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Questions and Answers: Health

Welcome to Health Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

acne and skincare | eating and diet | exercise | hair removal | healthcare | infections | muscle building | pregnancy | sleeping | the stomach | weight gain | weight loss

Top questions in this category:

Am I Pregnant?
Being Vegetarian
Can congealed blood (around a surgery wound) result in blood clots?
Can I whiten my teeth even though I have orthodontics/wire-works on the back of my teeth?
Can the doctor help get rid of spots?
Can you pass acne to other people using the same towel?
Do ab crunches work to get a flat stomach?
Do antibiotics help to get rid of spots?
Help on gaining weight
Help to gain weight fast!
Hip replacement
How can I get a flat stomach?
How can i get relief from a yeast infection using homeopathic remedies?
How can I lose weight?
How can man remove unusal hair permantly at home ?
How did HGH stimulators help you?
How do I fall corectly?
How do I get a sexy six pack body?
How do i get rid of my eczema for good??
How do teeth get stained? What are the different types of stains?
How do you get rid of love handles?
How do you get rid of spots without damaging my skin?
How does tooth whitening work and how do you get whiter teeth?
How many times a week should I exercise?
How reliable are pregnancy test kits?
How to become fat soon?
How to become height
How to get rid of tiny black spot/freckle on tongue?
How to get taller
How to keep ur face soft?
How to put on weight?
I am 1st over weight and i have a dance show in 2 weeks. If i want to get in the show i need to lose this weight how do i do it keeping in mind i am a very picky eater who won't eat most vegetables but i will eat salad? Please help
I have a spot for 9 months on my forehead. I tried lots of stuff but it does not go. WHY?
I have been trying to get rid of spots on my fore head and i started to get annoyed and picked on them. Now i'm left with quite alot of scars. How can i help reduce them or make them less noticable?
I have spot on my face ive lots of things to get rid of them but it dosen't work none of my freinds have them can you help
I hv spots on my back,lots of them :(
I m 22yr and 5.6"but my weight is only 49kg.i m very sad about it and suffering alot by this please help me
I really want to lose some weight especially around my bottom and upper leg area. What can i do to achieve this?
Is it possible to burn muscle not fat?
Is the lung capacity increased by second hand smoke?
Is toothpaste good to remove bumps from your face.
I'm excercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, yet i can't get rid of the 'flab' i've got on the inside of my legs as they join my bum, what can i do to tone these bits?
My doctor tells me im out of shape..?
My friends eat lots and are thin. I don't eat much but am fat - why?
My teenage years have finished and I still have spots, help?
Should I eat breakfast?
Weight Loss
What are all the essential things for a very good health and for living long?
What are some of the health care services provided to elders in India?
What are the short term and long term effects physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially for increasing my Body Mass index?
What causes my heel pain, how can I cure it how can I stop it from reoccuring?
What food should I be eating everyday?
What foods cause flatulence and can it be prevented
What is a balanced diet?
What is cabon dioxid?
What is the best form of pregnancy test kit?
What is the best time of day to exercise?
What type of teeth whitening products aid in removing intrinsic stains?
What's the best over the counter treatment for spots?
Where can I find some handymen online? My Dad needs some help once a week on miscellaneous items and I canít find anyone willing to work part time. Everyone wants a full time job
Why am I waking up at the same time every night...4am for the past few weeks?
Why do i get spots on my bottom? i wash the area n bath daily and i also have a healthy diet.please help
Why do men get a beer belly so easily?
Why have i got spots on my head?
Why is the sleep level decreasing with growth?
Will clearasil get rid of my spots?
With the passage of lifetime, why a man feels sleepless?

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