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Questions and Answers: Beauty

Welcome to Beauty Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

beauty therapy | bust, bras and bikinis | clothes and fashion | cosmetics and makeup | eyes | fake tan and tanning | haircare | hairstyles | hands and nails | male grooming | massage | miscellaneous beauty | my body | perfume | shaving | skin | spots | teeth | weight and slimming

Top questions in this category:

what is the white stuff which comes out of my open pores inface called?
Acne Spots.
All my friends have started using fake tan should I?
Am I too young to dress sexily?
Any more ideas on getting rid of spots?
Are bell bottom jeans in fashion?
Are childrens and adult shoe sizes different?
Are ponytails a good look?
Are sunbeds dangerous?
Are sunglasses an important fashion item?
Are the bra sizes in different shops consistent?
Are ugg boots still in fashion?
As a man, how can I dress to impress?
At what age should you start shaving?
Beauty therapy
Big red spot that not acne?
Black spot
Can a bad massage have damaging effects?
Can a perfume 'go off'?
Can anyone recommend good hair products for use with hair extensions?
Can i straighten my hair as well as curl it with the 'vs sasoon you curl'?
Can I use moisturiser on oily skin?
Can men wear a waistcoat or does it look silly?
Can men wear fake tan?
Can men wear perfume too?
Can someone tell me who Jaime Winstone is and what her claim to fame is?
Can u make ur boobs look smaller?.
Can weight be taken as a measure of force?
Can you describe my facial features?
Can you get half shoe sizes as an adult?
Can you get qualifications in massage?
Can you hurt hair by washing it too much?
Can you recommend something which well get rid of the marks I have on my face due to spots?
Can you tell me where i can get underwear that Jordan wears in her Photo shots? I really find it hard to get sexy underwear in my size!
Can you wear Japanese hair sticks to a formal occasion; such as, a ball?
Contact lens
Correct draping procedures
Dark Circles
Dark Underarms
Dirty Pores
Do big earrings look good with a dress?
Do i do a blackhead mask before or after derma microbrasion
Do men slim in the same way as women?
Do sunglasses really protect my eyes?
Do women like guys with long hair or short hair?
Do women like men with beards?
Do women like men with stubble?
Do women prefer well groomed clean men to a bit of rough?
Do you use a flat iorn for permanet staright hair or an iorn the you use for clother?
Does a hairdryer hurt my hair?
Does a knee length skirt look good?
Does a man look good in a suit?
Does a ponytail look good on a man?
Does anyone know how to get the leftover of fake nails off?
Does brushing your hair hurt it?
Does hair replacement work?
Does having a perm or style hurt hair?
Does hot air hurt my air?
Does massage have any health benefits?
Does red meat give you healhier hair?
Does smoking damage teeth?
Ever since working out every day my back has been breaking out. What can I do to prevent this and control it?
Eye Color
Face blemishes????
For skin problem
Foundations...PLEASE HELP
Good look
Growing hair
Hair color
Hair dye changed my scalp colour help?
Hair straighthening
Hello,im 13 and have had spots for a very long time .. since i was 10. i seem to have tried everything! but nothing works..i really want to get rid of them naturally can anyone help?
Help Me Zap My Spots!
Hi I have a hair question and hope someone can help! I have 'dirty' blonde hair (some parts are strawberry blonde) and am thinking of going bright blonde - all over. Thoughts?
Hi I Want To Know If You Have Beauty Spots Can u Be A Model Cuz I Hve A Lot Of tHings I Wanna bE sOO HELP !!1
Hi, how do i put on concealer properly? when i do it on my spots it might not go on evenly or might even make it worse! please help
Horrible skin and terrible blackheads, and a big red spot that wont budge, help ??
Horrid fingernails
How can I add volume to my hair?
How can I apply fake tan evenly?
How can I apply makeup in a hurry?
How can I avoid stained teeth?
How can I be thinner?
How can I become a personal shopper?
How can I brighten my face?
How can i cover up my freckles or get rid of them completely?
How can I cover up spots?
How can I crimp my hair?
How can I cut off my moustache?
How can I draw attention away from a spot on my face?
How can I draw attention to my eyes?
How can I dye my clothes?
How can I eliminate split ends forever?
How can I enhance my cleavage?
How can I feel better about my appearance?
How can I find the right perfume for me?
How can I get a body like Daniel Craig?

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