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Questions and Answers: Cleaning

Welcome to Cleaning Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

cleaning furniture | cleaning glass | cleaning gold | cleaning jewellery | cleaning silver | cleaning skins | cleaning steel | cleaning toilets | clothing stains | drain cleaning | food and drink stains | general stains | general tips | grease | kitchen cleaning | makeup and dirt stains | oil and dirt stains | pen and ink stains | removing gum | sweat stains

Top questions in this category:

How do you get sweat stains off a white blouse?
Black ink
Can I have some tips on cleaning jewellery?
Can someone tell me how to clean the rough side of sandblasted glass?
Can you tell me how to remove candle wax from clothing please?
Clean a Chrome Shower drain that is stained by bleach
Cleaning a frosted glass sink
Cleaning a leather chair
Cleaning a stained heater/radiator
Cleaning Belfast sink
Cleaning Brushed Stainless Steel
Cleaning carpet
Cleaning mud off a polyester p.e kit.
Cleaning of sealant
Cleaning satin material
Combination microwave
Deep fat fryers
Furniture marks on carpet.
Getting tobacco stains out of white jeans
Gumm destroys your clothing
Hi how do i get felt tip pen out of my white leather sofa?
Hi I have a ton of gothic - chrome studded belts - all the studs need cleaning as they have been in storage for a while, what is the best thing to use so I don't damage the leather belts?
Hi. How do I clean the concrete sidewalks/entrance way to the restaurants where I work? They are very stingy on chemicals. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
How can I clean a dirty vase?
How can I clean a frosted glass panel, which has residue from another cleaning product on it which won't shift?
How can I clean an oil stain from a wool jumper?
How can i clean detergent stain off melamine that has not been wiped off and left to run
How can I clean dirty marks from theedge of my cream carpets?
How can I clean drains?
How can i clean halloween make-up off of leather?
How can I clean my aluminium sink that's been stained by liver of sulphur?
How can I clean shoe marks from the kitchen floor?
How can I clean tarnished gold?
How can i clean the inside of my toaster???
How can I clean the inside of the glass cooker door without scratching it?
How can I clean the outside of a refrigerator that is of textured material?
How can I clean white chocolate off a brown leather settee?
How can I clean wood stain off metal window?
How can I degrease and clean a deep fryer?
How can i get a biro stain out of a leather settee?
How can i get a water ring mark of melamine furniture?
How can i get a watermark out from an antique fabric chair after I tried to get a chocolate mark out with soap and water?
How can i get biro pen out of nubuck leather?
How can I get Blutack off carpet?
How can I get chewing gum off the carpet?
How can i get curry stains out of my fav jumper?
How can i get dye off my jeans off my suede boots?
How can I get my oven glass doors clean?
How can I get red crayon off a marble tub wall ?
How can i get rid of a stain of my walnut coffee table made by a hot cup?
How can I get rid of biro and felt top pens marks from my laminated table?
How can I get rid of red candle wax stains on my beige leather sofa? there is no lumps of wax, just the stains from my hands!
How can I get rid of tea stains in bone china cups?
How can I get rid of the smell of curry which emanates into a back bedroom from my neighbour's kitchen?
How can i get rid of tobacco smell on my leather settee?
How can I get rid of tough stains?
How can I get sparkling silver?
How can I hide burn marks on wood?
How can I make my towels fluffy again?
How can i remove an alcohol stain or juice stain from a brown leather sofa?
How can I remove an iron scorch from carpet?
How can i remove carpet tape from our carpet?
How can i remove curry stain from a cream leather sofa?
How can i remove curry stains from a white kitchen counter top?
How can I remove fruit roll up from my sofa?
How can I remove grouting residue after tiling?
How can I remove hair dye from a leather couch?
How can I remove make-up/foundation from a jumper?
How can I remove paint from my red leather sofa?
How can I remove permanant red marker from a quilt?
How can i remove pollen stain from my top, which has already been washed?
How can i remove red wax crayon from my white leather sofa?
How can i remove super glue from my diamond gold ring without damaging the metal (gold)?
How can I unblock my sink?
How can i wash my 100% wool rug myself or do i have to take it to the dry cleaners ?
How do I remove a grease/oil stain from a leather settee?
How do i brighten & clean up my new CREAM leather sofa?
How do i bring the shine back to my leather sofa?
How do I clean a curry stain?
How do I clean a tin record album box - it resembles a movie canister - that's tarnished with fingerprints?
How do i clean burn marks off a brick driveway?
How do i clean chewing gum off a leather settee?
How do i clean cuticle oil off of material settee?
How do I clean my sink?
How do i clean my tabacco stained leather sofa's
How do I clean oil from block brick driveway?
How do I clean red and black face paint off of a beige sofa (not leather)?
How do I clean RED face paint off a BEIGE carpet?
How do I clean spilt red ink from my beige carpet?
How do i clean stainless steele ornamental swords.
How do i clean water stains of an awning outside,leaving water proof inside
How do I get a biro mark off a red suede bag which is brand new?
How do i get a coffee stain off a white kitchen wall?
How do I get a Lilly stain out of a curtain
How do I get a scorched marble counter top clean
How do I get black biro pen out of my cream canvass sofa?
How do i get blue tack out of a carpet?

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