it.

Another thing I do alot of which you think im crazy I take sea water with me. I take around 30ltrs of water, every few months, when I go to Italy, ticket only costs me £30rtrn and trust me, wash your face daily with half a ltr or so, not too much and it will burn off any spots or blackheads.

These are my best tips, and believe they will work, the sun has alot of effect on your skin.

Your prolly thinking right now, this guy is crazy, well I love my looks and im vein, I cant chat or look at a girl if I have a spot lol. I usually dont go to modeling jobs, or meet my girlfriends around London at all, for 1 or 2 days. So I stay at home, till it goes off, thats how much 1 spot pees me off, so imagine how I would be if I had a few.

If any of you go to school and feel uncomfortable and get bullied, dont have it, dont tell teacher, dont tell mum or dad, beat up or dont let anyone take you down verbally or physically. I have always been in my school, im 6"5 and boxer, so not a problem for me, but anyway, everyone gets spots, some people get a few more then others, but its all good, you prolly have something which your other mates dont have. Its not hidden who we are on the inside. If you have any questions hit me, I will be more then willinglyu to help you out.

Italian Beast

Hey everyone im a 16 year old lad who cares about my looks (doznt everyone) lol. i get a bath like 3times a day so im very clean but i do get spots on my chin which realy duz my head in because when i pop them they just leave red marks there and they dont go away anyone got any solutions thanx ;)

Girls i really suffer from acne and breakouts.. How do i get rid of them without hassel, ive tried toothpaste and tea tree, it doesnt work for harsh spots like mine.. thanks get back to me ..

OMG, listen people. all these comments are asking people for advice, cant you see that it isnt working, every1 is just writing asking how to get rid of them YET NO1 REPLIES ON HOW GRRRRRR.

LISTEN, GET Quinderm, apply every nite, makes spots invisible and gets rid of them within a week....ok thats HOW U GET RID OF SPOTS

Hi i have spots to and there really annoying but what im using atm is tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash and spot wand from boots ive been using it for 2 days now and my spots are going down. hopefully they all go before school because i wanted to go back to school with clear skin, and to make it worse none of my friends have them.

Right i suffer from outbursts ofspots and beleive me i've tried lots of products. the best things i've found for sorting out my skin is steaming it regularly and following this with a face mask whilst the pores are still open. then i wash my face as usual and apply sudocrem on my spots and the area surrounding them. i've found that this helps get rid of reddness and doesn't irritate or dry out the surrounding skin.

it really is the best thing i've found for it as toothpaste or the products such as clearasil and others contain abrasive and chemicals which can't be all that good for you. also i've noticed thatover a period of time they don't work as well. hopefully this helps. my spots fullly cleared up within about a week ^_^ xxx

I go back to school in like 3 days . has anyone got any tips on how to get rid of spots really quickly. i have quite oily skin. fanx . please please help me!!!

First thing you do is dont touch them at all. Drink about 2ltr of water in 24hrs. Avoid all sweets, anything with sugar, thats chocaltes, cookies, whatever, and fizzy drinks. Try to eat some carrots and peachs and cucumbers, these 3 combined help the skin and hormone control. Dont use any crap such as creams or whatever no use. One thing I really suggest is face steam, you can boil hot water, put towel on your head and stay there for a few mins before you go sleep, this will not help spots already out, but it will help prevent spots which are about to come out. Dont eat fast food crap too. These ideas I just mentioned are totally natural, and can help you within a few days, and believe they do work, because I used to get some very very small ones in my left cheeck. Hope it helps. T.Montana

Well think the best way to get rid of spots is to apply a blob of toothpaste to a spot then leave it on overnight then in the morning use heat oxy pads. well it works for me. bec x


I have quite bad skin and it really annoys me! I really need a way to get rid of them, and fast. I've tried most things people have put but nothing seems to work! I hate having to talk to people and their eyes wander to my forehead which is the place where most my spots are! HELP ME PLEASE! Baring in mind i have sensitive skin!

Fed up of spending hundreds of pounds/dollars on skin care products that PROMISE to get rid of your spots but just make it worse in the end???

OK, I have really bad skin, (you know, zillions of spots, squillions of blackheads kinda thing) and NONE of my friends do. I find it hard talking to people directly cos of my spots, and I am sooooo self concious. Some familiar?? Thought so!!! Well, GUESS WHAT I think I have found out a basic strategy that should help you. I have the most sensitive skin in the world, I can't even touch it without it errupting! Anyway, Heres The Way I Got Clearer Skin!!

1. Wash your face, GENTLY!!!!!!!!!!! with WARM water, just splash it with your hands! Do not srub around too much, just make sure all of your face is wet.

2. Now take some soap, (I used imperial lether), and gently lather it up in your fingers to get it all bubbly!! lol! thengently rub it on your face, pay particular attention to your t-zone, scub GENTLY in the areas that are sensitive.

3. Wash off GENTLY with warm water, and PAT DRY with a towel. MAKE SURE ALL THE SOAP IS OFF because 62 % of people who have spots only have spots because they do not wash the products from their face properly!!

4. Does you face feel dry and stretched afterwards?? DON'T APPLY MOISTURISER!! even oil free ones!! seriously, i just ignored the dry feeling and within a few days, after i washed my face it didn't feel dry anymore!

Do this strategy in the mornin and in da evenin! Before you go to bed, put a TEEENYY TINNNNNY bit of sudocrem on your spotty area. Keep your hair off your face. Drink LOADS of water, I never drink any!!!!! But then i also started eating healthier andmost of it went within a week. Amazing LOL!!


you have young skin, and young skin needs to breath! do not laden up your face with chemicals and moisturtisers, even if they are oil free!! spots is your skins way of saying STOP COVERING ME IN CHEMICALS!! lol!!


and remember to try it for about a month to start seeing the differences!!

luvya lots


Someone once told me that if you drink lots and lots of water everyday it will get rid of spots....so i did, i drank about 6litres a day, and nothing! then i was talking to a friend of mine who is into organic things and natural things, she told me that "if you dont drink enough water you can get spots, but if you drink to much water it also gives you spots because it clogs the skin!the right amount is 2litres" she told me this very early in th morning just as i was starting into my first 2liter bottle of water, so that day i decided to only drink 2 litres, and that night i already noticed my skin looking clearer!so there ya go!

Hey every1. i used to have spots really bad but i used some tips from my doctor which cleared them up completely after just 6 months! here they are..

1. drink plenty of water & eat lots of fruit and veg. keep away from chips, crisps, chocolate, meat and milky products too!

2. wash your face with hot water without soap (or mild soap) every morning and night before going to bed and get a good amount of sleep per night.

3. don't touch your face at all, and when you sleep, try and keep the pillow from touching your face too!

4. go to your local chemist and ask for a product called oxytetracycline 250mg tablets and take 2 per morning and 2 per night.

5. keep yourself fit and active and stop being angry or stressful and constantly wipe the sweat from your face whilst exercising!

6. finally.. don't pop spots and breate properly!

trust me.. in 6 months, your faces will be clear and you may even be fitter than before in person. just stick to this for the time, and within 2 months you should see an improvement anyway!

Can sum1 plz help me!! i dn't reli get spots and if i do they seem 2 be just normal and go within a couple of days! But i have started getting pimples massive big and red by my nose, they won't go and i cn't squezze them either because they dn't have a head. i have tried creams and mud masks, drinking water, natural things like tea and toothpaste and also ice bt nothin seems 2 be happenin plz help me!

I don't get spots much but when I do it seems to be the night before a big night out or somthing. So I hold a steri-strip on it for 20 seconds or more then rub some sudocreme on a plaster and apply it tightly onto the spot. Leave it on over night and the spot is barely visible in the morning. Sometimes though if the spot is bad you have to do it for 2 nights or do the same again in the morning and keep it on for the rest of the day before you go out then rinse any cream which is left with cold water. I'm not an expert on the body but this makes sense as the plaster covers the area and keeps out any bacteria from entering and gives the cream chance to soak in fully and when it has soaked in the spot isn't prone to anymore bacteria leaving it to heal. I also heard not to use clearasil because it dries your skin and your body then starts to produce more moisture which is the whole reason spots occure, which then makes you want to use more clearasil. I guess you could say it's a drug for your skin which is hard to get off.

I get spots all the time, actually I have loads now as we speak. I used to use Clearisil at first but as soon as one spot had gotten smaller another would pop up. That process went on for a few months. Now, I have started using Clearisil wipes and Superdrug facial wipes. So far, they haven't worked. I think I'm going to try the Tea Tree Oil. If anyone could tell me EXACTLY what to do so that it works properly that would HEAPS!

Am in my 30s, and occasionally still get a the odd spot from hell in awkward places. This might not work for everyone, but I swear by 2 remedies: 1) Clinique Anti-Blemish gel - works best just before the spot has grown, but when you can feel it (the bigger it is, the more painful it feels at the beginning!) - dab this on right onto the area where it feels most painful. This is a salicylic acid-based gel, so put it on first thing in the morning (under moisturiser & make-up), maybe a slight touch up once again midday (on top of makeup), and again at night after you've cleansed your face very thoroughly (ie. cleansed, exfoliated, toned). 2) Dab on Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion, again after you've cleansed skin and under make-up, then a midday touch up if needed, and definitely at night (after cleansing). And you can do this in conjunction with the Clinique gel (which is what I do for really big, problem spots).

Hey, what i done was drink 2 pints of water each day. It made my skin feel better. I also washed my face with just water ( no soaps or face washes ) when i have a shower every morning, when i get the chance to after i have been to the toilet, and at night before bed. After i wash my face, i put a very good over the counter product called "QUINODERM" it is available from boots and its below £5, it contains benzoyl peroxide which really helps spots, and i kept to that routine for about a week and my spots have gone now, now i wash my face in the morning, after school and at night. Remember only use "QUINODERM" 2 times a day, no more, at first it will sting a little and cause your skin to go pinkish, but it gets rid of the spots fast, and it doesnt dry your skin out either, which is great.

Now i have clear skin, why dont you!

Right... I suffer from BAD spots. I used to use sudo-creme- it worked a treat on any kind of rough/sore skin when I was little, but doesn't seem to work well on spots. I tried toothpaste- if it works for you-great! but th fact is it works on very little people- people with very sensitive skin find it irritating, and much less sensitive skin finds it too mild- you have to be somewhere in the middle.

That's when I started to use Garnier Pure A night+ day treatments.... BIG MISTAKE! I'm allergic to them..... basically my skin was, by now, DISGUSTING...

I got a leaflet from Suerdrug just before christmas, and suggested Tea Tree products. I thought I'd give it a try, as there are less chemicals to which I could be alergic.... There were some pretty expensive things out there, but I got 3 things (almost the cheapest)- A face wash (the body shop), a cleanser and toner (superdrug) and a mattifying moisture gel (the body shop again).

Itmay seem like a lot of products, but they're mostly natural ingredients, and judgeing by this leaflet, A LOT of people have benifited....

So,now, I first rinse my face with the face wash, then apply the cleanser and toner, FOLLOWING THE EXACT INSTRUCTIONS, then I wait for that to dry COMPLETELY then apply the mattifying lotion, twice a day....

I started this on the 29th of December, (I gave my skin a rest from anything first to see if that helped.... It didn't..) and now (the 6th of January, my sports are VIRTUALLY GONE!!!!

I'd recommend this (maybe with just one product, everyone's different), and f it doesn't work as quickly as it did for me, keep at it!!! Less chemicals are BOUND to be better for your skin, and a good remedy can take up to two months to get going.... It's worth it, trust me!!!! Drinkong water can also help too, depending on how much you already drink.

Let me know what you think.

I read through every single comment and above and there were alot of suggestions

i noted them down to help :]
i dont have acne
but i get the odd 3 or 4 spots on my face every few days
i tried the sudocream as alot of comments said that it worked over night
it didnt do anything :|

i turned 16 2 weeks ago
and i have my prom in may time
but i want my skin to be perfect
it actually has never been perfect :[

i've started eating healthy and have been drinking just water for the past 2 days
not that i had any fizzy anyway

i was going to try the nail polish remover one
but am really worried that it will sting :[ i have really sensitive skin

i dont bother with any of the products because none of them work

one product worked for a week then my skin went back to normal

im fed up seeing loads of girls around school with perfect skin and then theres me

my skin really gets me down
i dont have enough confidence as it is


Had my first spot in about 2 years, thought id give you some advice.
I hardly drink at all, i have 2 drinks a day (glass of water and a bottle of something at work)
The best thing is to just keep your skin clean.
Dont shell out of shit loads of products, all you need is a face-wash and a moisturiser (make sure you get the right one for your skin type)
I shower once a day (twice when its been hot)
When you shower, wash your hair, then use the face wash (make sure you wash your hair first so you dont end up washing the grease from your hair to your face after you have just washed your face)
Then morning and night, use your moisturiser (i shower in the morning then use my moisturiser and then use it again before i get into bed)
Thats it basically, keeping your face clean should be enough.
The only spots i get are along my hair line and even then you can hardly see them at all.
Hope it helps =)

I'm 13 and have had a few Spots and i want to give advice. if you ever get a spot on your face that looks like a 'wart' or a large pimple that hurts ALOT when pressed, don't worry. if the spot/pimple is yellowy/brownish in colour, get some TCP and use something like tweezers to scrape the pimple / spot off. this will hurt a little bit - but not too much, your eyes will probably water. ! use a mirror to help u while u scrape it off coz it can be messy. when uve scraped it all off, NOTHING should be coming out of it. no pus or nothing. not even blood - it should look like a little hole. put some TCP on it and leave it alone. don't touch it. it might sting a little bit at first, but i swear it goes after about 10-20 minutes after applying it. also, when it's dried, apply more TCP then it should heal up within 2-6 days.

hope this helped

Wow. Im not much expert on treating spots, ive had them for around 2 years, (9-13) and they WONT GO AWAY!!
i tryed toothpaste, that worked for around a week.
i tryed tea tree but it stops working after the 2nd time!
lemon juice seems to work at the momment, and im trying to drink loads of water.
but its harder for me to eat fruit and veg, as i have eating disorders and stuffs.
but ill let you know what treetment works the best! x

Apply SUDOCREM onto the spots all over your face before you go to bed. When you wake up, they will have decreased dramatically. Trust me.

Hi everyone
One time I had this spot on my forehead so I used this treatment called `duofilm`.It made the spot go away but it left a big red scar where the spot had been. Then I tried lots of treatments like germoline and stuff but that didn't help, it just made a lot of tiny spots form around the scar. So I put toothpaste on the little spots overnight, but it just made this big red mark ( it was huge) and to make things worse, it spread to my cheek aswell. I went to the chemists and they gave me a treatment called`anthisan`. It worked on the mark on my forehead but it didn't work on my cheek. I kept using it, and was so obsessed about getting rid of the mark, I forgot about the rest of my face. I got loads of spots on my other cheek, my forehead and all over the rest of my face. At the minute I'm usind a treatment called `Clearisil daily spot control`mixed in with a little toothpaste. It's worked on the little spots so far, but I'm afraid to use it on my cheeks in case it makes them go all red again ( I spent a whole day trying to get the redness out). Someone pl=ease help me!!!!!!!! Thanks

Hey guys, it's me again.
After I wrote that message, I went to the doctor. He said I had a minor case of ezecma on my face, but, as it had only occured in the past few days, I could get rid of it. He also said to stop using products that I had got in gift baskets, for Christmas. Then he gave me a prescription for a Silcocks base cream and a cream containing 1% Hydrocortizone. I got it on a friday, and, now it is Tuesday, my ezecma is gone, my skin is soft, I have no scars and the only spots I have left are 2 tiny ones beside my mouth.

Hi, i used to suffer really bad with spots, big ugly red ones, so i went to the doctors and he put me on sumthing called dianette, its a contraceptive aswell, it doesnt really wrk but on the week u hav a break frm it i dnt seem to have any spots, i also buy a cream frm tesco called quinoderm..i put it all over my face at nite n in the mrning my spots hav gone, but thre is a dwnside, it contains sumthing to make ur skin peel, mine used to at 1st but its fine now cos i moisturise. i also exfoliate everyday n wash with tesco clear skin toner and moisturise with tesco clear skin moisturiser and my spots seem alot better. Try the quinoderm its the best thing for spots, iv tried everything else

Hi, I have been a vegetarian all my life. I still have really bad spots. I have been drinking just water for 4 years... I still had spots. but now I dont have any spots. Heres what I did ... 2. Say to yourself you dont have spots... think clearly dont think of dirty things 4. keep your window open at night 5. when using any hair products e.g gel or hair spray make sure your hands or hair isnt touching your face

I have a great spot treatment whcih also helps with smoother skin, try wetting a cotton pad with semi - skimmed milk and rubbing it over your face. Leave it there for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cold water ... it really works!

