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Questions and Answers: Gardening

Welcome to Gardening Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

Animals | Flowers | gardening and plants | Grass and weeds | Growing vegetables | Herbs and spices | Insects and pests | Ponds | Soil types | Trees | Water and drainage

Top questions in this category:

Are goldfish safe in a garden pond?
Blackened leaves
Bugs in my germinating corn seeds
Busy Lizzies
Can I stop squirrels digging up my lawn for nuts?
Can you plant flowers around pine trees? If so are there ones that do better than others?
Can you please advise me how to stop birds and insects from eating my broccolli?
Cats are killing little birds in my garden how can I keep them out?
Cherry blossom
Cotoneaster Hedge
Crown vetch
Do I drain my water feature in the winter?
Do I need to cut back the plant Dierama Guinevere (Angels Fishing Rod)
Finding mild jalapinos
Goosberry Bush
Grass improvers
Hot tub
How can I build a garden pond?
How can I create my own pond?
How can I encourage dragonflies to use the pond?
How can I encourage frogs and newts in the pond?
How can I find out the soil type I have?
How can i get rid of the green moss/funghi from my white gravel?
How can I improve the quality of my soil?
How can I keep foxes out of the garden?
How can I kill weeds safely?
How can I make my flowers last longer?
How can i prevent my tulip bulbs being eaten under the soil?
How can I protect the goldfish in the pond?
How can I stop my garden ponds from freezing ?
How can I stop soil acidity?
How can I stop squirrels eating the nuts put out for the birds?
How can I use my washing line?
How deep do i have to plant rhubarb, and can i grow them in large containers?
How do I control Lilac Borers?
How do I create a thyme seat out of turf with thyme on the top?
How do I deter Deer from entering my garden and eating the plants?
How do i get rid of ivy it is growing up my fences i would like to get rid of it for good?
How do I get rid of unwanted ferns?
How do I keep animals out of my garden in a safe way?
How do I prepare a space for a play structure
How do I stop dogs defacating on my lawn?
How do i treat dollar spot on my newly-turfed lawn please?
How do you deadhead wilted flowers from a Bird of Paradise Plant. I have been told to remove them from the bottom but is this right as each flower seems to have a leaf attached?
How do you make soil more alkaline?
How soon after flowering can poppies be cut down as they are now so unsightly?
How to get rid of clovers forever ?
How to grow show cabbages
How to mow a lawn
Hydrangea soil
I have a creeper which has a buch of purple flowers but the leaves have a sandpaper texture - What is it?
I have a Kilmarnock Willow which has tiny little orange spots on the backs of the leaves. Its recently been re-potted and is fed regularly......can you advise me what the spots are please?
I have a passion flower which seems to have suddenly died off does this have to be cut back each year?
I have just built a pergola over my patio. What could I grow up and over it?
I live in Palm Coast, Florida and I get the afternoon sun in the back of my property. What kind of plants and palms would thrive
I planted a camelia 2 years ago in a shelted position it has grown well but not produced any flowers; why?
I planted an apple tree about five years ago. However, the apples are really small and wanted to know how I could improve the size and quality of the growth?
I think I have clematis wilt in one of my plants how can I cure this problem?
I would like to give a gift of a flower/tree/seeds, which can be planted now and will flower every year in September. Purple or blue if possible. Ideas?
Im wanting to build a pond
Is ivy destructive to buildings or is it a myth?
Lack of Growth
Lychee Tree
Our small garden pond is frequented by ducks: will they do any harm to the fish?
Peas (feltham)
Plasterers lime and potatoes
Protection for winter
Pruning jasmine
Repair of broken terracotta pots
Safe to plant foxglove and vegetables in same raised garden?
Shandy and sandy...
Should I be concerned
The water in the pond goes cloudy and green help?
Too Late To Plant?
What are grafted tomato plants
What can i plant that is evergreen and quick growing?
What do I do with Lillies?
What foods can I grow quickly and easily?
What is the best soil type for each plant type?
What should I plant as a hedge, to give privacy, without too much maintenance?
What should I put in my garden pond?
What should the depth of a raised bed be to grow corn, potatoes and beans?
What will grow on a clay wall north facing?
When does a sunflower head appear?
When should I trim a magnolia tree so as not to stop it flowering next spring? Autumn or after flowering next year?
Where can i find Jalapino Peppers?
Which perrenial plants grow best in partial shade?
Why are myCucumbers and green peppers maturing in odd shapes.
Why is cross pollination important in plant breeding?
Why is my yew tree turning yellow?
Why isn't my 4 year old healthy apricot tree producing fruit?

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