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Can you give me tips on solving fillomino puzzles?

Question asked by: knowitall

Fillomino is a fun Japanese puzzle game.

When it comes to solving them, one of the best place to start is pairs of '2's that touch diagonally - you can instantly rule out them moving to the squares where they could touch, and this is often enough to place them.

Do the same thing for each number.

Another tip is to see if any numbers are 'trapped' and can only move one way. Look at the large numbers and see if there are any squares that any possible combination to make up that polyomino must contain.

For instance if all valid polyominos for a nine have the three bottom left squares of a puzzle filled with a nine then you can write them in straight away without knowing where the other six values that make up that polyomino go.

A similar rule can often be used more obviously and quickly to place threes.

If you get really stuck and aren't sure if two numbers belong to one polyomino or separate remember that sometimes counting up the cells can help you work this out.

By: Unknown
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