Ok, I think these are the most effective ways, (in order most - least)
1) exercise - this balances hormones which can create spots
2) avoid stress
3) don't touch your face too much and dont squeeze them, you'll make them look worse
4) cut down on greasy things you eat
5) Make a face mask using banana, honey and apple (blended) leave on for 10 mins and wash off with cold water
6) exfoliate once a week

Please do read this as it really will improve your skin and get rid of your spots. A couple of weeks ago I read an article in the newspaper giving the science of a product which is a ‘Cure for all ills’. My secret: vaseline.

Trust me, I have tried absolutely everything possible to get rid of my spots- millions of face products, cleansers an creams. They only exacerbate the problem as all you are doing is putting chemicals on your skin. You, like me, must have read this millions of times and immediately dismissed it as useful help. However you really should listen as this is mostly true. In my quest for clear skin I did actually find clearsil ultra face wash very useful and I do highly rate it. I’m not going to recommend putting eggs on face (even though they are actually useful as they are a rich source of Vitamin A which is good for skin healing) only because you have heard all of this thousands of times before. However, I am certain that you are not aware of Vaseline.

In fact, you most probably think that it is bad for your skin as it would block up your pores. I was in fact concerned about this when I started using Vaseline to clear my face up. I therefore googled ‘vaseline+spots’ and unsurprisingly I came up with a web site which strictly said not to use Vaseline and other products like it. However, I was by now distressed with my skin and was out of other ideas on what to do. So, fortunately I did use and it does not block up your pores. However hard it may be to believe this you really must accept that it doesn’t clog your pores up.

Now for the science. I always like to have a scientific explanation of a cure to my spots before I actually try it out. For example, I previously didn’t know about the egg yolk being a rich source for Vitamin A but when I did realize about the science behind it, I used this technique and it worked. I think that it is very important to have faith in the product that you are trying. If you believe it will work, it most probably will.

Anyway, Vaseline contains no secret ingredient but it works because it creates the necessary condition for skin healing. It creates a barrier which is useful in two ways: firstly it retains moisture which is very important if you want to have clear and healthy skin, and secondly it doesn’t allow germs in. It isolates the skin and makes what the skin would naturally do work. It would otherwise in our modern environment be hard to do this.

Vaseline is a great moisturizer and really keeps your skin clear. I really do recommend this and I urge you to try it a few times. It really does work.

What I do each day for clear skin is
1. I drink about 2 liters of water a day to keep my skin hydrated and to help flush out the toxins. I find it pretty easy to have about one glass each hour.
2. In the morning I wash my face with clearsil ultra face wash. Many disagree, but I find that scrubbing harder really helps. You should play around and see what helps for your skin type. It works as it contains Glycerin.
3. Eat healthily. I know I’m sure you’ve read that you may eat what you like but this is not true. My evidence is simply experience. I also think that eating well reflects the way you feel on the inside which is very important if you want to get rid of spots.
4. Also in the morning I, of course, apply Vaseline generously and leave it. You should rub it in a little but not too much.
5. I then again put Vaseline on again at lunch time.
6. At nighttime I very generously apply the Vaseline and just pile it on. I also wash my face again.

If you follow these rules and just stick to this regime I am sure that you will have good skin. It has worked for me and many of my friends. I am certain that it will work for you. Good luck.

Hi im 13 and i hav som spots but i keep gettin these big 1z on ma chin n i dno were dere cumin from... toothpaste kinda works coz it drys up da spots newayz if u no how i culd stopp da onez on ma chin plzz tell me

If the spot is big or just under the skin then try rubbing on PILE CREAM before you go to bed, sounds mad but it really does reduce the size of spots overnight!the most famous supermodels swear bye it.

Hi, ive had spots now for 4 yrs and nothing seems to work, clearasil is bogus, just like most of the other creams that they advertise on tv. i've been reading all your ideas and i have just started using this method:
1. boil the kettle with a decent amount of water

2. fill the sink up with the boiled water

3. put your head over the sink and place a towel over the sink, letting the steam open up your pores. you may find that you cant breathe well so just lift the towel up breathe through the gap. Also dont breathe too quickly else you start coughing. Hold this for about 10 mins.

4. by now you might have sweated a bit cause of the heat but this is good as it clears out all your pores of all the crap and dirt.

5. empty the sink and rinse your face with warm/hot water from the tap, this gets rid of any surface dirt from the open pores.

6. rinse your face with cold water to close the pores and stop dirt getting in.
The best way to dry the skin is to dab the skin with kitchen towels like bounty as it soaks up all the water without rubbing or irritating the spots.

Also make sure you drink plenty of water as this washes away the impurities. Going outside into the sun is also good as your skin can produce more vitamin which keeps the skin healthy. Good luck guys, i hope this works for you cos i know how depressing spots are.

I have suffered from minor acne for years, but my spots have really cleared up recently...
1) I always have at least 5 pieces of fruit/veg per day, as they give you a healthy diet, and also contain loads of water.
2) Drink lots of water, and try to cut out caffine.
3) I also take erythromycin tablets BP
4) Origins have an amazing (although not cheap) spot gel which really helps
5) Oily skin needs some sort of moisturiser too, I recommend tea tree oil moisturiser from the body shop!
Hope this helps!


Hey ... i suffer from spots quite a bit actually! im only 14 and its the worst age to have them! ive tried alot of things ... witch and all that but it seems to not work! one thing u should do every morning and night is clense your skin ... put hot water on it at night ... keep it on for about 2 minuites and then put freezing cold water on top . as the hot water opens ur pause and the cold water closes them! do NOT put make up on after doing this or it will jst make the spots go worse. you shud not try and wear that much make up either as it makes ur spots much worse. i put magnesium sulphate past on mine ( unusual ) which helps boils and it worked fantasticly .. the stuff is so strong that it clears the spots fast . u shud try it! i kno its temptin to squeeze the spots aswell ... if u have a white head etc then u shud because u dont wanna go round with a white head! but otherwise dont touch them or they will jst spread! drink alot of water aswell this will help alot! nyway bye xxx

Hi after reading your advice i am now sittoing at the computer with sudicren on my face and a plaster on my forehead and i normally have lovely claer skin but recently i have had a sudden diet change coul this of caused it the diet change is no crisps no full sugar coke and no other fatty items because i want to lose weight

ive had a angry red spot for weeks now ive tried the toothpaste n did nothing accept made it smaller but made it more red
ive seen u all sed about water but ill only drink flavoured wud this do ?

is there anymore tips people could give me this spot is makin me paranoid n i feel like everyones jst starin at me all tym :(:(

i have some spots but its mostly just redness
i found that sudocreme dosent work but that was because i was rubbing it in.. i read some of these that people wrote and i thought i would give sudocreme a try .. i just dabbed it on the spot and then i took it off in about 2 - 3 hours and the results were amazing it had gone down soo much ..x
i used to have really bad spots but then i went to have a facial and they said i was using all the wrong products .. so they gave me the dermalogica clay cleanser .. the dermalogica active moist moisteriser and the dermalogica foundation .. they said the foundation is really good and lets your pours breathe and dosnent harm the skin so i started using this and they were healing up sooo well and all my friends were saying that my skin looked really good!! it does cost abit but its worth it .. theres also a website www.dermalogica.co.uk thats shows allt he products!!
I also tryed TCP and that was really good it smells but it works .. what you have to do is put quite alot of at night and do that for about 1-2 weeks they all go and it only costs like £1!!
I also rinse my face with hot water then freezing cold water and it really works !!
i hope these thing work ..x
good luck ..x

Fill a sink with very hot water! and add two drops of "olbas oil" (this will also help clear all sinuses) then place a towel over your head and put your head slightly above the water breathing through your mouth as it makes the steam bounce off your face more<BR>then dip a face cloth into the hot water and put it on your face for the duration of the sink emptying! then refil the sink with very cold water and place the face cloth into it then place this cold cloth onto your face!

After you have done this press dry your face with a towel. and make a mixture of toothpaste and olbas oil and place small dap on each spot. The smell is Discusting but it works a treat =]

i swear by it!!!
gets rid of spots quickly

the toothpaste and oblas oil will dry your skin
wash your face with icey water
then dry it and put moisturiser on :)

Help! I get some spots not big but I squeeze them n they turn into red things!Last week,1st week back at school my skin was lurvely a boy asked me out,on saturday however whats that I see on my head,It looks like a balloon better pop it.Monday morning:POO now its not just a balloon but another head.Why oh why did god make us girlies suffer?XxXxX

Hayye, if you drink enough water throughout the day (8 pints) and start drinking a pint of hot water and a slice of lemon every morning and after you've washed your face before you go to bed, works wonders, you should try it. It tastes awful at first but you get used to it and imagine how much clearer your skin could be! Also try and keep your hair out of your face during the day esspecially if its a little bit greasy and also try and get to bed at a suitable time xD! It works!

Right, well I tried LOOOOOOOADS I'll list a few shall I? Ummmm SudoCreme Toothpaste WitchHazel Savalon, HotWaterThenColdWater, HerbalTablets SkinCareTablets GarnierSpotThings, Clean+Clear Activia SuperdrugClarity TeaTree and more, WELLL some of them worked a bit (especially Tea-Tree) but for ages I asked my Mum just to TAKE ME TO THE DOCTOR and she didn't... So they kept getting worse.... So then I had to go to the Doctor about my ear... and the first thing he said was that he could get rid of my spots!!!! I was soooo annoyed that I couldn't go sooner... ANYWHOOO first he gave me Tetralysal 300 tablets and Differin Gel which only worked a bit, but then I went back yesterday (You go back every month) and I'm got a new gell called Zytral or something to go with the tablets and THEY'VE NEARLY GONE!!! OOOOOH YES! So what I'm saying is

The Best Way For Me To Get Rid Of Spots Is Neutrogena Face mask it comes in a bottle.It Makes Your Face Really Smooth and Your Spots Clear Over Night Deffinatly Try It It Works !!

Hey all I suffer from spots as well yes i no how it feels am now in yr10 and had them since yr4 so thts bout 5years yep there annoyin and upsettin at times. I now have probably been fightin them bout 2 years befor wasnt really bothrd jst fort thyd go lyk bt was rong. What i feel helped me take action was thinkin bout it cos really a thnk wer all little scared to go ask for this spot stuf and kind of embarsed. But listen if u dnt do it thy will go and you have 1 life so live it. After readin this page I am starting to use a few tips such as water i currently do.

Oxytetracylene tablets which have helped my back spots considerably well.

3 face washes morning evening.

And a gel for night.

I am now going to do this as I feel this is the best way.

2 Litres of water.


2 nights a week use a healing gel.

2 nights an attacking gel.

2 nights a different healing gel.

1 night nothing.

3 face washes.

No choclate fizzy drinks or chips.

I now really want to get rid of them but to be honest 1 thing which did help me alot was when I got my hair washed and coloured it really did help them alot also takes less notice of your face. I never got bullied once bout my spots but I could tell when people looked at them and made me feel so bad. Also for some reason I will set off in the morning not too many quite good wash come home and be coverd in a few I cant understand it and its usually white heads could someone help me please thankyou.

And remeber you only live once so live it dont care what people think of you yourself is the most important person in the world always remeber tht. Good Luck evry1.

Hey there i dont really get spots just the odd one but i usually get the red ones that hurt on my nose wich really p*ss*s me off!! do NOT use toothpaste yes it will get rid of the spot but it will cause scaring!if you have a soar red spot and there is no white head DO NOT attempt to pop it this will only make it worse and it will go redder! simple wash your face with something different e.g. if you use soap use a skin care product or vice versa then i find that AFTERSHAVE works a treat and it gets rid of the redness really quick and you can put it on the spot during the day and at night because its invisible and will make you smell nice :) oh and chocolate causes me to get the big red spots that hurt so dont eat chocolate to excess!!and the drinking alot of water works wonders but it will take around a week before you notice any effects let me know if this helped :)

Hey! guys im 14 and im skinny and i eat pretty much what i like
fried stuff
and ive noticed that im getting spots and when i do its a big fattie =(
im on a detox thingy so i have to give up all of my fave food =(
but its worth it
fried meat- veggie
loadsa watter
if you dont like water sugary squashes dont help try RED grape juice (powerful with anitoxidants)
sqeeze whitch-hazel oil and rub in with an earbud and leave over night
wash with warm water and apply a mild soap
then rinse with cool water
right after apply a little bit of moisturiser
if you want to use makeup
freeze the spot and apply consealer
hope this helps some of yall
hope you guys get better!

Manuka Honey Works Wonders :)
You Can Order It Online, and The more Active It Is The Better It Works:)

Hiya,im 14 and i keep getting spots i ask my mum 2 get me spot cream or facial wipes but they just dont work .i hate it having skin like this,most of other girls in my year have clear spot free skin,apart from me! plz some1 tell me what 2 try or do ! xx

What I find works REALLY well is first put on a kettle of of water and just before it boils take it off. Fill up your sink with it and add a little cold water if needed. Before you wash your face, apply a little salt to your spot. Leave it on for 30 secs, then rub it of with a clean tissue. Go to the hot water in your sink and wash your face with the hot water. Then wash it some some (I find dove creme wash the best) Rub till it lathers up on your face. Then rub it in and wash it off with your hot water. Then get rid off that and finish off with really cold water. Then if you have some bumps on your forehead like i do, I use a little e45 moisturiser on it. If you have dry skin, dilute the e45 moisturiser with water and rub over your face. Then drink a glass of water. DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE! It should go away in about half an hour. Hope this helps!

I have a skin head get it done like every 2 weeks and i mean a skin head so if they any one with a skin head out there trust me do no use shamppo as much limit it to 2 times a week cause all the chemicals got to ure skin instaed of your head trust

Heyyah peeps i have soo many spots.. its horrid
(bt thank god im not as bad as ma bezzie m8)
aniway ive trid sudo creme,,tee tree oil,,face masks ect. but non seem 2 work plzz some1 help mehh !!
Thanx xX

Right thats it i av soooo many spots,, ive tried evri thing bt it dunt work. ive read loads abt goin to the doctors n really want to go bt ma mum says theres nuffin wrong with mehh + tht she wont take mehh av told her tht thell get it all the time n no wht to do,, but she just keeps sayin no. plz dose ani1 av any ideas on how 2 convince her,, if so plz share..

Thank you liVvia xXx

Well i have spots too i hate them they gett soo annoyin nd sometyms i dont want to go to skw wi them
and my mum sed that a suana or a face suana would help my skin i havent tried itbut im gonna lol
any oher ideas ppl??

Water, get one of the Buxton bottles of water, take around with you all day and keep sipping.

NO makeup. Not kidding, I am SO self conscious but to be honest I'd rather look pale and spotty for a week while my skin clears then spotty with makeup on forever.....

Not sure about chocolate and sweets. I think it's awful for my skin but that might just be me. Be healthy. . . .

Plenty of excersise! Get fresh air on your skin.

Put your face into steaming water, exfoliate (getting rid of the dirt) and then put it in freezing water! (Closes the pores)

Hope it helps. . . . .

