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Questions and Answers: Religion

Welcome to Religion Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

astrology | atheism | Buddhism | Christianity | Hinduism | Judaism | miscellaneous religion | Religion definitions

Top questions in this category:

Are any astrologers legitimate?
Are religions mutually exclusive?
Are woman allowed by scripture to do open air gospel message?
Baptist versus Roman Catholic
Buddha believed that there is no external God .Then why do Budhhist pray Budhdha?
Can more than one religion be true?
Do atheists commit more crime than religious people?
Do atheists not believe in morality?
Does God know absolutely everything?
How can god never have begun if yet he is here/alive?
How can I get original Christmas presents?
How can when you are born really affect your personality?
How did witches used to get found out?
How do I do the father, son and holy spirit signing myself?
How does religion not have the power they use to have?
How strong is God?
How was planet earth created?
If astrology works why are its predictions wrong for me?
If everybody want the same things - like no war or poverty, why is the world in chaos?
If I am an atheist and God exists would I be punished for that belief?
If Jesus is God then why should he pray to his father?
If you are Christian can you be friends with atheists?
Im a christain, my boyfriend is a JW i do holidays he does not should i end it before i fall in love?
Is it possible to have an all good God when there is evil?
Is it proper to receive communion at a Catholic wedding even if you are not Catholic?
Is religion a virus?
Is the Bible literally true?
Is there any proof atheism is true?
Is there any valid science in astrology?
My friend says God speaks to him but never to me, why?
Names on paper placed in honey
What are the beliefs of each religion (christian,buddhist,muslim etc) in relation to the body and sex?
What can a clairvoyant do?
What can I tell by looking at the stars?
What does a rising sign mean in astrology?
What does Hell literally mean?
What does the old testament teach the new testament ?
What is a horoscope?
What is a moon sign?
What is a tabernacle?
What is astrology?
What is atheism?
What is biorhythm theory?
What is Christianity ?
What is cloud nine?
What is Creationism?
What is hinduism?
What is the circumference of the earth?
What is the definition of power in religion
What is the difference between an atheist and a agnostic?
What is the full form of " I N R I"
What makes people find God?
What star signs are compatible in relationships?
Who is a famous atheist?
Who was the first person to use the word Catholic to describe the Church?
Who was the Taj Mahal named after?
Why are astrology predictions so ambiguous?
Why do people get deluded they have special powers?
Why do people reject God in their lives?
Why do people think God does not exist?
Why do so many people believe in astrology?
Why does Richard Dawkins hate religions?
Why is atheism more popular than in times gone by?
Why is Europe so secular?
Why is religion less relevant in the West now than in the past?
Women other than Eve.

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