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Questions and Answers: Hobbies

Welcome to Hobbies Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

amateur musicians | antique collecting | autograph hunting | birdwatching | photography | playing puzzles | sewing and stitching | sports | stamp collecting

Top questions in this category:

Any tips on animal photography?
Are colour photo printers good?
Are photographer rich?
Are there any good puzzle blogs?
Are there any impossible puzzles?
Are there any inspirational photography sites?
Can I play logic puzzles online?
Can I take photos on my mobile phone?
Can I use photos from websites for free?
Can you get crossword puzzles in Japan?
Can you get insurance for your camera?
Can you study photography at university?
Can you take photos at the Vatican?
Can you turn black and white photos to colour?
Do celebrities read autograph letters themselves?
Do you need to be good at maths to do a puzzle?
Does photography count as art or science?
How can I clean my camera?
How can I create a new puzzle?
How can I get a nice passport photo?
How can I get better at kakuro?
How can I get my pictures on news websites?
How can I get steady pictures?
How can I learn to touch-up photos properly?
How can I make black and white photos?
How can I make my own word search puzzle?
How can I meet my favourite celebrity?
How can I raise awareness of my photography?
How can I sell my photos?
How can I set up a business in photography?
How can I solve a word ladder puzzle?
How can I solve codeword puzzles quicker?
How can I stop red eyes in photos?
How can I take a striking photo?
How can I take better photographs?
How can I tell how good my camera is?
How can I tell how much my penny red is worth?
How can I tell if an autograph is genuine or not I want to buy?
How do I create kakuro and sudoku puzzles?
How do I get a job as a photographer?
How do I make a photography portfolio?
How do I make light look natural?
How do I make money from photography?
How do I make sepia photos?
How do I market my new puzzle idea?
How do I remove red eyes from photos?
How do I solve a cryptogram puzzle?
How do I stop picture shake?
How do you correct tungsten in a photo?
How do you create an irregular sudoku puzzle?
How do you do sports photography?
How do you get work in photography?
How do you hold a camera correctly?
How do you protect the camera?
How do you rate a sudoku puzzle?
How do you remove red eye in photos?
How do you take long exposures safely?
How does photography work?
How many types of puzzle are there?
How much do binoculars cost?
How much does it cost to hire a model?
How much should I pay for a puzzle?
How old do you need to be to take glamour photos?
How quickly can you solve sudoku?
How thick should photo paper be?
I created a new type of sudoku how can I sell it?
I made a new puzzle where can I sell it?
Im a girl but when im playing football why do i feel wierd when im playing with boys and not with girls?
Is a colour laser printer good for photography?
Is David Bailey a photographer?
Is it cheating to use colour filters?
Is it expensive to buy a camera?
Is it expensive to learn to be a photographer?
Is it OK to take photos in art galleries?
Is it OK to use a rainbow filter?
Is it worth being a freelancer in photography?
Is matt or glossy paper better?
Is nature photography difficult?
Is resolution important?
Is sudoku a maths or a logic puzzle?
Is there a puzzle world championship?
Is there any skill in a lotto game?
Is there much money becoming a photographer?
My camera has broken can I repair it?
Neck scarf pattern
Should the modern photographer use photoshop?
Should you smile in photos?
What are the best landscape places in the world?
What are the cheapest websites to buy cameras?
What bird family does the redwing belong to?
What birds should I expect to see in a UK Garden?
What camera should I use for bird photography?
What can I buy photo frames from?
What causes red eye?
What chemicals are used in photography?
What does aperture mean?
What does fully-crossed mean?
What does noise mean in digital photos?
What does the word sudoku mean?
What does x-wing in sudoku mean?

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