I've tried everything and nothing helps they always come running back but they're getting better now I've started being healthier I'm off chips, crisps, chocolate and sweets which is a shame because it's nearly Christmas I've started to drink lots of water and have homemade fruit smooties everyday and it's really helping! =]

Next week is christmas, and my face is covered with spots :( im 14,i have had spots since year 6. I've tried everything like oxy,clean and clear,t-zone,freederm gel, ect. anyway i need a fast way to get rid of them, im fed up of all pictures of me having spots

By the way ive tried tht hot water cold water thing n it didnt work as good as i thought it would,, nuffin has properly worked on me... so if anyone has any new stuff then pwees share! :p

Hello x
well my names melissa, i get quite a lot of spots on my face, i think i also have a few scars, it really gets me down, i hate it because my friends all have clear skin so i feel really horrible about myself.
ive tried loadsss of different spot creams & stuf, ive tried..
md formulas
tea tree oil
visibly clear nutrogena
wich hazel
duel gel
& loads more from the doctor.
none of them have got my skin clear, im using quinoderm at the moment and it seems to be doing quite good so im really pleased but ive got a red spot thats just coming up on my cheek so im really gutted, nd i can sort of feel that im getting one on my chin so im getting myself down about that :(
also quinoderm drys my skin up so my skin is really really dry so ive been plasterin it with moistriser but on one cheek it still feels quite dry !
the only thing i can suggest if you really cant get rid of your spots & your at a certain age nd your spots just wont go, is to get some good make-up because it wil boost ur confidence if you feel like you look a bit better, i have a green concealer stick its by natural collection and it makes redness go down a bit and i also have concealer sticks & foundation, ive heard that if you apply a powder after youve put your foundation on it helps to keep your make up on.
i had this beuty book and it said if you wear make-up it wont make your skin any worse as long as you wash it off properly, im not sure wether its true but you can try it.
you can also get make-up that helps your skin aswel as covers up spots, so go to boots or superdrug or any other beuty shop like that and have a look.
hope this has helped, good luck.
if anyone knows any good spot treatments that i havent used please write back.
and has anyone been put on a tablet that helps skin and has got there skin clear?
because im thinking of asking my doctor to put me on a pill to help my skin.
good luck everyone.

3.VITIMIN E NIGHT CREAM EVERY NIGHT(soothing and healing) AND ONCE A MONTH VITIMIN C NIGHT CREAM.(exfoliates and tones)
4.HEALTHY DIET INCLUDING LOTS OF NATURAL YOGURT(aids digestion) AND EXCERCISE.(for a rosy and glowing complexion)
5.A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP(your skins best friend!)

Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid (2%) (Acne Treatment)

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Alcohol Denat. (38%), Witch Hazel Extract (Hamamelis Virginiana), Polyacrylamide, Glycerin, C13-14 Isoparaffin, CyclopentaSiloxane, C12-15 Alkyl Lactate, Benzalkonium Chloride, Capryloyl Glycine, Sarcosine, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Butylene Glycol, Cedrus Atlantica Bark Extract, PPG 2 Isoceteth 20 Acetate, Phenethyl Dimethicone, Cetyl Lactate, Cocamidopropyl PG Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Laureth 7, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Ammonium Hydroxide, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Tetrasodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance


Hi Im Crystal As U Have Probaly Guessed But U Should No That Acne For Teens Is a Big Bit Of Puberty So Dont Worry If You Have It But im a Teen And The I Get Red Spots Or White Heads And For 1 Week Now i Have Acctually Been Drinkin Water 1-2 Litres And My Spots Are Clearing Up It Is a Natural Thing to have spots so if anyone calls u names they will get spots so just ignore them!

Heya im only 13 and i have a big spot problem mainly on my back!! i find tht if you put detol in warm water and rub all over the spotty area then it helps and it will sting a little bit

i put it on of a night and wash my back of a morning

hope it works xx

Hi im 15 and obviously going through puberty, ive got loads of spots.

my top 3 tips to get rid of spots are:

1. drink 2 litres of water every day
2. wash your face in hot water then in cold water
3. every night before you go to bed rub toothpaste into your spots.

after a week all your spots will start healing and by a fortnight they will all go, also please note DO NOT TOUCH/RUB/PICK YOUR SPOTS - they only spread and look worse.

Hii,,iiF Youur Sat Ere Worried Cos Youu Havee a Big Red Spot Then Dont Worry i Have a Cure to Treat it in 1 Hour.

Calamile Lotion = Basicly iit Drys Your Spot uP in Like 30 Minits if You Constantly Use it .

Toothpaste= ii Recomend This Alot Because its Great ut Soothes Your Skin && The Spot Wil Be White and unnoicible Wen you Cover With Foundation.

Honesy && Bonjela = These are Great Things To use They Redusce The Size in Less Than an Hourr!!!

Now if uve tried all these put a cup ov water in the freezer until freeezin and dab onto your face then after all this they defo shud be gone!!!!
Thankyou && Hope these work

OMG! i've done all dis n nuffin works !!!!
all i can say is happy picking u no u want 2 !

I had trouble with spots and tried everything on this list.
I visited the doctor, they gave me somthing that worked but not completely.
Then I looked into alternative therapies and came across homeopathy.
I visited a homeopath, and although it was expensive, they diagnosed a hormone inbalance and gave me something which helped me to get rid of my spots altogether, it was amazing although it took a while to work.
So i reccomend that after trying everything here, and drinking water and not picking, visit a homeopath.
It really works.
Good Luck :) x

Hey im a gorgeus italian male and i want to know how to get rid ov spots ive tried all da medicine in da werld but nuffin werks so please help me atm im using nuffin but im drinking hot lemon and hunny alls u do is boil da kettle use as much lemon as u wud in squash and add hunny and ur away if any ov u luvly ladies gt msn id be glad to speek to u
benito narcisi age 13 thank u ciao xxxxx

Hallooo =D
i am 15 years old, and have had a problem with spots recently, they make me really depressed and i find it hard to look in the mirror without any make up on which i sure alot of teenagers find difficult to do. I read through the comments and thought i would try some of the tips so i did and yes some of them did work.
1. Drink LOTS of water - it helps SOOO muchh!!
2. Try and wear as little make up, i know its hard bcecause i love wearin make up but if you would rather have clearer skin lay off the make up and just wear it when you go out instead of wearin it around the house or at school as foundation clogs up the skin which will cause more spots.
3. Don't touch the spots, they will spread, trust me...been there done thatt!!
4. Cleanse, Tone and Mosterise your skin twice a day, it leaves it feeling fresh and clear, its a great feeling.
5. Once a week RELAX, do this by running yourself a hot bubbly bath and have a face mask and just release your stress out it makes you feel so relieved, its great, lovee itt!
6. Finally go and see you doctor!! Why go buy all the spot products when you can go to a doctor and get something that wil work and its free, well for children. I went to the doctors today and i have got some cream, it may be a slow process but atleast its going to work..hopefully. I also have an appointment at the hospital in about a month and they will probably give me a stronger cream, even though im not that spotty, its going to spot me from geting them in the future.
Sorry if im rabbiting on, but i hope i helped some of you, and its okai to have spots, its normal everyone has them once in there lifes, you hve just gotta lead a healthy lifestyle and have a happy life =]

Hi im 15 and since i have split up with my ex i havnt felt confident with goin out wid sum1 else... i used avon stuff which has made them alot worse... oxy is also a bad 1 for me and i know it is for a m8 of mine. clearasil seems to be helpin and tea tree is amazin for dryin them out... hope this helps

I also used to have real difficulty with my skin for nearly 5 years since i was 11 i tried everything! But eventually I went to my doctors and he suggested oxytetracyclin and it worked wonders! I also know that it is that working because if I stop taking it for over a week I get break outs. I also scarred because I was so young I was never patient with my spots to go so I picked them. I you have scarred then get bio-oil and just be patient! Each of the things take a while to work (around 3 months) but the effects are well worth it. I feel much better about myself and the spots never show up in pictures like they used to. I also don't have to wear much make-up anymore, and have bought minerals powder to use instead of oily foundation.
So in summary my advice is:
-Oxytetracyclin tablets
-Buy make-up such a L'oreal bare minerals powder, it is pure crushed minerals no chemicals so it lets your skin breathe! And buy a liquid pen concealer such as YSL Touche eclat to use on your spots because they cover much better than thicker products

Good luck!

Hi everone...i am 12 nad the only one in my form wit spots!! I did lent before easter and gave up chocy!! I drank loads of water and didn't eat much 'unhealthy' food (crisps,pop etc) and my skin is wonderful!! just stay 1off the chocy and replace it with a carrot!!!lol !! and it's done wonders for my figure!! hope it helps!!! luv u all xxx

yeh Its nothing that big but I do have applied to do modelling because I usualy have clear skin and Suddnely i have had about 6 spots chin and cheeks and forehead
and I about to have a port-folio one in 2 days!!!
I have just this second tried to do the hot and cold water thing but its very brief.
How llong do i keep my head in the water ??
Du i dry it when i have finished?
How many times do i do it ?
You said that it will go within the hour ...is that because you did it for a hour or was it a hour afterwards???

I had loads of spots on my back, the best way to get rid of them is to cut your haid so it doesnt reach your back. I cut my hair recently and ive had no new spots on my back since! hope it helps.

For me, the odd things works like TCP, tea tree oil, or savlon.
But natural things are definately the best:
- Lots of Sun
- Lots of water
- Lots of fruit (especially fruits with vitamic C)

I feel really ugly,when i go to school and out of school when i go out. because people just stare and i get really upset because of the way i look ! i dont really talk about it but as im on the site i thought id just let it all out as im not the only one in this position,i get spots around my cheeks,forehead,nose,lips and chin ! i suppose you can just say im really spotty i HATE it !! :( i dont know what to do about it !, ive tryed everything i could possibly think of but nothing seems to work and its really depressin :(, ive got quite greasy skin aswell. ive gotta wear foundation otherwise ! ill look more of freak then i already look .. if anyone has got any advice they could give me please could you reply on here .

(oohh most of the advice thats left on here, it really helpful)



Well i have quite spotty skin and i hate it soo much,because i feel different to everyone else because they have clear skin and theres only about 3 people that have spots in my classes and thats including me :( and it really makes me feel ugly. nothing seems to be working,i have used facewipes,sudocreme and some other things, but have got no where.i use foundation but i dont want to stop using it because i dont want people to see what i look like without foundation just incase what they say !

I am 13 and i suffer badly from spots, i havnt got cream or anything, i use clean & clear.... but.. it dont work! i have heard all of this stuff like... sudocream.. my mum and dad said dont use anything like this, or salt or anything, have a wash everyday and they'll be gone! but its not true! nothing works! i have a wash everyday and everynight and the clean&clear makes more spots come... there horrible, and i have to wear makeup.. its like im addicted to it and im not going in school with big spots all over my face, i have got blackheads too! around my nose, on my forehead, on my chin.. everywhere! i just cant get id of them! HELP ME!

I'm in my early teens and have only really started to get spots in the last few months. Most of my skin is clear but I have a few spots around my mouth which I think may be caused because of an allergic reaction to a lip gloss and I get spots on my forehead often. The problem is they are bright red and slightly raised so they are really obvious. I hate wearing loads of make up to cover them but I feel really self conscious (sp?) I walk around with my hand at my mouth to cover the spots but my friend told me to stop because it wasn't that bad. Anyway, I read this last night and decided to try SudoCreme on my forehead and when searching through the medical cabinet I came across something called Tiger Balm - white colour so I applied this to the spots on my mouth to see which worked best. The next morning I noticed the SudoCreme helped my fore head quite a lot and that the Tiger Balm took down the redness from the spots around my mouth. I recommend SudoCreme but if you want to try Tiger Balm you can probably get it from a Chinese herbal medicine shop... I have also started to drink lots of water but since I only started today I haven't seen any resuls yet... I'm busting to pee right now so I will finish of quick... I will stick to a routine and post the results back once my spots have started to clear... i am off to the toilet now lol xx

Hey, i think sudocream works well :)
as does germalene but not, as, well.
sudocream, put to on wif a cotton bud, and leave it all night, or during the day.
it doesnt get rid of spots but it makes them less noticable.
but what works for me is..
have a small glass bown wif boiling hot water.
grate a small amount of lavender soap in the bottom & add a drop of olive oil :) put your head over the bowl wif a towel over your head
works wonders.
xx but if anyone knows a spot treatment that works instantly, LET ME KNOW :)
kate,13,model :] x


nothing is guaranted to work when it comes to spots, and theres no guarante that you will ever grow out of them!!!

however, after suffering from spots for years, and still suffering, there are a few treatments i would adivse:
1. SLEEP - cannot stress that enough
2. drinking water - although ive never really drank enough
3. people are saying savalon etc...well i agree those anti-septic creams do take the redness away, which is greatly appreciated.

-4- PANTOTHENIC ACID! - its basically vitamin B5 but it specifically targets the glands that produce the dreaded sebum etc.

(strangely, doctors never perscribed this when i talked to them??? - regardless of the clueless doctors i would advise you all get pantothenic pills...can get them from any pharmasist or nutritin shop i suppose)

tcp - if you can handle the initial buring, or just get use to it, tcp is good steralysing the spot, but in my experience des not do much!

doctors perscription....where to start..

firstly in my experience nothing doctors give are that effective...or rather im just not going to wait 6 months for a tablet to kick it!

however...panioxal* (however its spelt) has always proven effective, dos not make the spot any easier to deal with when the skin around it gets the cream on it but other then that its worth having around bathroom just in case.

exercise is preity important...but like my ever so compitent doctor would tell me theres not much of a link between spots and sunlight...although sunlihgt is always a refreshing thing.

could write on and on but to be honest every ones skin is different thats one of the reasons why acne is such a b**** to cure!

you have to see what works for you, but im sure my way will help...over the counter and doctors perscribed medicens take a very long time..did not work on me and usually bring more spots and pain before getting rid of spots.
So boost your diet with b5 by getting pantothenic acid, get good sleep as sleep refreshes the skin bringing redness down and other then that, sorry acne is just a nightmare!

Well the way i did it was,washed my face with clerasail skin perfecting wash sensitive dont use any hot water just all cold and after that use e45 cream and that does the job!

Putt a flannel under hott water then rest it on ur face andd down down on where ur spots aree
then put no soap or a mild soap on ur face then riinse off with cold water

Heyy im bex and yeh..i have spots..

im 14 and had em since..well sometime in yr8. they got worse in yr 9 which is now.

however, there is a solution.

FREEDERM. get the face wash, and the lotion. yu can get it from boots [the lotion in a small tube] and facewash from superdrug.

it really works. at the mo, my spots arent great, but thats my fault cos i squeeze nd touch em :( silly me
but seriously; try FREEDERM. ok its kinda expensive, like £8, but amazing.

also, get good makeup. key to good skin. i used to use all popular stuff like miss sporty. no no its no good. i have new stuff, and amazin foundation which is great for not blocking pores. its called No.7 intelligent colour foundation. it goes to the colour of yur skin.


well there you go i hope this helps a lil at least,

bex xx


geez if u might of noticed i suffer from spots.
ive tried stuff like clearisil facewash and clearsil spot control but i dosent work. i really get embarresed by my spots and essicially at school. can any1 give me some sort of method or product that really works??


Twice a week i use sudocrem on the whole ofmy face like a face mask. just leave it on until your face absorbs all the creamit may need a bit of rubbing in after 5 mins keep this on for 10 mins and pat off with a towel then splash water on your face also before you go to sleep after doing this procedure moisturise this has worked great for me i have no spots at the moment =] hope this works for you aswell =]

I tried drinking 2 litres of water but it was really hard to keep up. So then I tried Hot water on a flannel then Cold water, but this didn't really work and I have had 1 spot on my chin for most of 2008 I tried nail Polish remover and it kind of worked!!

Yo :]
I often get really bad spots.
I've tried the face washes like 'Clean and Clear' and 'Clearsil' but they didn't work for me.
Nor did toothpaste.
But what I have started to do is abou two minutes before big brother comes on, I'll go downstairs, slice off a small piece of raw potato and secure it to my worse spot with a plaster. Then when Big Brother's finished I'll take it off. The spot is usually reduced. If you do this daily it actually works. Well, for me it does.
Also, before you go to bed, dab a small amount of honey on your spot and cover with a plaster [To stop getting any honey on your pillow].
Try eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Also, drinking around 2 litres of water a day does wonders for your skin, but don't drink excessive amounts because it can result in damaging your health severely. On the news a few weeks ago, this man was saying how his life has been ruined after his wife drunk huge amounts of water everyday. She ended up with brain damage and had to learn how to walk, talk and eat all over again.
Plus, if you moisturize your face twice a day with a light facial moisturiser it also helps.
If you're worried that your foundation may be causing spots then check the label. If it says 'Non-comedogenic' it means it won't block your pores.
Also, an Icecube on the skin reduces the colour and swelling making it easier to conceal.
Make sure you change your pillow case at least once a week too.
Smoking is not only bad your health but it's also awful for your skin!
Get plenty of sleep too and don't fry your face in the sun!
Try and eat at least an egg-cup full of non-salted nuts a day, your skin LOVES nuts :]


My brother sufferes from minor acne. and after alot of teasing at school, he had tried everything. My mum took him to the doctor, and the doctor prescribed, "Stiemycin Acne Soloution."
It seems to have worked reasonably well.
So perhaps go see your doctor, and ask for that.?

