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Questions and Answers: Chemistry

Welcome to Chemistry Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

acids and alkalis | chemical tests | chemistry and equations | chemistry exam questions | chemistry glossary | compounds | environmental chemistry | famous names | formulae | ions | miscellaneous chemistry | reactions | the atom | the elements

Top questions in this category:

highest ionization energy
how is the father of chemistry?
A double salt used for the sedimentation of muddy water
A weak acid?
Acidic & basic media
Are chemists paid well?
Calculate the quantity of electricity used if a current of 1.5 amperes was passed through a cell containing M3+ ions on metal M for 15 minutes, the mass of the cathode increased by 0.26g..
Calculate the volume occupied by a mixture of 0.5 mol of propane and 1.5mol of butane gases at room temperature and pressure?
Can green tea react with either DNA or calcium chloride?
Carbon and Elements
Cathode role in EC
Chemical bond
Chemical bonding
Chemical reactions
Common examples for acids, bases and salts
Compound show colours,why?
Compunds acidic to red litmus paper when dissolved in water
Copper metal dissolves in concentrated trioxonitrate(V)acid with the resultant evolution of
Describe the structure of aluminium metal and explain why it conducts electricity?
Disadvantages of ion exchange resins
Distinguish nitrate and nitrite.
Does a persons density stay the same on the moon as on earth and why?
Electron affinity
Explain why automobile maker might want to replace steel parts with plastic parts?
Formula of time period of simple pendulum
From the following which have maximum bond angle 1.CH4 2.SCL2
Galvanic cells
Gibbs free energy and emf
How can the boiling point of water be changed?
How do you convert a equation?
How do you find the pH and % dissociation for the following question?
How do you solve equations in chemistry?
How do you test for starch?
How do you use a periodic table
How does nutrient dynamics changes in sea water
How does pH paper work?
How is glass made?
How is temperature and tide depended?
How many atom in 5g of nitrogrn
How many atoms are in 1 mole of copper?
How many pairs of electons do the two oxygen atoms in a oxygen molecule share with each other?
How many radial nodes?
How many unpaired electrons are in a p subshell that is filled with 4 electrons?
How manynumber of spin allowed transitions in [NH4][V(H2O)6].6H2O IS ?
How to compare strong and weak acid and base?
How to get
I m doing the home work on stoichiometry
Inner transition element
Is electron the smalest particle? as there is no limit for the biggest particle say universe, there will not be a least size for a matter no?
Is there a spot test to detect chemicals in a tire?
Its about plastic
Life and chemical reaction.
Lowest ionization energy.
Natural cycles of the environment
Out of word and symbolic equation,which is more informative?
PH of 10^-8(M) HCl soln.
Phosphoric acid
Please tell me about the chroming process?
Preparing salts
Quantum Set
Stability of ion
Strongest acid
Sulfuric acid can be prepared starting with the sulfide ore (Cu2S). if each S atom in CuS leads to one molecules of H2SO4. what mass of H2SO4 can be produced from 3.00 of CuS?
Technique used such as Filtration,distillation,crystallization, or extraction
Tell me why
The oxidation number of Cl in ClO3- is a) -1 b)+7 c)+5 d)+3 e)none of the above
There is a theoretical cold point at 0 Kelvin. Is there a theoretical hot point at which something cant get any hotter?
Transition element
Water relation to the mercury
What are the types of base that is used in the laboratory?
What are differences?
What are IUPAC rules of nomenclature for alkanes?
What are the causes of color change in organic substances?
What are the IUPAC rules for nomenclature of Alkanes?
What are the most common elements in living things?
What are the properties of metals
What are the three most abundant hexoses?
What causes lightning?
What colour does litmus paper turn in acid?
What colour does litmus paper turn in alkali?
What do all plastics have in common?
What do volcanic emissions consist of?
What do you mean by titration reaction?
What does chromatography mean and what is a colloid?
What does litmus paper test for?
What does pH paper test for?
What does Z mean in chemistry?

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