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Questions and Answers: Games

Welcome to Games Questions and Answers.

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Brainteasers | Codewords | Japanese Puzzles | Lateral thinking | Mazes | Number puzzles | Sudoku | Word puzzles

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4_4_4_4=20 use +,-,/,*
Are themed crossword puzzles hard to create?
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Does one hand clapping make a sound?
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How can I create a valid sudoku puzzle?
How can I create my own crossword?
How can I purchase nurikabe puzzles?
How can you become rich quick?
How do I create my own mazes?
How do I get out of a maze?
How do I write a program to create mazes?
How do you know if a number is divisible by three?
How do you play codewords?
How do you play hanjie?
How do you play masyu?
How do you play nurikabe?
How do you solve a cryptic crossword?
How is difficulty of a sudoku puzzle determined?
I am looking for a killer sudoku supplier; can you recommend one?
I like hanjie puzzles, where can I buy them?
I want to publish sudoku X puzzles; where can I buy these?
Is a maze the same as a labyrinth?
Is it important to be good at lateral thinking?
Is killer sudoku the same as calcudoku?
Is this statement is false true or false?
Should a maze only have one route from A to B?
Trying to figure out a number sequence!
What algorithm will create a sudoku puzzle?
What are continental crosswords like?
What are the best puzzles for kids?
What are the rules of hitori?
What are the rules of kakuro?
What are the rules of sudoku?
What are the rules of the game bridges?
What does a fully crossed crossword mean?
What is a blank out crossword?
What is a blockword?
What is a calcudoku puzzle?
What is a cryptic crossword?
What is a double crossword?
What is a fallen letter crossword?
What is a link word puzzle?
What is a maze?
What is a missing vowels puzzle?
What is a skeleton crossword?
What is a split decision crossword?
What is a word square puzzle?
What is an extra region sudoku?
What is an isosudoku?
What is battle ships?
What is calcudoku?
What is fillomino?
What is hashi-o-kakero?
What is Jigsaw Sudoku?
What is kakuro?
What is Killer Sudoku X?
What is lateral thinking?
What is number link?
What is Sudoku X?
What is the clues in squares puzzle?
What is the countdown conundrum?
What is the hardest form of sudoku?
What is the hardest lateral thinking puzzle?
What is the last sequesnce number?
What is the least number of givens for a valid sudoku puzzle?
What is the most famous lateral thinking puzzle?
What is the US crossword style grid like?
What is the X-wing solving strategy for sudoku?
What is two player sudoku?
What is zero divided by zero?
What letter is next in the sequence MAMJJAS?
What's the difference between nonograms, hanjie and griddler puzzles?
Where can I buy fillomino puzzles?
Where can I buy sudoku puzzles?
Where can I license kakuro puzzles to sell from?
Where can I play childrens puzzles?
Where can I play codewords online?
Where can I play lateral thinking puzzles?
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Who invented the Japanese puzzles range?
Who invented the word ladder puzzle?
Why are crossword grid symmetricals?
Word puzzles

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