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Questions and Answers: Money

Welcome to Money Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

banking | bonds | credit cards | miscellaneous money | pensions | saving and investing | tax | wills

Top questions in this category:

Are credit card companies allowed to vary how long I have to pay the bill?
Are credit cards better than using cash?
Are premium bonds a good purchase?
Are store credit cards worth getting for the initial discount?
Can i keep a windfall
Do high street banks represent poor money?
Do I have to keep credit card statements?
How can I afford a house?
How can I best save my money?
How can I find the best interest rate?
How can I get better at managing my money?
How do I bank my savings for a down payment on a house?
How do I find the best credit card for me?
How do I make a will?
How many £1 coins are available in circulation today?
How much is my house worth?
How much money should I invest in stocks and shares?
I didn't get a credit card bill in the post but got charged interest what can I do?
Is equity release a good idea?
Is house price data in the UK free to access?
Is it a bad idea to keep on doing a credit card balance transfer?
Is it a good idea to buy on credit cards?
Is it legal to charge interest on an entire credit card balance?
Should I get an ISA or not?
Tax deduction
What are my legal rights with credit card purchases?
What is a 0% credit card?
What is a buy to let mortgage?
What is a guarantor mortgage and is it a good idea?
What is a interest only mortgage?
What is a repayment mortgage?
What is an annual bonus on a bank account?
What is equity release?
What is the attraction of an ISA?
When was a monetry system first used in england?
Where can I find house price data?
Which banks have the best savings interest rates?
Which do i pay
Who is responsible?
Why are fsa paying interest up to 2011 (in some cases)for fixed rate Icesave accounts but only until default date for ISAs and easy access accounts?Seems inconsistent.
Why are interest rates so high on credit cards?
Why are savings rates so low in the UK?

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