Im 13 and i get red little spots on my cheeks and just in between my eye brows! Most of the time it gets me down, but then i learnt that if you do a face mask once a week, it opens your pores and removes all the dirt also takes the redness down. Then i found two products that really help me which i do on a night which is Clearasil spot control, deep cleansing 3 in 1 wash for sensitive skin. Its not oily and makes your skin feel fresh! Then theres Clarity skin rescue which can be used as a mask or wash and you can get this from superdrug. Also these products can make your skin quite dry so i use Garnier fresh moisturiser thats for young skin, which isnt oily and just has the right amount of moisture so your skin isnt left feeling greasy. Its in a little green tub and you can get it from anywhere like Superdrug, boots, wilkinsons. Hope this helps because i have break outs of spots every now and then and it gets me down, but these seem to keep the spots settled and i rarely have breakouts any more. I have tried loads of products and these seem to be the best for me. If anybody starts using these please tell me if they start to work on your skin. Because my skin type is very sensitive so i have to be careful with what i use. Beth xxx

I live in the U.K and i have quite bad spots and i used dasaline which was prescribed from my doctor its amazing its nt good for getting rid of spots quickly but in the long run its great! it basically stops you from getting more spots than u already have got and when the spots you already have clear up then ur skin will be clear im nt sure if u can get it in the U.S tho.

Ive tried a new product recently, which was recommended by a friend. its tea tree and peppermint blackhead cleanser, which is 79p from wilkinsons. i used to suffer from really bad spots, but since using that,ive only had one or two spots. it gives you a few white spots to start with, but after leaves you with completely clear skin!

I am 17 and for about 4 years a day hasn't gone by were I havn't had a spot on my face. I have tried many creams and gels prescribed by my doctor and none of them have worked. I have tried eating healthy and drinking lots of water but that doesnt seem to work either. The only time when my skin has looked just about clear is after a holiday in a hot place, the sun just about does the trick for me but can't be in the sun too much cos it can be dangerous.

I'm 14, and going into year 10.
ive had spots since year 7 when i was 11.
its really put my down through the years and have lost complete confidence.
Ive tried all the CLEARASAL stuff and NONE of it has worked. My mum tells me its hormones, and i understand,
but hardly anyone in my year has spots like me.
i use moisturister(sp?), ive tried toothpaste,tiger balm,ive tryed the potatoe, i use facial wipes and that hasnt made a difference. i hardly wear any make up either.
and my mum wont take me too the doctor.
i have spots on my forehead all over, and a few on my cheeks. i really cant stand them, and i hate going out in public.
But thennnnnnnnn
I heard about tea tree oil. Now alot of people say this works? Its like £2.something in boots, and i was wondering if this really works?
please help me, im begging for everything.

Well as im on here..I guess youve realised I suffer from the dreaded SPOTS!! =[
Iv actually already left a comment on here..but hey heres another.
FREEDERM. Altho atm it hasnt entirely cleared up my spots, it has done amazingly in the past and i advise you to try it.
Also..DO NOT TOUCH THEM I REPEAT. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. it makes them so much worse and then they return with scars.
Guys check out Freederm. Loveyou and GOOD LUCK. x


I don't always have spots, but when i get them, they are realy bad. i also get bad blackheads, but i found that Clearasil Blackhead controll works, because it has salt in it. But for my spots nothing seems to work, i just wash my face then use the hot and cold water method. it works most of the time. :) x

I read in a magazine that if you get potatoes slice them up thin and stic it on the spot stick a plaster or somat on it and leave it over night it reduces the spot

also dont squeeze spots or if you do dont touch anywere eles on your face over wise they will spread

Hey i bought that tee tree oil stuff but i dont know how to use it. Do you just put it on the spot?

anyway i use sudocrem saw great results first time i used it now its just stopped working any other ideas?

Im 14 and always used to get bad spots until recently! I know everyone is saying drink 2 litres of water eat healthily etc...but ive found that for me to cleanse,tone and moisturise with nutrogena products work wonders for me. Also,every night i take off my make up with Johnsons 3-in-1 wipes. All the stuff i use is cheap compared to others. And every week i use the neutrogena mask. Try this and see if it works,it has for me :) I've seen a big BIG difference in my skin the past few weeks,only a few small spots that are barley visable to get rid of now!!

I applied nail varnish remover to a piece of tissue, and held it at my chin for 10 minutes, whilst getting on with other house-hold tasks (Watching Telly!). I then dipped my head into hot water, then immideately into cold. I then applied spot/acne cream to it (Nothing imperticular, just what you have to help! I then put a clump of toothpaste on top, and went to bed watching dvd's.

I woke up, with a slight red mark, MUCH better than what it was. the mark, (After 2 fays) has completely faded.

Try it. :)

Hi i seen on some health programme that alot of milk is not the best for skin.. and that two tables of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR either dabbed on ur face or two big spoons a day is supposed to be good. you can drink it straight or mix with a glass of warm water..

Well Im Gonna Wash My Face In Hot Salt Water While Gently Scrubbing With This Face Wash And Sugar, Then Close My Pores With Cold Water. Before I Go To Bed I'll Put Sudocreme On My Spots And A Plaster Over Them. Also, I'm Going To Aim For The 6-10 Glasses Of Water A Day Thing. I Think It'll Work. LOL!!!!

My Idea Above, Yeah, Don't Scrub Too Hard. I Made This Mistake. It Only Made My Face Turn Bright Red And Blotchy. However, It Has Calmed Down Now With The Sudocreme. And In The Last Half Term I Had About 8 Glasses Of Water A Day And I Had Like One Spot Left. I Need To Get Back Into That Badly...

Hey everyone im ampreet and im 14. i have had teenage spots since i was 11 !!! i know how you all feel because its so awful lukin at your reflection and seein a spoty face stare back at you. well there was no cure to my spots .. water, sudocream ,toothpaste hot and cold water olive oil tee tree ii tried everythin but no luck. then my auntie told me about this cream called 'Monaliza' it is amazing magic i swear down. there are two creams one for when you wake up and one when you are about to sleep. my spots that had not left ma skin since 3 years vanished in 3 dayz !! since im an asian i really wanted fair skin and now that my spots have cleared up i can see my skin is naturally faiir !!! =) .. monaliza has no side effects since it is made from natural ingredients. the only problem i have is spot marks .. some spot marks wont go. this isnt a major problem since they do not show much unless your really near me. im sorry but unfortuantly i dont know where you could get this cream from since my auntie has got it from me.. u could try searching on the interent.
good luck everyone i hope you skin clears up just like mine !!! x x x

i am 14 neally fourteen and i have never been entirlyspot free , there allways been one ( usally in my t-zone) and my face reacts really badly to tea tree 9 blemishes , blouchy skin and so on) anyway i have this party coming up soon ( 2 days) and i have a big spot on my chin wich i acidently piked at , and its all scabby and red what can i do !?....
please send me e-mail or reply on here ! need help fast !

Hiya Guys!
Ive Had Spots For A Few Years, But These Past Months They Have Never Looked So Bad.
I Have Them Mostly On My Forehead And T Zone Area. But Over These Past Few Weeks Ive Started Getting Them On My Cheeks.
Ive Always Felt Self Conscious Because Not Many Girls In My Year Have Spots ( Im in year 10 ) 14 years old. Things Id Recommend will be
* Drink Plenty Of Water
* Makeup Doesnt Affect Your Face ( My Doctor Told Me As Long As you wash it off before You sleep its fine)
* Even if your fair is dry dont put moisturizer on because it will get oily and clog the pores.
* buy quinoderm, its excellent (although it drys the skin out a bit dont use ,moisturizer)
* cut down on fatty foods and chocolate
* if its really bad see a doctor they can recommend u and prescribe u tablets or gel.cream.
* try keeping your hair off your face trust me i have a side fringe and because of the amount of spots i have on my forehead for school i cannot put my fringe back, but in this holiday ive kept it off and ive seen an improvement
* keep thinking to yourself they aint bad, because i felt so low i cried because they was so red but having positive thoughts made them better because you are less stressed out
also try a facial sauna they are so good and you will notice the redness has gone down straight after, if you dont have one of them make your own by pouring a sink full of boiling water and dipping your hair just above not touching with a towel over the top the steam will rise in to your pores getting all the dirt and mucky stuff out. and then splash your face after with freezing water and dab with a clean towel.

hope ive helped

love gem x

But Anyway, I Have Had REALLY Bad Spot Trouble For About 3 And A Half .
But I Got This Thing Called Garnier Purifying Peel Kit, And It Works Really Well (:

HI i am 12 years old and i dont get many spotas but i have one now. i don't wear any make up but i do wear it for partys and dance competitions.i have had this spot for about a week now and i don't know how to get rid of it.i hav read a lot of tips of how to get rid of them but i dont wont to try and of them incase they damage my skin.i have very pale skin and it is a bit senseative.
please can someone tell me an easy and safe way to get rid of my spots and not damage my skin!!! thnx =]

Hi I am only 11 and I keep on getting Zits and pimples and loads of other spots. At the moment I have about 10 spots and as soon as they have gone I will get another 10 spots. Here Is some advice Sudo-Crem worked for me and so did germaline. Here Is what did not work T-Zone,Clean and Clear,Clearsil and LOADS more !!! Toothpaste works ok for me but gives me horrible skin. I HATE SPOTS please can any one reply to this cus i need sumin else to get rid of spots

Hi im 13 and have had spots for 5 YEARS!and hate them i have tried apsolutly evry thing(including tablets)and nothing works?im am so imbarresed and always hide my face and never talk to any lads.im at my wits end any bright idias?

Hi (:
Im 13 And Ive Got Really Bad Spots,
Ive Tried Toothpaste But It Doesnt Seem To Work,
Im Done Antisptic Cream And That Worked;
Im Going To Try Tea Tree Oil.
Can You Please Tell Me How To Use It.

I am 15. I get spots, and words can't describe how down I get about them. Even today I am off school because I feel so self contious about them, I have stayed in the comfort of my home. The other day I was supposed to go to my boyfriends house for the day because I havnt seen him for a while now, and I guese I needed to make the effort. But my spots make me so depressed and upset, I cancled seeing him at the very last minuite (lying by saying I felt sick) hes really annoyed with me, and Im getting worried he might be going off me beause of all the canclations I make because of my fear of him seeing my spots. Deep down I know he won't care, but I would feel uncomfortable. When I have conversations with people, Im constantly covering the areas where the spots are at their worst, every single minuite of everyday I spend obsessing over them, I cry over them. I know I may sound like im being over the top. But I used to be so confident and happy with myself when I was younger, but then I got my first spot in year 6 and from there my confidence has plumited :( I look in the mirror and really do not like what I see. I have tried every single spot remedy imaginable. Right now I am sat up in bed with sudicrem on my 5 spots. And It really helps. But it is still not working its magic. I have been prescribed contraceptive pills and they have been working. But still no major change. Although.. WATER WORKS WONDERS. And also before I go to bed I have been munching on grapes and cut up apples. It makes my skin feel much more refreshed.

Spots are awfulll....! why were spots ever invented i dont know why? all i know is drink plenty of water. WATER WATER WATER WATER.. dont drink to much, dont drinkk some. drinkk 2 litrs. eat healthyylier. and all that jazzz :) ive got loads, and im areally confident person, but when ive got spots ,, iwont speak to anyone, il use my hand to hide away my sppots, its awful. USE CLEARISILL THERE SO GOOD.! THERE A LIFESAVER. NO JOKE. :) x x x x x x

Hey, Charliey here.

I have one of the best remedies for spots.

1) Valderma cream - you can pick it up from your local pharmacy. It's just an anti-bacterial cream which, (unfortuanately stinks, so use it at night!) but is really effective. Now, it's similar to an anti-biotic, just not as strong, so do make sure that you keep your course regular otherwise your skin will build an immunity.

2) Frequently wash your face every morning, this will clean your face and pores. Exfoliate at least once a weak! Choose wisely, some can be oily.

3) Even if your skin is oily you must moisturise at least twice a week - especailly after exfoliating.

4)IF YOU HAVE SPOTS THAT ARE SCABS because you have picked them, (try not to do it!), use witch hazel on your face, OR salt water. Both have healing properties which will help the scab to heal quicker.

5) DO NOT PICK IT - you will only make it worse!

6) If you have long hair, sleep with it tied back, and if you have a fringe clip it back. Hair becomes very greasy, and will cause your skin to be oily, especially if you have a fringe. Make sure you clip it back at night, and as often as possible! Even if you know you wash your hair regularly, make sure you do it. It'll work wonders.

Last but not least, since it's almost the most important. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. trust me.
Fresh air too. Try not to wear lots of foundation... but don't worry girls, I wear mine all the time! Just try not to put it on unnecissarily. XD x I always feel bad about my spots when I get them and I hate looking at myself in the mirror, so I always put my make up on anyway, even if i'm not going out. DONT DO IT. XD Tempting, but try to bare with it and avoid mirrors at all costs to stop you from feeling down. :]

I hope that's helped a bit - I know how horrible achne can be. Trust me, salt water works wonders!!

im 13,
Ive Got Really Bad Spots, I Really Wanna Get Somthing From the doctor To Get Rid Of Them But My Mum Not Let Me, And Im Really Upset Cause I Really Like This Boy So i Dont talk to him cause my spots,
Im Getting My Haircut Saturday And Its Going To Be Really Nice, But With My Spots It Will Look Horrible :(
Any Tips For Me To Get Rid Of My Spots Before Saturday?
Please I Really Need Help :(

Hi! i have suffered from spots since i was 12 i am 18 now i dont get them much anymore just the odd few!!! over the years i tried everything savlon,sudocrem,toothpaste,healthy diets and nothing worked! until i discovered something new its called "bye bye blemish" its a pink solution and you apply it with a cotton bud i got it from "boots" and it was 9.99 a bit pricey but well worth it!! you apply it to the spot or acne and it dries on by the morning your spots have either gone or shrunk dramatically!! seriously the best thing i have ever discovered i would recommend it to anyone!!!

Hi ^.^
New to this but oh well.. Okay im 13 and i have the worst spots anyone has ever seen there everywhere!!!!! And i get bullied but i dunno if its the spots with that.... Okay i have tried loads of stuff so heres my advice:

1) Dont use toothpaste(By the sounds of it it dont work) even though you smell minty ^.^

2) Everyones advice = Drink water!!! (Im trying this out)

3)eat healthly =]

4) try sudocream

5) ignor idiots if your bullied or answer smartly back i do and i get laughs out of it so ^.^

Amy, 13, year 8 xxxxxxxxx


Im 14 and i have mega clear skin, however it is very sensitive!!! :(
I then got a spot on my upper lip! These are my steps to rid of a spot:
#leave it to go white
#once white squeeze the puss out and then was your face
#leave for a day for old spot to breath
#at night clean your face, lay a towel on your bed and put a blob of "Sudocrem" on the spot. (do not rub it in)
#in the morning wash your face and you should have a lush face!!
oh and remember to moisturise daily and drink plenty of water

I have ok skin, but have a few small spots on my forehead and my chin breaks out really bad. I have seriously had EVERYTHING! The birth control doesn't work for me at all, but my cousin who has really bad skin, worse than mines - i worked dramatically for! I am sitting typing this with sudocream on my face :D, my friends have told me to try this and every night i would rub it into my face, maybe it did help but i didn't realise. The salt & imperial leather soap - i tried, i think it worked but maybe this was because i wanted it to. Nothing will completely get rid of spots but generally not touching you face and always making sure its clean should work. I wear make-up every single day, without a doubt, i cant help it, im adictied, but as long as you take it off as soon as possible and if it needs re-done then talk it all off and start again, piling make-up on will give you spots and also make you patchy.

