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Questions and Answers: Pets

Welcome to Pets Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

cats and kittens | dogs | fish | garden pests | guinea pigs | hamsters and rats | miscellaneous pets | other animals | rabbits | snakes

Top questions in this category:

Can guinea pigs go outside their hutch?
Hamster advice?
Has your pet been missing?
How can I get my kitten to stop begging to go outside?
How can I keep dogs out of my garden?
How can I keep fish safe in my pond?
How can I keep moles out of my garden?
How can i pick the perfect dog for a family and perswade my dad?
How can I stop my dog barking so much?
How can I stop my dog chewing things?
How can i train my cat to play with me?
How can we stop our newly adopted cat from ripping our gorgeous 3 cats apart?
How can you get a better bond with your rabbit especially when it is 2 years or older?
How do I get my cute kitten signed to a pet modelling agency?
How do i stop cats from using my garden as a litter box?
How do you stop your dog from biting hard and non-stop?
How intelligent is my guinea pig?
How long do guinea pigs live?
How long do hamsters live?
How much do guinea pigs cost to buy?
How much water should guinea pigs drink?
How to stop my Shih Tzu dogs eyes from tearing so much
Is It possible To make A Dwarf hamster Like You and not bite?
Is this a sign...
My hamster has been missing since last night. Do you think my kitten might have eaten it?
Problems with our neighbours' cats & dogs
Should I buy a male or female guinea pig?
What causes dogs noses to dry and crack and how can I treat it?
What do guinea pigs eat?
What does it mean when my dogs bottom jaw is shaking a lot?
What is a homemade solution I could make to spray or rub on furniture to keep my dog off of it?
What should I feed my guinea pig?
What type of animal are guinea pigs?
Which one should I choose?
Will taking the recommended amount of acidopholus or garlic supplements each day help to prevent Vaginitus?

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