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Questions and Answers: Relationships

Welcome to Relationships Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

asking someone out | chat up lines | dating | dating at work | do they like me | love | meeting people | relationship problems | relationships | romance | star signs and astrology

Top questions in this category:

A girl asked me out and I said yes to not hurt her feelings. What should I do?
A girl want me to be her life partner but its not my wish.we are close friends for last two and half years
A Guy I used to go to school with found me by chance on myspace in October 2006 & sent me a message & we got to chating a bit, we arranged to meet up 2 or 3 times & each time he never showed - why?
Are blind dates a good way to meet people?
Are chat up lines ever appropriate?
Are you allowed to date a co-worker?
Can a virgo go out with a capricorn?
Can star signs really be incompatible?
Can you date someone of the same star sign as you?
Can you date someone who works for you?
Can you tell me a great chat up line?
Chronic illness
Crushed and Stuck
Dating someone in the same office: good idea or not?
Do chat up lines?
Do relationships with older women work?
Do relationships with toyboys ever last?
Do women like it when guys use chat up lines?
Does astrology play a part in choosing relationships?
Does he like me?
Does he lyk me?
Does internet dating work?
Does love at first sight really exist?
Does romance last for long in a relationship?
Does she realy love me but is only proving difficult o r does not?
Does this guy likes me ? ... Why did he ignore me after i gave him a chance to be my friend....
Friends to partners
Help me
Hi i really need help!!plzz :(
How can I add romance to my relationship?
How can I finish with my girlfriend without hurting her?
HOW CAN I GET A BOYFRIEND? Do they like me?
How can I get less shy around people I like?
How can i know if he likes
How can I make my relationship better?
How can I meet people I'd like to date?
How can I stay safe on an internet dating site?
How can we stop arguing?
How can you tell if a guy likes you?
How can you tell if someone likes you or is just naturally flirty?
How can you tell if the boy you like likes you. what would the person do and how would they act around you?
How do I become friends with this girl?
How do i convince my friends?
How do I dump my boyfriend?
How do I dump my girlfriend nicely?
How do i get him to kiss me?
How do i get over my ex.. who cheated on me .. but yet you keep going back to him?
How do i get rich?
How do I get that speacial person I like to notice me without wearing revealing clothes for him to only think of me as an sex object.
How do i know if she likes me?
How do i spend time wiv my girl friend?
How do i tell her?
How do I tell my boyfriend I love him?
How do I tell my partner I love them?
How do I tell my x that I still like him?
How do star sign dating predictions work?
How do you add romance to a relationship?
How do you attract a girlfriend?
How do you get a date?
How do you get the confidence to meet new people when you're shy?
How do you know if you are being used?
How do you know if you are in love or have settled for your lot?
How do you know if you're in love?
How do you know if you've met your soulmate?
How do you learn chat up lines?
How i tele my classmate i love her
How to know whether this guy likes me?
I am falling love with her she does not know - I hint but she ignores me. Why?
I blush around someone I fancy. Why?
I cant ask him out
I don't know how to gain his attention again?
I get really nervous on a date. How can I cure this?
I got into a relationship when I wasn't single what should I do?
I hate social situations, help?
I have a boyfriend but I met this new guy.. HELP PLZZ!!!
I have a dance at school but am too nervous to ask anyone. What can I do?
I have a girlfriend but think I like another guy, what can I do?
I like a girl, and I think she likes me but I am not sure. She has started talking to me a lot. How do I tell if she likes me or not?
I like someone at work what will I do if they reject me?
I like this boy but dont know how to tell him how i feel?
I like this girl and i think she likes me but how do i ask her out?
I like this girl and she said she likes me, but I get the feelin that she's gone off me. What can I do?
I like this girl but i dont know if she likes me. my locker is by hers and when i walk by, she looks at me. i would ask her out, but we never talk. what do i do?
I like this girl but she says she'll be bad for me but still flirts?
I like this guy, but he is 9 years older than me, iv never liked a guy so much, and i don't know what to do, plus he's my teacher; but i kind of get the feeling he likes me a little bit also, but i can't tell for sure?
I love my boyfriend and someone else. What should I do?
I love two women equally so how do I choose?
I met someone off the internet and they looked different to their picture?
I met someone who said she really liked me but when I asked her out she said no?
I really like a guy at school but he wont look at me twice.Is there anything that might catch his attention for me?
I really like this girl but i dnt kow weather she likes me. i need to know if she likes me so that i might ask her out. plz anser as soon as possible because someone else might get her. thnx a lot
I really like this guy that catches my bus and used to go to my old school. How can I tell him I like him without embarassing myself?
I think i need help!
I told a guy i've liked for 3 years that i liked him and he told me that he thought i was sexy and loved hanging out with me, but he also said that he didnt just like me as a friend...does he like me?
I want a really cheesy chat up line - any ideas?
I want to know how to start with her?
I went to this party and met a boy. but im not sure if i will see him again. I said no but I like him. What should do?

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