I have tried toothpaste does work but try sudocream and lots of fresh air,try going to the seaside nearest to u and go on cliffs


Try using relly cold cucumber & ice/ice packs.
alternate holding them to the spot/blemish every 3 mins for 30 mins.

calms and cools redness and works wonders

for more results, do for 30 mins then leave for 30mins and repeat.


im only 12 and i drink a lot of water, eat fruit and veg a lot and i dont wear much make-up.

my friends are really lucky, they hardly get spots and im jealous of them

I'm 14 and recently im on a voyage of discovery to find out who i am new styles new personality etc but ive had spots since i was 11 "/ my brother and my sister and many mebers of my family where all treated for acne when they where my age but i was told i didnt need it.My brother had injections but he got the side affects and the whole toothpaste,oils,nail polish remover ideas ive been told work well but i have really senstive skin so i cant try any of these :( Ive been using clearsil 3 days scrub and it works well but i have a busy scedule and forget to do it once in the morning one at night at first it didnt work but then now it has and atm i only have maybe 4 spots and thats really remarkable compared to this time last year with my face but its nearly summer and i have really bad spots on my shoulders i dont know what to do ?? .... I drink alot of water but i also eat chocolate and coke its fine my doctor said my diet didnt affect it so much that she could see as i seem to have very good skin but im really emabressed about the fact of having to say to my friends i dont want to go swimming or sunbath bcos of my sports i know they wouldent care but still its effecting my self confidence an awful lot :(

I am only in my early teens, and i have really bad acne. I have tried clean&clear, but i found it too oily, whick made my spots worse. Then I tried tea tree, but it took ages to go away, then my spots came immune to it. Water clears them, but only for a while.I find face scrubs work well, they get all the dirt out if you rub it in well. tea tree scrubs are good as they make your face tingle which is good as it is a sign the products working. face masks are good for keeping skin in good condition. hope it helps (:

Hey ive suffered from spots since year 6 im now 14 n my face was so greasey i tried everything from the doctors cream n sudo which havent worked ! i went 2 the beauticians n she gave me a cream called dermalogica x n its really worked 4 my face well its stopped it from being greasey n my forehead is clear n its just my cheeks but there not as red as they used 2 be so im going 2 defoo try the whole water thing and steamin my face n seein if that works ! but will wait n see n dont let them get u down xxx

Hey I Havnt Got Manny Spots But My Skin Is Unpredicable SomeDays blemishy Some Days Clear
Id Like to Maintain A Clear Face However i do get red dots which I cant Get rid of any help! ?

Never use tooth paste it ruins your skin

but always drink water and put germolene on the everday.

try to keep your hair out of your face

and wash your face everyday twice

only put tape on your face but it might give you a rash like it gave me one.

but if you have bad spots then go to your chemist or your doctor and ask for advice on what to use

and again keep drikin water thought the day.

Put on
Witch Clear Pore Gel.
Works for me,they go down in about 2-3 days if you put it on every night before going to bed. Just make sure you sleep on the place your gel has been applied, because it will rub off, and you will be back to square one. lol. And i have VERY VERY VERY sensitive skin, so it shouldnt damage other peoples, that dont x. Hope that helps :)x

HELP!!!!!!!! :(

i get spots all the time and no matter what i do they wont go away...i've tried most of the remedies on this page and none of them work...please can anyone find me a quick fix solution that is not too expensive?

i'm even going for dermabrasion to try and get rid of my spots...hope that works!


Tips for getting rid of spots:

!-netrogena wave (or any exfoliating product) gets rid of dry skin which can clog porers and cause spots

!-try a range of skin remedies, creams and washes...find what's best for you

!-TCP is really good...use it neat on actual spots and diluted on the skin around the spots


I used to get MAJOR spots all the time...your problem might not just be oily skin etc...it could be dry skin...a really good product is netrogena wave as it exfoliates and gets rid of dry skin...that means your pores dont getgges up by dry skin... Hope this helps xx

Heeeey, i have bad spots :(
i reealy hate them and people take the mickey. i need a reeealy fast remedy IM GETTING DESPERATE.
Ive tried:
-Creams from the doctor
-Porridge Oats
-bicarbonate of soda
-cleansing and toning

Please someone help me, i want it to stop :( xx

I have spots on my 4head and ive been told not to touch it but people say if it has liquid inside u should squeeze it is that true or a big fat lie ??????????????

Bits of advice i can give:

Don't drink alcohol, drink plenty of water, if your a guy shave every day, wash your face every morning in night and use freederm lotion found that worked pretty well. i have also been on that crazy drug roaccutane but got some serious side effects and just plenty of fresh air and in the sun. trust me with all the things i've tried the simple clean living works the best

I'm a 12 year old 2nd year with spots :@

My skin isnt perfect , and its not soo ugly you couldt bear it but i still havespots :| but i googled how to get rid of spots and i found this webste , and i have read wat yuus have beenn sain , like drink hundreds of water ,wich does work btw , but its easiy ruined :O i cleared my skin up by dooin the 14 day challenge then i used foundation now i have a good few spots :\ but i know how to fix it :D

* drin ATLEAST 2 litres of water a day ( which means yuu will be peeing more ;p )

* eat a much helthier diet ;)

* use sudocream at night before bedd bies ( put a towel over yuur pilow so it doesnt stain )

* use loreal pure zone , which pureifies skin

* and fill the sink up with ht water ( not to hot tho ) then dip yuur face in it , wash it with soap then IMMEDIATLY after rinewith freezing cold water ! ( it wakes yuu up )

well that workes for me :* xx

My friend danielle aka star has absolutly terrible spots she looks like she has dipped her head in corn beef kan anybpdy help her pleeeez its gettin so bad i kan hardly look at her without getting a sick feeling all over my body and am begining to not want to go to town or even to the local shop with her please give her some advise for my benefit if not hers . thanks sabrina

Hey, I'm new to this website but I think I have some new, and prettyu useful advice:
* get some antibacterial gel like hand sanitiser stuff
* use the hand gel with another treatment ( I SWEAR BY FREEDERM)
the sanitiser can be used as a toner or spot treatment!
my beauty routine:
1. wash my face with warm water, use my freederm exfoliator or cream wash thingy, wash it off agsain with warmn water.
2. pat your face dry, use freederm gel (don't use it sparingly tho or it doesn't work as well)
3. wait for the freederm spot treatment to sink in and then use freederm moisturiser (as you can see i love moisturiser)
4. use hand sanitiser throughout the day
5. wash your face between 2-3 times daily
6. drink lots of water
7. toothpaste can work! especially overnight. You can use it as a kind of foamy cleanser, i just use the basic colgate stuff you put it on an old toothbrush, but water on it and massage it in,, it treats and exfoliates at the same time but don't get it too close to ur eyes, it makes them water/sting.don't putr it on any large blackheads or little whitehaeads tho, it makes them bigger sometimes.
8. one of my best freinds swears on savalon!
9. drink aS much water as possible and make sure your use of ANY products is continuos you won't see results if you give up!
10. I find chocolate does give me breakouts but only if i eat about two big bags of it a day.

If You Have Dry - Normal Skin For A Black Person Then I Recommend You Use:
-Jergens All Purpose Face Cream
-Jergens African Shea Butter OR Jergens Ultra Healing
-Neutrogena Visibly Spot Stress Control
-Queen Helene Refreshing OLIVE OIL Intense Moisture Facial For Dry Skin MASQUE
What You Do Is In The Morning You Wash Your Face With Neutrogena Visibly Spot Stress Control Scrub Really Roughly LOL
Then Put On Jergens African Shea Butter OR Jergens Ultra Healing Cream

Then At Night Put On Jergens All Purpose Face Cream But Don’t Put On TOO MUCH But In The Next Morning Your Face Is Going To Feel Soft And Spots Will Have Reduced (:

Also 3 Times A Week Or More Use Queen Helene Refreshing OLIVE OIL Intense Moisture Facial For Dry Skin MASQUE Even Though Its Smoothes, Softens And Refreshes Skin It Helps Your Spots Really.

Because As I Have Dry – Normal Skin And I’ve Been Suffering From Spots
I’ve Been Testing Out All Different Kinds Of Products And Most Of Them Didn’t Work But As I’ve Been Using These Products For More Than 2 Months And Now My Spots Are Reducing Also Have A Clearer Face.

P.S; Don’t Touch Your Spots It Will Make It Worse And Drink LOTS Of Water

Let Me Know If It’s Works Please (:


Hay guys, I made a profile just to tell you some stuff about this, And yes it will work, Top Tips =

1. You can go to your doctor and they will give you something called "Oxytetracycline" and its perfectly fine to use and has no side effects (I saw something about a girl and her mum wouldn't let her go to the doctors... well your mum is wrong, they really help, also you can go on your own...)

2. don't eat crap... eat lots of healthy foods and drink water..

3. wash your face in the morning and at night.

4. Get a face scrub - I find Oxy face scrub good, And NO its no just for male skin -.-

Now, if you do follow this.. you should be fine with your skin, But as we all would like to... its dam hard to eat healthy and drink only water... thats the main trick tho... so if you really wana get rid... Be healthy :D Thanks hope that helped...

I have REALLY bad spots and i'm 13. i have tried loads of treatmeants from boots and nothing works as well as i need it to. I am now trying to drink 2litres of water a day and am using tea tree oil on my spots at night. so far theres not much difference but i've only been trying it for 2 days. also i might try lemon juice. I am starting to ear healthier too because i think it will make some difference.
is there anything else anyone thinks REALLY helps ? 'cause i need help immediately. i don't get bullied but i hate the way i look. i have some of the worst spots in my school and i hate it. a lot of my friends a few but not as bad as mine and they're always complaining but actually they're lucky they don't have spots as bad as mine.
thanks a lot (: xx

HEy People, i know how you all feel, it sucks to have spots, but i had been desperate to sort out my spots, i didnt have a lot, but i noticed them-and hated myself for it.
so i decided to go to the doctors, i have been prescribed many anti-biotics, which i found work for about a week, then the spots became immune.
i have also tried this liquid stuff, that the doctor prescribed to me, which worked for about a month and then failed. so now im getting desperate again, im beginning to drink loads of water *** Before i go to bed: im drinking about 3 pints- which is a crazy amount to be honest.
i've tried just about every repody under-the sun, and many of them work for small periods of time.
i wash my face with "*clean & clear" which helps a little.
*tooth-paste is a risky one, for me it made them worse, my face reacted badly and the spots flared up.
i like the hot water to cold water approach, as you an clearly see your skin tightening up after 5minutes of this method.
Hope everyone has some kind of technique to getting rid. enjoy a spot-free life guys! :) x

Ok i am now 14 and i rarely get spots but if i do they are horrible and red and i have a greasy/oily patch around them so to prevent me from getting spots i use clean and clear daily pore cleanser which is good for just keeping clear skin if i do get a spot i use toothpast for 20 mins/ 30 mins then clean off then keep reapplying a spotstick (superdrug) also the superdrug teatree range works for me and it is reasonable. I also get this really dry patch on my forehead and it goes all flaky so this may happen to some people after all the treatments you try you can either put vaseline on dry patches/all over face for overnight and it does not need washing in morning as it has soaked in or you can use FACE moisturiser two/three times a day but i do need help with reducing shinyness ????

I am 16 now and I have acne. I started getting spots at the end of year 7 and I still have them now I’m in year 11, but they are slowly getting better because of the treatment I am on. I get so depressed over them and when my spots were at their worst, I hardly went out and never used to talk to anyone other than my family and my very close friends. I used to get comments from the people at my school and when one of my best friend’s started not talking to me because I had spots then I knew it was time that I stopped just wishing that I could just get through the years without seeing if there was anything more I could do than just use facial washed and spot creams. If it weren’t for my friends that stuck by me to this day now, I think I would have stopped going to school and going out completely. My self-confidence disappeared completely. After trying ever possible skin product there was in the shelves of Boots, my mum finally took me to my doctor to see if there was anything that he could do to help me. There were so many different ways that I could cure my spots and one-by-one I worked through all the different types of anti-biotics (this took about a year) before my doctor finally referred me to a consultant. I was put on a contraceptive pill which was meant to help to clear my skin, but finally I was put onto roacutten. Although this is meant to cause mood swings and major side effects- I only got a few minor side effects (dry lips and minor back pains) but this cleared my skin up a great deal. I’m only half way through my course of roacutten and already my skin is so much better than what it used to be like. I really would recommend going to the doctors as the medication they put you on is a lot more reliable than the skin care products you get in pharmacies. I also changed my diet, so that I hardly ever ate chocolate and I increased the amount of water I drank so that I was drinking 2 litres a day. I hope this helps.

Hello, I'm 14 in 3 days and I've suffered from spots quite badly since i was 11. I've tried many things such as prescribed medication, sudocrem, toothpaste, clean and clear but none of these seem to work for me. I don't drink too much water, so maybe I ought to. I have spots on my face, neck, chest and back, it really is awful. I have come to a point where I am dumbstruck and feel as though I have run out of options. My spots tend to get worse around time of the month. I'm totally sick of my friends having lovely clear skin when I don't! Please help me :) xxx

I no how to get rid of spots
use a witch stick 5 x a day
or a spot stick
use sainsburys free zone
it targets spots and blackheads
and use
cotten wool put lemonade on then wash ur face 3 mins later hope it helps








Drinking water seriousily does help! I didnt believe it at first but it clears up all your spots in a matter of weeks! Also, i have learnt that not all skin products work. I have bought almost every skin product there is and it barely helps at all. Sometimes, if you just have one spot your better off to leave it or just wash with water. Hope i helped :)

Clinique 3 step programme does work, Its a little pricey but worth it and it is long lasting and the effects dont wear off at all. Dont put toothpaste on your spots or try to squeeze them before they are ready, and contraceptives are well known to make skin conditions worse, especially the depo provera Injection. If you have breakouts on your back, neck and/ or shoulders avoid shampooing your hair in the bath. If your skin is combination/ oily many moisturisers may make breakouts worse, but Cliniques super defence is fantastic for oilier skin. They plug the dramatically different moisturising lotion for my skin type but it made my skin look greasy and made me break out so the superdefence is much better.
So it really is quite simple people.
Cleanse with a mild liquid facial soap,
Use a clarifying lotion, they de grease and gently exfoliate the skin, refreshing it and making it "normal" again.
Moisturise!!! with a decent moisturiser, drugstore ones are rubbish, A specific product made by a specialist brand will literally knock the spots off anything you can get from asda.
I cant sing the praises of Clinique enough. I have used tons of different skin care products and these really work. Just stick at it for a month and I promise that you will see results, No other 3 step programme works as well.

Hiya, I'm Georgia. I'm only 12 but i have been suffering from spots for about 2 years. At the begining, i didn't do much about them but now they are quite bad. I've used toothpaste (believe me it burns) that doesn't work. Then I tried Clearasil and that didn't work. I tried suda-creme and yeah, that does make them a little (tiny) but less red. But not less itch because I don't get spots that are really itchy. My sister thinks it seems to work but I'm not fully convined. :( After, reading al the comments i am considering tea tree oil, but i have really sensative, pale skin. Will it make them worse? Anyway, my mum went to a dermatolagist for lazer and she said for my skin i need to use 'simple' (the range) products. I have for about two months but they dont really do much. Yesterday though, my mum bought me some 'Clearasil ultra deep pore treatment wash' and I've only used it twice and my spots arent as angry. (Even though I said Clearasil doesn't work, this one is new out and I'm just hoping and praying it works) Also, drink loads of water x
Hope that helped x

I have perfect skin i never ever get spots or blemishes (luckily) i normally get about 2 spots a year and they are usual really big but i manage to get rid of them within 2 or less days. I have just broken out with this spot and although it isnt big its extremely red and stands out like a sore thumb. Ive tried all sorts and it just wont budge! Im at home and its far to late to go out and buy anything that has been recomended, i have noticed a few people have said that toothpaste works? I thought i would give it a go... whats the harm but do i rub it in like anyother cream do i let it seep in and do i clean my face afterwards or just leave it and if so how long do i leave it on for? Thanks xx

Hi there ,
WOW a lot of people have written the exact same thing
Personally i think this works
Dont touch it
Use a mild cleanser like clearasil skin clearing wash
Moisturise regularly
Ignore people if they bully you , they're insecure
Drink water
Eat as much chocolate as you want its scientifically proved there's no relation
Thats it thanks for reading
Also I've had spots for a year now and its mostly because of the dirt on your keyboard wash your hands after using it
Happy spot zapping !

