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Questions and Answers: Physics

Welcome to Physics Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

cosmology | Energy | forces | Homework questions | Light | magnets | miscellaneous physics | particle physics | physics definitions

Top questions in this category:

A car accelerates along a road which force actually moves the car?
38 degree F ice???
A 83.3 kg solid cylinder, 2.93 m long and with an end radius of 3.7 cm, stands on one end. How much pressure does it exert? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of kPa.
A ball is kicked along the ground from the origin and travels a distance of 45.5 m at an angle of 11.5ยบ below the x-axis. How far did the ball travel in the x-direction? m.
A block of mass 'm' slips on a rough horizontal table under the action of a horizontal force applied to it . the coefficient of friction between the block and the the table is 'u'. the table does not move on the floor .find the total friction force
A boy can hear sound having frequencies in the range 20Hz to 20000Hz. Calculate the longest wavelength, the boy can hear?
A boy is setting in front seat of bus moving with 30 miles per hour he throw a ball with a speed of 30 miles per hour. With what speed will it move?
A car tyre make contact with the ground on a rectangular surface area of 12cm x 18cm. if the car's mass is 1260kg and it's weight is 12600N,what pressure does the car exert on the ground
A charged insulator can be discharged by passing it just above a flame.explain how
A common pair of pliers has a place for cutting wires, bolts, or nails. Why is it so important that this cutter be located very near the plier's pivot?
A Find the velocity (magnitude and direction of the second ball)b.Was the collision elastic or inelastic?
A hoop strung to a spinning stick with a spring attached to it, how will the hoop move?
A mass M IS MOVING with a onstant velocity parallel to x axis . itts angular momentum with respect to origin is.....
A part of the china sea is 5968 fathoms deep. What is the depth in meters if one fathom is equivalent to 6 feet?
A pendulum is made of metal wire.what happens to the period if it is used during very hot conditions
A Pilot needs to travel 200 km/h [E]. The wind is blowing at 65 km/h [N 15 degrees W]. wha air speed and direction does the pilot need to reach his goal?
A satellite is always falling freely - how come it is always at the same height then?
A ship sails south a distance of 320 miles, then turns and sails northwest 190 miles. find the distance from home port and the direction in which the ship must sail to return.
A simple experiment to prove that light is a form of energy?
A weight is connected to a spring that is suspended vertically from the ceiling.
About one dimentional motion
Advantage of wavelength of light radiation
An athlete completes one round of a circular track of diameter 200m in 40seconds what will be the distance covered and the displacement at the end of 2 minutes 20seconds?
An athlete rotates his body before throwing the discus. give reasons?
An isolated metallic conductor is positively charged.then its mass is?
Angular velocity
Angular velocity
Any examples when energy is convert into matter?
Apart from mass and velocity,what else affects affects momentum?
Archimedes principle
Aristotle motion
Average speed
Baseball Question
Blazing spike ball
Calculate the acceleration due to gravity, g.
Calculate the speed of a car moving a distance of 150km in 3 hours.
Can a toroid be treated apoleless magnet?if,then how
Can all energies be converted into Mechanical Energy?
Can an object have a speed of zero and an acceleration of zero?
Can energy be converted into mass?
Can there be displacement of an object in the absence of any force acting on it
Can we behave like waves
Can we detect dark matter if it doesn't interact?
Can we have two coherent sources using two incandescent light bulbs? Give reason for your answer.
Cheetah speed
Circular motion
Cleveland and Chicago are 340 miles apart by train. Train A leaves Cleveland going west to Chicago at 1:00 PM, traveling at 60 mph. Train B leaves Chicago going east to Cleveland at 2:00 PM, going 45 mph. At what time do the two trains meet? How far are t
Cn three vectors of equl magnitude be combined to give a zero resultant? How about three vectors of unequal magnitudes? Prove you answer.
Compare and contrast progressive and stationary waves?
Conservation of Energy ?
Current in wire covered with carpet
Dc to Dc convertor using transistors how it works.??....
Ddetermine the maximum speed of that car can haave while moving over the crest without losing contact with the road
Decanting from one tank into another
Details about the moon
Detection of magnet?
Do cold objects contain heat energy. Explain
Do dark matter and dark energy exist?
Do photons have mass?
Do wormholes really exist?
Dodging the bullet
Does a cup of water boil at a different temperature than a large soup pot of water. Explain
Does a moving object have impulse?
Does time have a beginning and an end?
Double convex lens
Draw a diagram showing how the image is produced in a compound microscope
Effect on temprature at high altitude
Electrical energy
Elevator vs. Ground
Energy of spontanius creation of particles
Evidence indicates that the present expansion of the universe is slowing down?
Explain uniform acceleration?
Find the initial speed of the bullet?
Firework sparks hurt relative to tea?
Friction and velocity
Gases- how does the temperature of the walls of a container affect collisions?
Give an example of motion for which both acceleration and velocity are negative?
Give reasons - skis have a large area of contact with snow
Gravaitational Force
Gravity and inertia
Help me with physics homework?
How air resistance varies with higher velocities?
How can water be boiled in a papercup?
How can we convert energy into mass?
How do i find pressure
How do laminated beams work?

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