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Questions and Answers: Careers

Welcome to Careers Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

Curriculum vitae | Interview skills | miscellaneous careers | Part time work | Salary and wages | Types of job

Top questions in this category:

Airport Management - career opportunities
Can I be a teacher part time?
Can I earn enough to live working full time?
Can I go to interviews whilst working elsewhere on company time?
Can I lie on my CV?
Can I set up a business whilst working elsewhere?
Can you be quiet by nature and still succeed in a career in management?
Can you earn much selling door to door?
Do I get offered a job based on my CV?
Does going to university get you a better job?
Does selling products from catalogues make money?
Drug Rehab resident technicians?
Exit interview
Get a part-time job in this recession?????
Help for getting nervous at interview?
How can I develop my career skills?
How can I find high paying jobs?
How can I find out if my company is paying me enough?
How can I get better at interviews?
How can I get funding for a business?
How can I get into acting?
How can I get on a graduate scheme for a company?
How can i get started in the film business and hopefully star in one?
How can I improve my work performance?
How can I increase my salary?
How can I quickly increase my salary?
How do i develoep an interest in my ambition when people criticise me that i'll never be good at it?
How do I find part time work?
How do I tell my boss I'm leaving the company?
How do I work out the actual income from a part time job?
How do I write a business plan?
How do you negotiate a bonus?
How do you stop people shutting the door on you doorstepping?
How does computer technician relate to physics?
How is planning of future
How long should my CV be?
How much do footballers earn each week?
How much educational information should I put on my CV?
How much will it cost to get my CV written professionally?
How should I prepare for interview?
I am a graduate with no experience - how do I get it?
I don't have much work experience what should I put on my CV?
I failed to be a doctor, could I be a dentist?
I had several quick career moves, should I put them all on the CV?
I have no idea how to write my CV who can help?
I never succeed at interview why is that?
I think I deserve a bigger bonus: what can I do to show this?
I want to become a politician so what job should I do to help with that?
If I set up business and fail will I still be able to get employment?
Is envelope stuffing a good idea?
Is it odd to be male and want to be a nurse?
Is it worth doing Prince II qualification?
Is it worth paying to get a CV written for you?
Is modelling a part time job?
Is modelling a proper job?
My employer caught me doing my own work during work hours?
My friend got the job not me and I've lost confidence in interviews?
Should I be honest in an exit interview?
Should I change my CV for each job I go for?
Should I have a one or two page CV?
The interviewer would not give feedback to me is this fair?
What are the usual hours for a office worker?
What degree is best if you want to get employment?
What do people look for at interview?
What does a consultant actually do?
What hobbies and interests look good on a CV?
What is a job share?
What is project management?
What is the best job in the world?
What is the best part time job?
What is the best preparation for an interview?
What is the best way to increase salary?
What is the correct way to figure out your daily salary and hourly salary from your monthly or annual salary?
What is the difference between a PA and a secretary?
What is the difference between a public and private sector job?
What is the highest paying job in the world?
What is the purpose of a CV?
What research should I do for an interview?
What should I include on my CV?
What should I wear for an interview?
What type of job is the most respected?
Where can I find a list of common interview questions?
Where can I find good sample CVs?
Where can I get executive level career advice?
Why do bankers get such big bonuses?
Will companies read my CV in detail?
Will they ask about my CV at interview?

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