I think that all peoples skin types are very different, i havea natural tanned skin as i am part italian and im not sure what to use, can anyone help me please x

Heya, Im 14 blah blah blah truth be told ive been sata down for like an hour with patatoe stuck to my face and i put nail polish remover on my spot, im one of those people who get the occasionaly big huge annoying spot that goes scabby. best thing to do i would know from expeiriance before today is. (this is if your skin is simular to mine.
(1) If you wear makeup take it off as soon as you get home from school or when you go out and your confortable to take it off.
(2)mostiourise bet thing ever every night and mornig dab mosturiser on i use on from No7 works like a dream.
(2)WATER i'm not the first to say but it works i hate water soo much it's boring and makes me need to pee so much i have 4 and a bit pint glasses a day all good have one before school when you get back then again about 6:00 and one abuout an hour before you go bed.
(3)Do not cover it up with loads and loads of spot removers if your going to use it use 1 not 3 different types it just makes your skin angry :(
(4)as said by someone else cli fringes back wooo it works
(5)Patatoe mirical stick it to your noes for like 2 hours and ta da your spot is no longer red.
(6)Nail polish remover , It doesn't even sting!!
(7)Relax don't touch it i know its like virtually imposable like oh i'm ready for school ten minutes early lets look at that spot well don't its a bad idea and often you look up close and your like yeah thats done it and then you sit back and your like WHOA thats 10 times worse.
(8)wash your face every night and morning its magic ....
(9) This might sound utterly stupid but your phone gets greasy too so if you get spots on your cheeks just make sure you wipe your phone with a baby wip like once every 3 days just to clean it a bit.
and finaly(10) I flippin know how tempting it is but do not squeese it use like a spot wipe i use clearasil ultra deep pore treatment pads it makes them go white and look stupid but if you do it before you go too bed it works wonders
I hope i have helped :)
oh and finally i only got the spot i mentioned earlier because i slept round a mates for 3 nights running and she had none of the products i would usually use so good luck.

Heyyaa, Ive had spots since i was about 8 wich im 10 naw and i have this HUGE RED VOLCANO OF A SPOT right on my chin and next to ir a small wite head , ive tried every thing nail polish remover just really stand and toothpaste well my hole face came out red , now i dont no wot to to

ANSWER......if you have spots your skin is fragile.....DONT SQUEEZE...this allows infection to reoccur!!.......over washing skin is tempting but it makes your skin reproduce more oil in your glands...this = more spots.....jasmine tea and peppermint tea stop excess oil production and reduce the amount of spots dramaticly!......benzyl peroxide cream provides pores with oxygen and spots cannot form in oxygen....it WORKS!.....dont use harsh chemicals.....dont use oil based products....drink loads of water.........dont touch your face...REALLY REALLY HELPS!!!

My names sophie and i have a few spots on my forhead. i seem to find they are worse sometimes than other times. though ive tried alot, not everything but alot. ive tried most clearesil products, toothpaste drinking water, diets. and i try them for a number of days. after that i get inpacient and give up untill i look in the mirror and realise how ugly i am because of these damn spots. none of my friends seem to say much about my spots, weather they feel tight on me so its because they're not too bad but i think they're horrid. Im going to try the hot & cold water thing. then put some ice on them. at the moment i have toothpaste on my face, i have tried toothpaste once before, and yes they did go down a little but after a few days they began to flair up again.

Its sophie again, the best thing to do is to go to the doctors, they will give you a cream to wear over night, and you have to wear it everynight for about 5-6 weeks, if that doesnt clear them up then you need to visit the doctors again and they will give you a tablet. i have the cream at the moment, im going to the doctors tomorrow. this is for achne by the way.

Guys, i know how you all feel about spots. It's horrible going to school the next day with them. The very best ways are free: Drink about 5 water bottles a day and do NOT touch, just think, every time you touch a spot it will be there for another 2 days. Just follow those two steps, you'll feel great.


i know right? spots are soo annoying. i've got one now, and it's so annoying.

anyway, just eat healthily, drink lots of water, and wash your face everyday in the morning and at night, use spot stuff like clearsil and i also use moisturiser stuff it rly helps! because this is my first spot in months! i learned about how teenagers get loads of spots in science the other day so, yeah we're gonna get loads! ):

Well i used to get loads of spots and i would cover it up with superdrugs teatree concealer.Over a few days the teatree would heal the spot. I also wash my face at night and in the morning i use a makeup wipe to start then rinse my face wit hreally cold water to close the pores. If you use mousturiser like me some can be really greasy for your skin type, I use Nuetraginas clear skin moistureiser and it really works. If you do use moistureiser try to avoid your "T ZONE" as this is where your face tends to get most greasy. If like me you have a side fringe at night pin it back so the grease from your hair doesnt rub off onto your skin or vise versa dirty face dirty hair. My friend uses sudacreme and i think it works for her but another friend of mine squeezes her spots and then quickly dabs aftershave on it OUCH i know but she says it REALLY works but painfull so if you hate pain not the thing for you. Toothpaste i used it it nips a wee bit sometimes but if it doesnt its not strong enought to work there a little tip. But if you have sensitive skin please do0nt try it my mum tried it and she has major dry skin and mad her whole side of her face come out red rashy and sore. No nice!
Hope i helped :D

The problem with toothpaste is it dries out my skin. I tried it and it did work but the downside was the damage it was causing. I now use something I found called Acne RedAway RightAway and I swear by it. Whenever I have an outbreak I use it and the redness goes straight away followed by the spots clearing up. I'm done with chemicals they were making my face sore. Acne RedAway RightAway is very gentle on my skin.

Try mixing toothpaste germolene and anusol into a paste and put it on the spot(s) this should help reduce the size and don't forget to moisturize after as it could dry the skin hope this help lots of love and luck from Zara x
p.s. Also drink lots of water this helps clean the skin xxx

Use hand sanitiser which has moisturisers for your hands in it because the alcohol in it dries up the spot and kills the bacteria and the moisturisers moisturise the skin around the spot! but you have to keep reapplying it throughout the day!

Well I used to get really bad spots but I found that they go away even if you just keep your skin clean. So I use 'Simple Cleanser' and 'Simple Toner' which gets the dirt of your face, use with face pads or something. Never use make-up wipes because they dry out your skin, not good! Then I exfoliate using 'Simple oil balancing exfoliating wash' which gets all the dry skin off. And finally I use 'Simple hydrating light moisturiser' which helps my skin feel soft and smooth. After that you can apply your make-up but do not cake it on! It only makes it worse! Good luck! :)

Tea tree blemish gel works really well, if your spot is ready then squeeze it and put the gel on, it makes the spot go down quickly, don't squeeze it if its not ready or it will get even bigger.

Another tip, the best way to get rid of spots is to wash the face with a good spot clearing wash, then get some oxy on the spot cream, it is 2.5 benzoyl peroroxide, which helps clear the skin, squeeze enough to cover the half of your first two fingers out and put it on your skin, rub in gently (if you are rough with your skin you will agitate it and cause more spots), wait 15 minutes, then gently apply a good moisturiser, the best one i have found has jobjoba oil in. Make sure you moisturize plenty or your skin will dry out. Do these three steps twice a day for two weeks, then use enough cream to cover the first two fingers. Keep doing this. It really works!

Hey everyone.. i just wanted to say that i have had spots for a long time, i think i get them because i am depressed.. iv tried everything, but nothing works, I really need help, please someone help.. :(

Simply wash your face in the morning and at night. dont go to bed with make up on! Get a normal black birow pen and draw over the spot or spots. in the morning simply wash your face and this will have made the spot go down and will have reduced redness. i do this all the time, and the results are amazing. Good luck :)

Well, i have spots on my face and on my back. I have just been to Florida for 3 weeks and my skin is vertually clear. But, once you have got the sun and your spots have gone away make sure you keep your skin clean and fresh. Most people say dont use exfoliators but i really does work. I use apri it is quite harsh so only use it twice a week tops. I personally have tryed lots of things before everything seems to help my skin a bit then it just stops. I have been to the doctors and got 4 antibiotics to take everyday and this cream its so strong that if you put your face on a coloured pillow it dyes it. The antibiotics dont seem to have done much so far but the cream has helped so much it has stoppped all of the grease and now i only have the big spots left; I had a lot of little ones too from grease but all my friends seem to say that my skin has cleared up i just need something to help with the big sore deep ones. Thank you!!

I am13 years old and I have tonsof scars andspots on my arms from itching mosquito bites too much. I have had scars for so long and I am trying to figure out how to get rid of them for swimsuit season. I have found that spraying bactine on my arms and letting itsit without wiping it off has cleared up fairly new scars instantly with-in the first five minutes! I also apply 100% rubbing alchohol to my arms with acotton ball,it cleans out the bacteria in scars. I too use toothpasteon my scars. I also dabb on lemon juice with cotton balls also because it works too.

Hey i suffer from spots and i know how annoying they are .. they make you feel depressed ... i have tried toothpaste and it make your skin worse so dont do it ... also hot water helps you face but it only open your pores then they get clogged again so it creates more spots .. but lately i have been using a cream/moisturiser called S.O.S (save our skins) it is by elemis, this daily treatment has been formulated to provide the most effective solution for stressed, hormonal or irritated skins and to restore the skins natural balance .. it contains amino acids , lavender absolute, willow, centella asiatica and myrrh, this revolutionary moisturiser provides soothing relief with protetion ....it has made a remarkable difference so im gonna keep using it and hopfully they will dissaperare within a few weeks of using it ... though the price is high but it is well worth it because it really works ... the price can vary it deends where you buy it from

hope my advice helps.. any other problems email me on geenagiacks@msn.com .. my mum is a beauty therapist and own her own salon so i can ask her about any beauty needs and reply to you questions ! talk soon

Hey.. i'm 13 and putting moisturizer on your face before you go to sleep doesn't do any good. When you sleep your face naturally creates oils.. so you don't need extra moisture in your face as this will just make it even worse. I've not really tried any of these suggestions yet, but i'm going to give them a go. Who knows? maybe they will work?


okaii well hii imm zaraa andd somethingg ii findd too workk iss lotss off sleepp!! itss thee timee whenn yourr skinn heelss itselff and alsoo yourr stress levelss decreasee aswell!! alsoo lotss off waterr andd noo sugaryy drinkss orr friedd garbagee ii noo itss hardd nott eatingg somethingg sweett butt itt will soonn payoff and youu will gett clearr skinn eventuallyy
byee byee lovee fromm zaraa xx


Can i just say, i get spots and i don't eat chocolate at all and i drink loads of water so chocolate DOSN'T cause spots and water DOSN'T help get rid of them

Hi,my name is shams (short!) and i really need help, i keep on getting a few spots, somtimes on my cheek and sometimes on my forehead. I tried some spot creams but i have'nt noticed any changes plz plz plz help
iz any 1 sure that sudocreme works i thought it woz 4 babies nappy rash :}

Ok i am covered in spots all ova my face. im not joking, theyre everywhere. I have had spots for3 years now and it is the absolute pits. clearasil, nutrogena, clinique and simple is all a pile of rubbish. So follow my advice and dont waste ur money on it. there is no way u can tell wot is gunna wurk 4 u, out of all the sggestions above. So, try them out. I have tried them all, and none of them wurk. As u can imagine, i am broke.
p.s. i h8 those ads on tv wen the prissy girl is like \'oh no, a spot\' and i start screaming \'what the hell r u on about? u ungrateful cow!\'

Hi i used to have loads of spots the way i got rid of them was by eating to tubs of natural yoghurt a day one in the morning n one two hours before i go to bed now i don't really get them now dis does not mean it will work for sum people but its defo worked on me

I occiasionally get a little breakout of pimples and I find that drinking lots of water and staying away from the greasy foods help.
But if you've already indulged in these naughties, I mix rose water and lemon juice and apply it to my face every morning and every night. It dries up my spots in about a day. (:

I just put boiling water on my face then cold water on. germoline also helps (dont use geromline if u have sensiive skin it hurts!) also drink plenty of water al least 2 litres a day goodbye for now tatata

Hi, im 14 and first got spots when i was about 11 ! they were awful there were so many on my head it was really embarrasing!
i have tried basically everything! like: clearasil, simple, clinique, md formulations(very expensive!!), neutrogena, and loads more.
I have also tried toothpaste and sudo creme and they're awful!! they just dry your face out and make you really itchy.

i went to my doctor and he gave me some Zineryt and it was absouloutley amazing! annd i got it for free because of the NHS i now get the occasional spot but a dab of Zineryt before bed has it cleared up by the next morning.
So DONT waste your money on those expensive brands that claim they work!!!!
hope this helps :D

Ok 14yr old guy - im 15 and suffered from really sever acne. My advice stop with the commercial products. Here are some of th better treatments:
Benzoyl peroxide is a very powerful anti-acne chemical. You can buy it in chemists - but it wont be on display - it will be behind the counter. It all the basic cleansers arnt working id suggest this - as it is one of the few chemicals actually been signifantly proven to help and scientists know its mechanism of action.
Salicylic acid and topical erythromycin (zineryt) are also supposed to be very good...
Alternatively you could try oral antibiotics
- minocycline
- or occasionally they use bactrim

Phototherapy is also very affective at killing the bacteria - you can buy acne lamps for around 60 pounds and these are very good.

Topical retinoids
-differin (GP prescription) - can be very effective
-taxaratene (gp prescription) - again can be very effective
- Retin A and isotrex (Hospital prescription only) - are usually very powerful.
Warning for these creams though - they can be very irritating if overapplyed or if you expose yourself to the sun whilst using them. Retin a specifically can cause really awful erythema (redness)

For girls hormone therapy can be done:
birth control pills and spironlactone are very effective against acne.

Vitamin treatments
-B5 - this is very good at reducing oil of skin and is suposed to be the second best acne treatment availiable. - brand names "vilantae" an you dont need a prescription for it.
Vitamin d and e - can help skin problems
Vitamin A - loses can give some imporvement. But high doses usually result in complete clearing - however the amount you have to take is very toxic!

Accutane/Roaccutane - isotretinoin
The best treatment for acne and it remains the only drug that can cure acne. Is a retinoid - derivative of vitamin a and will clear most peoples acne. I am currently taking this drug and have no acne left. The side affects can be nasty though and it is hospital prescription only - dermatoligists are unwilling to prescribe it.

Presidone - an anti-inflamatory steroid which s a wonder for cystic acne - cannot be used as a long term treatments - ahs a lot of very nasty side affects - including excessive weightgain.

Helloo i'm twelve and used to have extremely bad acn until i went to the chemist and brought some witch hazel however if you have a local superdrug it is much cheaper there at just £1.19!! good luck xx

im 16 and ive never had bad spots, when i was 13 i had a few on my chin, went to docs and they give me a tablets which worked. But since then ive only suffered with odd spot
now my faace has errupted like a volcano, it started on my chin, has moved to my upper lips and cheeks and there is a few on my head.
sudocrem worked for the odd spots on the chin
now i havent got a clue ive tried exfoliating
garnier stick
theyre hurting and i cant open my mouth to eat i need help im going somewhere tomorrow where i cant wear makeup and im so nervous

I went to my doctor and he prescribed DUAC
It's amazing. TRUST ME, this stuff really works.
Ihad extremely bad acne on my back and face and within weeks it had cleared up and my skin has never been so clear.
It helps prevent new spots from forming aswell.
Just ask your Doctor about DUAC. DO IIIT

For me what helps is put on ur foundation or what-ever make-up u use to try cuver it thn in the mornin befor skl put ur face in a sink full on boiling water (not to hot tht u scold ur face) thn put ur face in a sink full of frezing water(the colder the better) and it will dry on ur make up and hopefully stop pussing if it was befor

luv Jessica.P

Hey guys I'm 15 and even though I don't get that much spots I do get the odd ones coming out.
To get rid of spots you have a choice from several ideas all of them work:

Tea tree: Is one of the most used remedy to get rid of spots as it is 100% Natural if you don't have any, lavender does the trick.

