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Questions and Answers: Geography

Welcome to Geography Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

cities and places | climate | coast | continents | countries | earth | flora and fauna | geographical features | geographical phenomena | geography glossary | land | miscellaneous geography | mountains | oceans | rain and cycles | rivers and water | rocks | time | winds

Top questions in this category:

What are the classifications of cast?
247sq metres = how much sq feet?
A flat shallow part of the Continent which is covered by Ocean is called?
About 90 percent of Poland's people adhere to which religion?
According to the world map scale, how many miles across is south america at its widest point?
America people
Any1 from Birmingham on here?
Atmospheric pressure and temperature
Boundry of Europe
Can we able to know when it would rain or not
Continental drift
Country life versus city life
Define climate
Describe one challenge a developing world can do if their trying to improve their HDI.
Desisions of the continental congress (sept.1774)
Development of geography
Difference between local time &standard time
Differences between isthmus and strait
Do fluvial patterns have any effect on road patterns
Find this place
Geography homework
Geography question
Give me three lebelled diagrams which describes what is meant by dispersed, linear and nucleated rural settlements.
Homework help - geography
How are resources important to us?
How are the Mississippi, Nile, and Amazon rivers alike?
How are volcanoes,earthquake formed
How could you become a geographer?
How deep is the deepest ocean?
How did Constantinople get its name?
How did sailors measure longitude and latitude 100 years ago?
How did the Division of Labor make the Early Farmers succesful?
How did the Universe form?
How do stalactites form?
How does an anticyclone occur?
How does clay form?
How does Niagara falls affect people?
How far is London england from Washington D.C?
How has natural geography played an improtant role in the lives of people in El Salvador?
How is the ozone layer above Antarctica being damaged?
How long is route 66?
How long is the mexico/united states border?
How many moons does saturn have?
How many mountines are there in the uk
How many ocean currents are there?
How tall is an iceberg?
How to read a map
How was the earth made?
If it is dawn in the eastern united states ,what is it in the western united states? why?
If it is dawn in the eastern united states, is the western united states in darkness?
If it is dawn in the eastern United states, is the western united states in darkness? Why or Why not?
In what country is tagalouge spoken in?
In which country Sikander the Great was died ?
In which direction does a parallel or line of latitude run?
In which two hemispheres do citizens of Uruguay live?
Information about planet Venus
Is Hawaii in Polynesia? Should we say "The United States of America and Polynesia"?
Is the earth a sphere?
Is Wales classed as a country, or would Britain itself be the main counrty? If wales like scotland, is not classed as countries what would they be classed as?
Name and explain factors influencing environmental lapse rates?
Natural vegetation and wild life
Once just a simple fishing village
People in Brazil speak what language?
Plate tectonics
Polar region
Pop. growth
Q.:-Longest age is ?A) Eons (B) Era (C) Period (D) Epoch
Recent concept of reginal planing system in geography
Relief rainfall
Remote sensing and its features
Stream laws
The clock on the moon moves
The great circle at zero degrees latitude is know by what name?
The system of keeping animals hired for sale is?
Time calcualt-ation
Was the plantation system beneficial or harmful?
Wat is the time diffrent?
Water containing rock strata are?
What are areas with common characteristics called?
What are the adavantages of Map?
What are the Antipodes?
What Are The Effects Of Depressions?
What are the names of all the states and union terotries in england?
What color underwear does George Washington wear?
What do Geographers call the pattern of west Africa's climate and vegetation regions? Why?
What do lines of latitude measure?
What do you call a factory worker
What do you understand by thy tearm 'OROGENISES'?
What drains water from the land around it?
What exactly is the earth's core made of?
What factors does life expectancy depend on?
What factors may influence the size and shape of the sphere of influence in a town.
What four countries in Europe are islands?
What geographical conditions favour agriculture in the ganga brahmaputra plain

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