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How To Boil An Egg
A foolproof method... honestly!

How To Boil An Egg The Easy Way
Put it in a kettle!!!

How To Boil Eggs Without Cracking The Shells
Pierce with a pin!!!

How To Clean Celery
Don't forget your toothbrush!

How To Cook Perfect Pulses, Pates, Preserves And Starters
Good advice on achieving great success

How To Cut Swede
Swede... a root vegetable that is under appreciated by many. However it can taste delicious in the right environment for instance when added to stews,...

How To Fry An Egg
Many people get it wrong, so here's how...

How To Grate Cheese With Ease
Freeze please!

How To Have Home Made Stock
The freezer will help...

How To Have The Perfect Breakfast
The perfect breakfast - if not in terms of calories than taste - is as follows: - two slices of white toast - fried egg - bacon - sausage - mushrooms -...

How To Keep Cheese Fresh
There is nothing more annoying than going to have a slice of your favourite cheese only to see that, despite being well in date on the packet, it has a rather...

How To Know Everything About Avocadoes
Great tips on avocadoes

How To Make An Omelette
A simple and delicious recipe...

How To Make Great Poached Eggs
Poached eggs - you tend to love them or hate them, but if you do love them, then how do you go about making them just right every time? Well, when you eat...

How To Make Great Tasting Cheese On Toast
All in the chilli to get that kick...

How To Make Hawaiian Toast
Another delicious recipe...

How To Make Poached Eggs Well
Follow this advice for perfect poaching

How To Make Scrambled Eggs
It's easy once you've read this

How To Make Vegetable Soup
Make it like the professionals...

How To Peel Butternut Squash
Kelly gives us this really useful little tip on how to do this: When faced with a hard to peel/cut butternut squash, first pierce several times with a fork...

How To Poach An Egg
Poached perfection...

How To Poach Eggs Without A Mess
Mmm a nice poached egg, but how do you do it without creating a mass? Well thanks to reader Angharard here is a really simple and effective method on just...

How To Preserve Lemons
Egg white will help

How To Remedy A Burnt Sauce
Neutralise that burnt flavour

How To Separate Egg Whites
avoid the mess!

How To Shell Oysters
Sometimes when you are feeling decadent then you might just splash out on some oysters as a delicious starter for your meal. But, you may well ask, how do...

How To Stop Glasses Steaming Up Whilst Cooking
We have all been there if we wear glasses, you are in the kitchen doing some preparation and things get hot and steamy. And as a result it can be hard to...

How To Store Bananas
Don't put them in the fridge!

How To Tell If An Egg Is Fresh
Sink or swim...

How To Test If An Egg Is Fresh
Sometimes you will have an egg that is borderline the date when it is use by, or perhaps you simply do not know what the date was for the egg as you don't have...

How To Thicken A Soup Quickly
This is a Smash-ing tip!

How To Thicken Soup Instantly
Cooked potatos make a delicious thickener

How To Use Extra White Sauce
Use ice cube moulds

How To Use Peppers In A Salad

How To Wash Spinach
If you have ever tried to clean spinach in water then you will know that it can be quite difficult. This is because the spinach leaves are an awkward shape...

Junk Food Is A Health Hazard
To be healthy we need proper nutrition.Our food should contain fruits and vegetables.It should be a balanced diet.A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.But...

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