Toothpaste: you just place a bit on the spot to dry it out (not your whole face xD!).

Floral Water: which you spray all over your face to cleanse it. (Recommended for acne)

I have many ways to get rid of spots. but a tip in this shop called LUSH you can get some spray bottles to help with acne and skin care the most useful is called 'tea tree water' it smells of calpol and also dumbs down the look of scars. to get rid of spots here are my ways...
1) take a cotton pad and run it under a tap until you can stick it to your skin. put the wet pad on your spot (only 1) wait for a while then take the pad off. dab the spot dry and apply the toothpaste. sleepy time :)
2)rub some ice on it, it should shrivel making it smaller thus dumbing the apperance.
3)do number 1 and then number 2 the next day :)

thats the best i can do, but people who want to get rid of spots iand find my steps in afective go to LUSH and buy the tea tree water extreamly useful

Hi , ive picked one of my spots just between my nose and my mouth and now it has left a big mark from the spot .... does anyone know how to get rid of them ? help :( x


we all know how it feels when your in school and you look in the mirror and your face, is coverd with horribe red lumps. well lisen to me and i'll tell you a way to get perfect clear skin, not just on your face but on your whole body.


1. start drinking water, you'll be healthier active and your skin will start to improve
2. take care in what you eat, we all know what we should and shouldnt be eating so i wont go into it.
3. wash and purify your skin twice a day, if you leave make up on for a whole night you'll age 8 days and that might not seem a lot but when your much much older you'll be wanting to look much much yonger! and remeber not all skin products work for everybody we all have diffrent skin. try Witch, clean and clear, or nitorgina.
4. sudocreme does help. not straight away and remeber its not desighned to get rid of spots but it does help you need yo keep using it and dont just leave it on your face you need to RUB IT IN
5. dont pick the spots, dont squeese the spots as hard as it maybe. if you do this then you'll get bactiria form the spot on your hand and the next time you toutch your face the bactiria will spread and will start to cause a new spot
6. try not to wear make up. it'll clog your pores a good way to still look good in skl without make up is by wearing loads of eye make up and lip make up. then if you wear lots of that people wont notice your spots as much cos they'll be drawn to your eyes and lips :) good way to bag a boyfriend!
7. if you do have sentstive and you break out quite a lot like i used to do then i reccoment using Witch is amazing!
8. the last thing that help improve the rest of my body was cod liver oil tables. they're a saint!!! they help impove skin hair nails and teeth!

When i was younger i got really bad acne, i used this spot cream called 'freedern' my spots went within days and i have never had problems since just make sure you keep your skin mosturised as freedern can dry it out. I also use tea tree products from superdrug they are brillant and i have clear skin, i use the face wash everyday and the scrub every other day, however what i found the best treatment was not changing my face products a lot, i understand you need to find the best one but i often find that cnaging my face products all the time makes my skin worse, hopes this helps xxx

Lemon Juice Pure Lemon Juice (for less hassle don't bother buying lemons just by the pure juice)
1.clean face with warm water before applying the juice
2.Apply the juice with cotton wool
3.wait for 15mins then remove with warm water
the lemon juice might itch or sting a tiny bit but its worth the results! :) x

Hi im 12 and get spots quite badly i just use simply face wipes and clearasil clean and clear. Use them both at the same time and they seem to be working for me another idea it to boil some water pour it into a mixing bowl add loads of salt and put your head into the bowl makin sure u dont touch the water place a towel ova ur head. The steam opens ur poresx xxxx hpe this helps xxx

In ADSA you can get a 'clear skin' spot treatment stick which you rub on your face through the day - works wonders!! using a flannel when you wash your face is also good but if they are getting painful like mine were - go to your doctor!

Try using spot cream called PanOxyl, Acnegel it works a dream!! it has benzoyl poroxide which dries up the spot over night. you can get 2.5% right up to 10% off benzoyl poroxide in each tube which is basicaly a posh name for alcahol. the results are amazing. they sell this product in boots or andy pharmacy just ask !! it is cheep and easy to use but works best of you take foundation off first if you use and use a scrub to open your porse. put it on for over night and in the morning the spot will be noticably smaller. if you suffer from bad achne though it is a goood idea to put the cream all over the effected area for a few nights. GOOD LUCK xx

Im a 14 year old lad.. spots do affect me badly mainly blackheads. I have tryed soo many spot cream and all they do is make it worse + Iv started using tea tree oil and that seems to help abit. my advice would be to drink 2 ltrs of water a day and wash daily + i would also have a try using tea tree oil which seems to work abit + I STILL NEED ADVICE

Okay , so lets say im in my teenage years and i have lots of spots im not saying i have acne i just have quiet alot of spots and i think i have tried every prduct and creams under the sun ie. i have used sudocream , tooth paste , face masks , more sleep , drinking more water but i have to tell you's something i do have excema(think thats what is called or spelt like but you get where im coming from) and i have been to see a doctor and the skin health bit up at the hospital and they have gave me special creams and nothing has worked and okay so the spots dont have a big impact in my life i still get boyfriends and i have friends (not saying that most of you's dont have friends :$ ) so please anything im begging and girls who are saying they have spots and there models have you had spots they wouldnt put you's through ?

thanks x

Heyyy I am 12 years old and i have loads of spots my best friends have amazingly clear skin and then there is me! i need some easy ways to get rid of them my summer hols are coming up and i want to impress this boy and i dont have the confidence when my skin is all spotty please help!! x

Hey, i've had spots for years now and as i have got older they have got worse. I'm 15 at the moment and they're pretty bad. Everyone seems to look at them, and i can't help but hide them by using foundation and covering my face with the end of my sleeve or something. It's horrible :(

I'm 23 and had terrible spots when I was at school/college. I now only get them around my "time of the month." I've always used the same thing to treat spots; METANIUM CREAM. It's a nappy rash cream that you can get from Boots/Superdrug or most chemists etc. It's very cheap and one tube will last you for ages. As it's a nappy rash cream it's great for those with sensitive skin. You only need a tiny amount, as it goes a long way, but it does stain materials so be careful! I put on a small amount in the mornings and rub it in so it isn't visible, then dab a bit on at night. It's a bright yellow cream though, so make sure you wash it off in the morning! But it works wonders, give it a try.

The best way is Sudocrem, not eating sweets, junk food and chocolate, drinking green tea, water and not touching your face.
It works!

Hello, i have got lots of spots on my forehead and i have found washing your face with hot water and rinsing it with cold water every morning and night really helps, it cleans out the pores and stops them from getting dirty! toothpaste does work but doesnt get rid of them, it helps them become less painful. hope this helps :) xx

Hi, i have tryed lots of theese to try and get rid of spots but one that works best is putting my face in a sink of hot water then straight after putting my face into a cold bowl of water because it dries your spots up and works in hours x and before you go to bed and when you wake up i reccomend putting hazel which doctor lotion on a cotton wool ball and wiping it around your face its really cheap and theese both really work!
Good Luck!! :)

I have never had spots in my life and i used to get comments about how clear my skin was. But recently its just gone upside down. Ive seen the doctor and a dermatolagist. i got dermatites/exma on the eyelids. Bloody horriable tbh, but i used epaderm cream and its gone now :) but ive got a spot on my chin and near my left eye :( im starting a new school in like a week so a really want to get rid of them. Its a british forces school im going to and they do not allow makeup at all. i think they would go quicker but when i look at them i always mess and pick them all the time i cant help it :( everymorning i wakeup and there are like two more its dreadful. my skin is okay without makeup but then ive just got these odd spots that will not go and ive lost all confidence. Ive tried 11 hours sleep for the whole of the six week hols that doesnt help. and i dont drink anything anyway, ive tried water i dont think it helps. ive tried teetree and it burnt my skin then made it really dry so when i moistured it to make the dry go away i had more spots. omg once one thing goes another comes. im obsessed with makeup and hate not wearing it so instead ive tried less makeup. i just use a cover up stick under my eyes and abit of foundation on my lips and a little brown mascara. even wearing less makeup doesnt get rid of spots. im becomeing really impatiant now. i look rough with these spots. what shall i do seriously ?

^ have you tried sudocrem? apply it on the spots and leave it overnight. in the morning, they will all dry up and you just sofly wash it off and they disappear a lot quicker! hope it helps :) xx

I've found a good way to get rid of spots is vasaline. i started getting spots when i was about 10 and i've had them ever since.. sometimes they're dreadfull and sometimes their not really bad. my skin goes through fases, and i HATE having spots.
The first cream i used to get rid of spots was E45 but then my boyfriend told me that E45 is actually bad for your skin so i began to use leo cream.. the leo cream you can get from boots, superdrugs (any chemists) wash your face with it in the morning and put it on the blemished parts of your face every night and leave on over night and then in the morning wash with warm water and a flannel. I hope this helps.. trust me i used to have terrible skin. all over my face, my chin, forehead... now every part of my face is a million times better.

I suggest putting toothpaste on them before bed then when you wake up in the morning have a hot shower, as it helps open the pores, and washing your face with something like 'Clean And Clear' or 'Clearasil' (I find the sensitive ones with microbeads works best, then use the face wash before bed the next night and repeat until they have cleared up, I suggest you keep using a similar face wash after they have cleared as they need to be kept in check for a while so they don't come back

Hi They is loads of people who tell you silly things what never work the best thing to use is toothpasted mixed up with hunny and sudocrem once you have mixed up the products put it were your spots are and leave it on overnight before you go sleep though put a hot cloth on top of you spots for 1 to 2 minutes then put the clothe into the freezer and when you wake up in the mornin put the freezing cold cloth on to your face for 3 mins they put a bit of face lotion on then you can wear less make up if you do and your skin will look clear and healthy and your spots should when you have done it at leasted 2 or 3 times MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS CLENSE YOU FACE HOPE THIS TIP WAS USEFULL THANK FOR READING :)

Heya i used to suffer with really bad achne i got put on lots of diffrent medication from the dococtors and also had to go to a demwertoligst none of this works i then went on the pill yasim this helped clear my spots up notw im spot free apart from the odd one but to help with that i uses simple face wash very good for spots and skin

I STRONGLYY recommend using calamine lotion ! I had loads of red spots on my cheecks and forehead and I put a bit of calamine lotion on them with a cotton wool bud and the next day most of them had basicly gone. so I carried on putting camaline lotion on my spots all week and by the end of the week I had no spots at all ( apart from the occasianal blackhead), so yeh I strongly recommed using camaline lotion it REALLY does work !

Hi i am having a tough time at school right now with my spot problem they have just recently occured can any one tell me the best possible way to get rid of them

Heyy all ok listen up, everyone hates having spotty skin but sometimes you think its just you infact more people than you know it has them im only 13 and my face is not exactly "clear" but its not covered in spots.lots of people put lots of different curses but the main one is drink and eat healthily.also putting makeup on is bad for your skin as it clogs up your pours another great tip is using facial wash and listerine worked for me .x hope that helped you all if you need any other tips or dvice please ask luv nicole.x

Hey (: im 12 years oldd,, i get really bad spots, ive got a big one atm at the side of my nose and i really want it to go before halloween in the next few days. im really paranoid about them at school and evrythinkk. none of my mates have them and deyr really lucky. ive tried everythingg and finally i went to the doctors, and they gave me an aquagel. its really good! my spots were clearing up in 2-3 days! also leo cream works, i wasnt aloud to use toothpaste, listerine, or whateva. and i asked my name and she said wet your spot with hot salty water, dab dry, and add raw salt and keep it on for the evening till it comes off. do this 2-3 times a day and it really helps for all the other spots ive had. let me no if it works for you! xxxx.

Hi I too suffer from teenage spots I started in year 4 and am now in year 7 and its only getting worse I know quite lucky cos althoughI scrach them I dont scar easily but for all you who areout there wondering what to do I wouldsuggest washing your face with 'Protex ultra antibacterial soap' you can get it at doctors and online. I suggest you wash your face with it 5 times a day because it will get rid of spots and when they are gone it will prevent thhem and it also cleans and prevents blackheads and it also feels great and moisturieses your skin you can buy them online for 1 or 2 pounds they are fab and do miricals and work for almost all skin types so please try it thanks glad I could help remember you are not alone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi I'm 13 and I have some really bad spots, how ever I'm trying a lot of the remedys such as drinkig 2 literes of water im quiting all fo the fizzy drinks so now I'm just drinking water to help hydrate my skin also I'm eating a lot healthier and exercising more and getting more freshair I'm going to try the toothpaste one tonight and see if that works if not then tomorrow the tea tree and just keep going through the list untill i find the pefect one

Im a teenager who has suffered from acne for about 3 years. to be honest i dont think theres a way of curing spots, i think it just depends on what sort of skin you have. for example, some people found tcp very helpful and for others, it just made the spots worse. i tried toothpast and sudocrem. it worked a tiny tiny bit in bringing down the amount of spots, but, it had consequences, the main one being it dryed up my skin very badly and it brought out these little white flakes all over my skin and whenever i tried to scrub the flakes off, they just got worse. iv also tryed clearasil which didnt work fir me at all and something which a doctor gave to me called panoxyl acnegel, which wasnt great, but has probly been the best thing iv used. just recnetly iv started washing my face about 3 times a day in a sink of near boiling water, it REALLY hurts but it does make my skin feel alot better. i just fill up the sink with water, put on a pair of rubber gloves so i dont burn my hands, and splash the water on my face. after every time i do this, i get a few pieces of tissue paper, dab them in TCP and dab the paper on the spots. i also apply an ice pack to the acen areas for about an hour each night which really does help. it doesnt actually get rid of the spots, but it brings down the redness a lot for about 20 hours. just make sure that the ice is always as cold as it can be. in other words, switch the ice pack for another one every 20 minutes or so to make sure your face is always extremly cold!. so basically, tcp, almost boiling hot water and ice packs are the 3 three best thing that have worked for me. if none of these work for you, try panoxyl acnegel 5, and then upgrade to a 10 after about 4 weeks. i really hope this helps for everyone

Hay, im 12 and i have had spots for the past 4 years and there so annyoing mostly when you like someone and they dont like you cus ye have spots, the things that have worked for me is usen tea tree products and vitamen c products from the body shop, and one other thing that helps is if you wash you face in as hot of water as possable then freezing coldwater then spray you face with hairspray it stops dirt getting to your face one thing that works is if you pick your spots and they turn to some kind of a cut you should get cotton wool and put it on if it bleedig then put tea tree, nail polish remover or perfume in it, and it will sting like hell but it works trust me mine go away fir about 4 months when i do this ;)

I'm 16 and I never used to have spots but all of a sudden I have started getting them on my forehead between my eyebrows and on my hairline. I've tried witch hazel and moisturiser, hot water - cold water, eating healthily and nothing has worked. However, I desperately need these spots to be gone whithin a month but I have very sensitive skin and I don't want to use anything harsh.
If you have any suggestions, please help :)

Toothpaste DOES NOT work dudes. sudocrem actually works as it dries everything up! :D do not rub it in when you put it on, or then it won't work.. k bye matieees.

Well i get get spots but only small ones i have found a great cliniqe line called anti blemish soloutions and they do everything for the cleasers toners and mosturisors to foundations and touch' eclat i use the cleanser toner and mosturisor and i find it isnt to heavy but just mosturises your skin and clears it but befor that i used two other amazing lines one was the neutrogina vibrating wave and the other clean and clear blackhead cleaner all of these are fantastic :) x

LISTEN... I've tried these myself the asked a doctor they said

1) Bowl of hot water put head in to open skin then wash, then put in cold water to close skin

2) after you've popped a spot sometime putting bonjela on it gets bacteria out and creates a seel, yes bonjela is supposidly for teeth

3) Drink more water

4) dont touch spots

5) don't pop them everyday

6) ENJOY healthy skin

p.s multi-vitamins can make them worse

Im 16 And i have had spots for about a year. I used to be with all my mates and have girlfriends all the time. Now i feel self concious about my spots. Even though people dont say anything i still though the must think something. I tend to touch my skin a lot as i am paranoid about them. I realise its not just me in the word with spots and i suppose i just have to get on with life. I have missed a lot of time of school because of my spots and its causing me a lot of stress. Anyone got any ideas?

