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Questions with No Answers

Here is a list of all the questions in the Questions and Answers section that our readers have asked, but no-one has yet been able to answer.

If you are able to help, then please click on a question below then choose 'please send it to us'.

Native American History
32 is 40% of what number?
38 degree F ice???
50 digit number divisible by 2 power 50?
A bag contains 15 marbles, some red, some green, and some blue. Three Fifths (3/5) of the marbles are red. The number of blue and green marbles are the same. What is the probability of removing a green marble followed by a red marble without replacing
A boy can hear sound having frequencies in the range 20Hz to 20000Hz. Calculate the longest wavelength, the boy can hear?
A common school question
a man sold an article for Rs.6270 and lost 1/20 of cost price. find the cost price?
advantage of wavelength of light radiation
Airport Management - career opportunities
algebra question & answer
ambiguous case, find CA
an athlete completes one round of a circular track of diameter 200m in 40seconds what will be the distance covered and the displacement at the end of 2 minutes 20seconds?
aristotle motion
associative property
bloood pressure
Calculating contribution of increase/decreasing in %profit
Can all energies be converted into Mechanical Energy?
Can humans polariate cells within them selfves
Can we have two coherent sources using two incandescent light bulbs? Give reason for your answer.
Can weight be taken as a measure of force?
choosing the right agencie
complete the sequence
complete the sequence
consecutive numbers
considering the summary equation for photosynthesis, what is the basis for the change in color observed
describe the physiology of muscle contraction
do all numbers like individual being, is unique and has special role to play in this world ?
do all objects in the universe with mass, fall uniformally?
Do others see the world as i see it?
drill steam is a ...... steel bar generally 10-20ft long
Edict of Nantes and Galileo\'s Letter
enlightment and great awakening
error 25099
French invasion of Russia in 1812
Goosberry Bush
herbs and flowers
Hip replacement
how are seeds dispeersed?
how are volcanoes,earthquake formed
How can i get rid of an ulcer?
How Can I Make My Boobs Smaller??Or At Least Look Smaller??
How can i pick the perfect dog for a family and perswade my dad?
How can I pick the perfume that suits me?
how can i solve this term of fraction?
how can water be boiled in a papercup?
How did the Division of Labor make the Early Farmers succesful?
how do i get him to kiss me?
how do you get electrons to shoot at atoms
How do you know that you know?
How do you linearize this equation?
How Does temperature affect the frequency of an organ pipe?
how does this loss make a magnesium more stable?
How sure are you that you are sure?
how to clean dried glue from satin shoes
how to do crochet?
how to keep ur face soft?
How to merge two functions to find any result in between those two functions
how to solve 8p=24
How to solve matrices of higher order?
how to un-seize a silver salt cellar that has damp salt in it.
how u can answer it the way of solving?
how was the greek and persian civilizations similiar
How/Why does Heat create kinetic energy in molecules of an object?
I don\'t know how to gain his attention again?
I have a boyfriend but I met this new guy.. HELP PLZZ!!!
I need help with an exam question its fro homework, how would i be able to work it out and answer it?
If a boulder fells off a cliffit would lose all its potential energy when it lost its height, and it would losee all its kinetic energy when it hit the ground and stopped moving. If energy is always conserved and can never be created or destroyed, where d
if it is dawn in the eastern united states ,what is it in the western united states? why?
if page 1 has sticker, page2 has 2 sticers, there are 3 stickers for page 1 and 2 in total, so how about the total stickers for up to page 31
if two protons are removed from an oxygen nucleus, the result is?
If warm air rises, which it does, then why is it cold at the top of a mountain?
Im wanting to build a pond
Is inertia a fundamental aspect of our reality?
Is it even possible?
Is it possible for a body to have two dimensional velocity but one dimensional acceleration?
Is it possible to make cars to transform into robots?
is mineral a resource?
Is the spark plug in an Internal Combustion Engine the transducer?
is there any relation between cell membrane and cell being cancer itself .. and if there what is it ?
Joule-Kelvin effect
kettle cleaning inside
Lever force
Marketing definitions
mathematical problem on sequence
maths question
Mechanical Energy must start with a Potential Energy?
Name the high energy molecule produced during photopsynthesis
numericals to show that displacement is either less than or equal to distance
offspring blood types
On a farm there are 350 sheep, 50 bulls and 30 horses. What fractin of the livestock are cattle
pop. growth
Potential to Kinetic Energy of expanded gas via internal combustion [engine].
Radial Forces
relation between work and force
remote sensing and its features
selling price at specific gross profit
should I be concerned
suppose R denotes the relation on the set of people such that: if \'x\' and \'y\'are people and x is older than Y.Prove or disprove that R is a partial ordered set.
Temperature to pressure calculation
The 6th term of an A p is 35 and the 13th term is 77.Find the 20th term
The big one!!
the number which best fits this sequence
The Probabilities of three students will not show up for class on a cold winter day are 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4.
The school of a boy from his home in 1km to the east.when he reached back his home he says that he had travell?
There are 12 000 supporters at a football match. 10 000 are home supporters and the rest are away supporters. Complete the ratio of home supporters to away supporters.
Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet that was called what?
to make 70% gross profit on a product that costs £1.00
Trying to figure out a number sequence!
two sums 1. what is £25.31 less 5.8% 2. What is £30.96 less 5.8%
upon what two factors does the classification of igneous rocks depend?
Using y=x2-kx+c, show the x -coordinates of the centre of the parabol-arc has the value: k/2
Venn Diagram Probability
Volume of curve rotated around x-axis
want my body perfect
water relation to the mercury
What are grafted tomato plants
what are plombiers and willafranka treaties?
What are the necessary steps to owning a cable TV channel?
what are the numbers
What clothes should i wear if i am too fat to fit in anything?
what comes next
what did the 13 colonies decide to do with the British?
What do I do with Lillies?
what do you understand by achromatic aberration?
what do you understand by motion of translation and rotation
What do you understand by thy tearm \'OROGENISES\'?
what does this / mean in question below and your answer
What food should I be eating everyday?
what goes on with Oxygen and Gasoline in an Engine to make it combust?
what happens if the plasma membrane breaks down?
What happens to the ovum?
What is 3/4 as a decimals
what is a device that convert ANALOGUE signals to DIGITAL signals?
what is L
what is scaterring of light into its componet colors ?
what is the earths mantle made up of
what is the full form of \" I N R I\"
What is the percentage increase from 86 to 135?
what is the principle behind the working of stirling engine?
What is the product of 900 and 7
what is the weight of a steel plate
what is there 237 of in the world?
What is there inside black hole?
what makes a parachute come down slowly and the nut falling with a thud?
what type of wave created by a pebble in a pond ?
whatis 75% of 680 and how do i get the answer.
when ice melts(decreasing its volume),is the internal energy change greater of lesser than the heat added?
who ordered the cherokee to be removed?
Who was William Butler Yeats?
why all the deserts are situated on western margins of the continents?
Why an atom has got no charge?
Why is cell-membrane differentially permeable?
why the oocyte divide into two unequal cells?
Wind Chimes
windows sticker
Worrying me! Positivetyness.
write 5 rational numbers between 2 and 3