I'm 11 + Recently Joined Secondary School, All My Friends Have Spot Free Faces And I Have Lots Of Small Red Spots :( - They Have Gone Down Alot Since Primary School But I Am Still Very Self Conscious About Them, I Have Tried Most Of These Solutions, Many Haven't Worked. The One Suggestions That Worked The Best For Me Were To Drink Loads Of Water + Put Hot Water On Your Face Then Freezing Water On Your Face (The Hot Water Opens And Cleans The Pores And The Cold Water Closes The Up)
This Might Not Work For Everyones Face Remember x

Im 14 and i normally have a few small spots... no big deal, and i can cope just fine. but every now and again i get a giant spot on the side of my forehead just above my eyebrow. ive tried so many face washes and spot treatments, but nothing works all the time, sometimes just for a little while.

i have just been reading all these comments, and i read that savlon cream can help a lot. i couldnt find any, so i tried savlon spray antiseptic. i used it about 20 mins ago and i can already see results. it turns the skin orang/red and you may think its blood, but its just the spray on the surface of your skin.
i basically sprayed it on and left it for a few minutes, then wiped it off with a warm damp flannel. i repeated this two more times. read the instructions and dont spray too near to your eyes! hope ive helped x x x

I am 14 years old and i have 2 days till i go back to school and my face has completely brokenout it is very annoying and i would like to no how to get rid of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My secret is "Duac Once Daily" gel. You can get this from your local pharmacist, but make sure to check with a dermatologist. It can cause minor side effects like dry skin and a itchy sensation, but after a few days of using it, POOF the spots have faded.

Hi im 11 yrs old and i have a massive sport on mi nose ive tried toothpaste, drinking lots of water and clearasil ultra with war water and mi spot is beginning to claer up. Sori if this doesnt work for you but it may workfor some..:)xxx

Hey. Bit late on this thread :L But. I am 13, and have only had about 3 spots ever. I have this one, on my chin. And it's a real confidence drainer ! I have tried toothpaste, but it didn't work. Maybe it was because I only left it on for about 10 minutes? I am very clean. I wash every day and I have long hair, but it doesn't cover my face. I really don't like water :/ I hate drinking it because it tastes horrid! But, in this case. I will at least TRY and drink 2 litres every day. I have started to wash my face in boiling hot water, then in ice cold water, I'll see how that goes. I'm also using a headband (not a fashion band) to keep hair out of my face during bed, because i toss and turn a lot to my hair flicks into my face. The spot is rather red and yellow/white at the tip. It's really frustrating. My mum said it's just my hormones etc. I do have the odd eczema in places. Would that affect it? Thank you for all your positive comments. :D I hope it works.

Ive been using tea tree oil for a week now and my spots still dont seem to be going away, does anyone know any other treatment that i could use? could please let me know asap. thankyou

I get spots and i have a few remedies-
1) Wash face day and night and after dab your face with cold water.
2) toothpaste on spots, it contains mint and will dry up spots.
3) Sudocrem at night it will reduce redness and sry up spots.
4) Clay masks help.
5) Any Face mask only once a week
6)Make an mask with oats and 3 teaspoons of honey.
7) tea tree oil, put it on your spots.
8) Put Citrus fruit on your spot/s.
9)Drink 2 litres of water a day
10) eat healthy
11) Stay with one creme or wipe, if your using one.
12) Cleans,tome,moisturize and exfoliate.
13) Don't wear Foundation or concealer unless you need to because it clogs skin.
All the above help me, im sure one will help you but they may not all work because we all have different skin types.

Hi, i am 12 and been gettin spots really bad since i was 10, it makes me really depressed and get teased bout it at school.when i look in the miror, i h8 what i see. what i find helps is going swimming in quite a warm pool-it leaves my skin a bit dry, but moisturieser solves that, but it considerably shrinks my spots. I have tryed treatments like clearasil and clean and clear, they work 4 a bit but then my skin gets used 2 them. dus any1 hav any tips????

Hi, i hate spots like you all. I have quite a lot on my forhead. i've always kept my fringe over them but it just makes them worse so this half term i'm keeping it up and trying to get rid of them. Thanks for the hot and cold water method, its deffinately help me, has anyone got any more usefull tips? thanks

Hi i am 13 n i have bad spots n they are ruining my life, i cant take a step outside of my house without any makeup on. Its like spots is actually a part of me because i cant remember a time i didnt have any.I have tried everything on here n nothing seems to work. I have got tablets from the doctor but they are not working either.My doctor sed i have mild acni. Can sumeone thats really smart give me some advise or tips PLEASE

Well ive always suffered from spots and cant seem to get rid of them, ive tried everything sudocreme toothpaste freederm every face wash tea tree oil. the lift goes on i'm also on vitamin tablets and cod liver oil tablets i drink nothing but water and i really don't know what else to do! Please PLEASE let me know any thing which you are 100% that works! Thankss'x

I have spots on my forhead and on my chin, but these simple steps are really helping:
1) use a really gentle facial wash in the morning and evning, I use simple's moisturising one and it is lovely.

2) Put toothpaste on any spots before you go to bed, I put a plaster over them so that the tooth paste does not rub off on my pillow.

3) put Sudocrem on any parts of your face where there is acne.

4) use a facial scrub once a week

5) find a facepack that is good for your face and use it once a week.

6) although the last thing you will want to do it out mosturiser on your face, you need to! If you don't then your face will be left dry so you will produce more oil, which will then lead to spots. I use a moisturiser that is good for oily/normal skin.

7) exersize. when you sweat it will draw out any nasty imurities, and give your skin a healthy glow.

8) Try and eat healthily and drink lots of water (I find this step the hardest)

really hoped this helped (:

Hiyah:)! Im 12 and I really hate having spots:(! I mostly have them around my t-zone,(nose,forehead&chin). I squeeze my spots and then leave them, they usually go away but now its not happening! Mines are going red and i have to wear foundation all over my face:(, i usually wear make-up but not as much foundation as im using now! Im going to try to quit with the cola for a couple of days and jump to the water and see if that helps reduce my spots:D. I will also start putting toothpaste on my spots before i go to bed. But does anyone else have some ideas for a 12 year old girl to use? Please help me, I feel ill most of the time when i have spots but i dont know why:(! Thanks for the ideas up there:D!xx

Hi i have spots and get them alot erm ive red throu all this page and tryed most and i would say the only ones what worked were drink plenty of water, dont smoke, dont eat lots of chocolate and and moisteriser mixed with salt realy i got the best results ever. for most people it is just the diet :D hope this works for any one trying it :D

Heyy (: I'm 13 and I used to have a lot of spots, but what really worked for me was washing my face with Johnson's head-to-toe baby wash (don't ask how I figured that out...) and then applying BenzaClin topical gel (clindamycin - benzoyl peroxide gel) and within an hour NO MORE SPOTS! Seriously, I actually couldn't believe it.. but hey!

Nail polish remover!

I dont really get that many spots but when i do i get them in clumps, around my nose and along my cheek bones. I find that 'soap and glory Dr Spot' really works. You can buy it in boots. And also 'the wave' by neutergina is very good aswell altough it takes a while to foam but after the first use my skin was WAY softer. I highly recomend it.

Hey everyone :) i'm 13 and i am going in to my last year of school. I don't have that many spots, but when i do get them, they all come!!! I have a boyfriend so i am always on call, and i have found that using 'the wave' (you can get it from boots £10, it is quite expensive but IT DOES WORK WONDERS!!!) my skin was softer with the first use. And when i get a spot i find the 'dr spot' from soap and glory is AMAZING! It is the best spot treatment I have come across and it reduces the spot in 3 hours!! You can also get that from boots. Also i have been reading all these comments and people have said that they put on loads of foundation on.....you shouldn't ever put foundation on spots!!! never never never!! Because it clogs up the pores, giving you more spots!! So you will just have to grin and bear it and not wear foundation if you have spots and also if you have a fringe keep it out of your face if you are prone to spots!! hope this helps

I'm using this toothpaste now i have lots of spots and they will not go i've squeezed them and they only bleed ! but the toothpaste is really irritating my skin:/ is there any more ideas?






For all of you girls out there who feel self conscious about their skin, I understand! Luckily my skin has cleared up, but a while back I used to suffer badly from pimples and basically hated the way I looked, wondered why my friends and boyfriend had such perfect skin. I'm no expert on acne, but for bad pimple breakouts there's a few tips to get clearer skin in about 1-4 weeks.

1- Buy a scrub/cleanser/face wash, and stick to a routine where you wash your face 2-3 times a day. Don't give up after two days because there's no immediate results, a scrub will benefit your skin in the long term and will clear up a breakout gradually, and prevent them. It's not magic, give it time. If you give up, there will be no improvement. I'm not suggesting a specific one because all skin types are different, so that's why people on here are ranting specific brands don't work. What works on one person will not work on someone else, so ask the chemist/doctor/read up it online!

2- Improve your diet. When I read up on advice like this, I couldn't believe how much drinking water and eating properly helps, it's almost magical haha ^_^ After eating something naughty, because there's no need to rule crisps and soda out completely, maybe swap your dinner for something veggie or hold back on sugar for a while. You should already drink lots of water, but this will flush out disgusting oils that cause spots, so seriously consider drinking more.

3- Do not squeeze, pick, scratch or irritate spots. Resist it and it will make a breakout go away 50% faster, honestly. By squeezing, the pus and oils from a spot will clog up your other pores and create more breakouts, and by picking it could leave ugly scars and damage your skin in the long term. By irritating, I mean don't use toothpaste- yes it works for some, but it can leave chemical burns.. which are nasty. Don't let yourself become a cautionary tale and look after and love your skin by not picking at it.

4- Throw in a face mask in your routine. There's plenty, they're pampering, smell fruity, and are so easy you can basically wear one while watching T.V or whatever. You can have peel off ones, mud masks, read the backs and find one that will work best. Also add a spot zapper into your routine, and cover large spots with suda creme or e45 cream. This will reduce the redness of really noticeable pimples while you clear up your skin.

5- IMPORTANT! Do not overuse products. I know how it feels to want to use everything on your face at once, but trust me when I say your skin can become used to scrubs and they wont work effectively anymore, plus when you dry out your skin it will produce more oils, making more breakouts.

It's tough to deal with, sweeties, but don't hate yourself <3 everyone's beautiful, yannow, just sometimes we have to work harder to maintain flawless skin. Good luck!

Hi I'm Izzy:-)
I've had spots for as long as I can remember; like, I started getting them really noticeable in Year 4 ish, and no-one else had them, but my mum would always say 'be thankful you've got them now, so when you're older, you won't have any and all your friends will be jealous.' I put a lot of hope in that, and realised it was a load of balls. I'm 18 now, and my skin is even worse. I have them all over my back aswell, and it's disgusting. No-one else seems to have them on their back, and in summer I get really self-concious because it's too hot to wear a full t-shirt, but I feel so self concious in a strappy vest, because everyone can see my back. However, I've found a routine that seems to work quite well for the skin on my face. I wash at night with hot water in the sink, using an aqueous bar of soap which doesn't dry your skin out like a normal bar. I wash that off, and then pat dry, then use an E45 wash on my face that moisturises and cleans at the same time. I rinse that off, pat dry, and then put a moderate layer of sudocrem on each spot, and they really are noticeably less red in the morning. Some even clear up completely over night aswell. I have a really awful skin type aswell - it's really oily at the same time as being dry. If I use an oil free cleanser, my skin just flakes off and goes so dry, and it's disgusting. So I've had to use moisturisers, and they work a lot better for me. I find, if you have to wear foundation, splash your face with hot water, pat dry, then splash with cold, which will close up your pores, and make it harder for foundation to actually cause any proper damage to your skin. That's my advice/story anyway, and if anyone has any really good tips on how to get rid of back spots, then that would be great!

Hey, well i use salt and water and this makes my skin feel amazing and become clear. All u need is half a cup of warm water and 1 table spoon of salt, then mix together and just simply get a cotton pad and dab onto face creating a mask do this 3 times and the spots will go overnight :) x Hope this helps

Thanks this cleared up my acne really quickly <3 xx

Hey, i'm 15, and yeah ok, i have spots.. so does everyone i know practically.. personally i don't think it makes a difference to my life- i have a boyfriend who has no spots at all (very jealous) and no-one will judge you for having spots :) your spots will clear up- its just part of growing up. but a good treatment that i use is hand san, or anti bacterial hand gel. loads of people i know use it and it works miracles! just put a blob of it on your spots at night before bed, after washing your face, works a treat

Hiyhaa im 15 and ive got some tips. I dont suffer from acne but i have a few break outs of spots each week :/ i have tried everything i wouldnt suggest germolene it just causes more spots. I would suggest lemon juice it works a treat even though it may sting it shows its working. you see results from day one :)i have tried toothpaste and found that it sometimes works but not all the time. However some people are different. Also try to drink as much water as you can a day and eat healthy dont eat to much fatty or oily foods it just causes spots :) xx i really Hope this helps for you:)!!

I am 13 and prone to spots:(
2 things I suggest are ..
1. Sudocrem - me and my friend both love this!
2. Duac once daily cream- my doctor supplied me with this, you can only use it for months I think but it is good results if you use it then come off it and go back to using it again!
Hope this helps
Also exercise and water is nessasary

Tcp is the best...put on before u go to bed but wait so the 'pain' finishes, but apply the tcp with cotton wool and swipe and dab where the infected spots and pipples are....it will sting but pain before the beauty (sorry bout my spelling on a ipod) it will go red but dies down...next day ppl will say wheres ur spots an u can say what spots? :D hope this helped

Hey, I've been trying a lot of things I have read on here and none of them really seem to be working. I've read a lot about freederm and loads of people say it's really useful except from the odd one or to. The product I use for washing, moisterising is Clean Start, it's not really the best but I find it is better than clean&clear. My mate uses just the Freederm spot cream (but she doesn't have bad spots, just the odd one) and it dries the spot out and it goes over night. I don't know if this works on all skin types though. she also puts a decent amount on her monibrow (not really obvious one) and it seems to get rid of the hairs (just a little tip).

Later, Becky xxxx

Hey, I'm going into year9'now, and I started having spots in year5, they were only little ones on my forehead, but since then, I've always had at least1'spot on my face! My spots have been getting worse+worse and won't seem to go? Ive been to the doctors and they gave me 'erythromycin' tablets, but I can't seem to swallow tablets, because I've never swallowed tablets before?and I've tried toothpaste+lots of different types of spot cream+just washing my face casually, but they just keep getting worse and won't go, I even have some on my back, and they are really bad! Someone please give me some advise:-(!

Hi , I've just came out in spots before I got back to school I'm 14 so around age 12 you start to break out in spots so its all natural , I've tried everything but this may sound silly but it work , just don't mess with them wash your face morning afternoon night , wash first with hot water with a soft flannel and then splash your face with cold water to close the pores , don't touch your face too much , and the other thing is drink water lots of it since I've been drinking water from this morning and now its night they are starting to fade away this works I promise you ! Don't use toothpaste because it will scar you saying this from experience ! Drink water wash your face regularly ! :) this will work ! Also at night turn your pillow round because you don't want to sleep on the same dirt you had last night off your face ! Everything I've said works ! Except from toothpaste :p xx

Tcp, is really good for spots!!

Hi. I'v been getting spots since I was 12. Iv tried EVERYTHING. The thing that really worked for me was Dauc cream. I got it off my doctor. You don't use it during the day just at night before you go to bed. But make sure you wash it all off the next day because it goes like a flaky stuff. Trust me it works wonders. Just make sure you always use it. After 3 days you will see a great difference but if you stop using it for a week or even a few days they will come back. Sudo creme doesn't always work because it can make your skin really oily. Drink loads of water and cut down on eating chocolate and crisps. What also works is exfoliating your skin. Sugar and baby oil mixed together is a great exfoliater. I really hope this helps.

Hey guys,
So I'm 14 and have suffered from spots since I started y7 but they were only the odd few, then where I live full fringes became fashionable causing most girls to get outbreaks of spots on their forehead and that's when my troubles started, Never get a full fringe!!!!! I tried everything and nothing worked until I found With Hazel facial wash. It is amazing!! Let it soak on your face then wash it off, I then dab a bit of sudocream on it and go to bed, te spot is nearly gone the next morning!
Good luck xxx this doesn't work for everyone though xxx it has tea tree oil in it xxx

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