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Questions and Answers: Entertainment

Welcome to Entertainment Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

Business TV | celebrities | Entertainment and wealth | Fame | fiction | Film and TV production | influence of films and TV | Juggling and Clowns | Miscellaneous entertainment | Pop stars and singers | radio DJs | Television | TV show questions

Top questions in this category:

Are celebrities nice or horrible in person?
Are ITV doing X-factor in 2010?
Are TV jobs based on talent or looks these days?
Do any beasts like seen in the movies really exist?
Do kids emulate what they see on violent films?
Do people believe what they see on TV?
Does it feel good to actually be famous?
Does the action sequences performed iN World Wrestling Entertainment are choreographed as in cinemas or performed really on the spot?
Does the BBC iplayer mean you don't need a license fee any more?
Has TV ruined families?
Having a very good health how did Bruce Lee die suddenly?
How can I become a celebrity?
How can I become a radio DJ?
How can I become famous?
How can I find a band to join?
How can I get a job in television?
How can I get more Facebook friends?
How can I get on a TV show?
How can I get on Dragons Den TV show?
How can I get to meet my favourite celebrity?
How can I learn to juggle?
How did animation used to work?
How did Peter Jones get rich?
How do all these small cable channels make enough to keep broadcasting?
How do I contact a singer off X-Factor?
How do I get a job in video editing?
How do I get into TV production?
How do I get on the Apprentice?
How do I get on X-Factor?
How do I get onto Britain's Got Talent?
How do I solve the isis puzzle?
How do paper aeroplanes fly?
How do you contact a pop star?
How has technology influenced the last century?
How is Andrew Lloyd Webber so rich?
How many children does Jennifer Lopez have?
How much do you earn as a TV producer?
How much does a television presenter get paid?
How much does it cost to advertise on television?
How much does the Apprentice earn?
How much was Jonathan Ross paid by the BBC?
I don't want to be infront of camera but want to work in TV - ideas?
I made my own film where can I submit it to?
I want to be famous how do I do it?
I wrote a film script who can I send it to?
I'm in love with a celebrity, what should I do?
If Simon Cowell does American X-Factor when will the British one be?
If you are popular on YouTube can you have a career in TV?
Is a band like the Sugababes really the same band when only one member is left?
Is Alan Sugar still doing the Apprentice?
Is Alesha Dixon a good judge on Strictly Come Dancing?
Is film production a competitive area to get into?
Is it better to contribute to society or be famous?
Is it harder for older women to work in television?
Is it possible to start a film production company?
Is it true the Harry Potter novels are not original?
Is it wrong to watch TV whilst eating?
Is Louise Redknapp on So you think you can dance?
Is Louise Redknapp still singing?
Is Oprah Winfrey rich?
Is television advertising effective for a business?
Is there any fast-track route to television presenting?
Most Miss Universe winners come from where?
Should famous celebrities be nicer to fans?
Was Dido known before that Eminem song?
What are the necessary steps to owning a cable TV channel?
What clubs in London do celebrities go to?
What does a contortionist do?
What does business casual mean?
What does it mean to have a face for radio?
What does Lego mean?
What does the M in MTV mean?
What happened to Dom Joli off the comedy show?
What ideas are there for a Sweet 16 party?
What is a magic square?
What is anime?
What is better to be beautiful or to be clever?
What is David Tennant's real name?
What is Madonna's most famous song?
What is Mariah Carey's most famous song?
What is Paula Abdul on about in American Idol?
What is the Apprentice interview process like?
What is the kenken puzzle?
What is the most popular puzzle in Japan?
What is the role of a TV producer?
What is video editing?
What makes a good piece of fiction?
What makes one actor a success and another a failure?
What was the company that edited footage of the Queen wrongly?
Where can I get celebrity autographs?
Where can I get celebrity emails?
Where can I improve my mental arithmetic?
Who are the Dragons in the Dragons Den?
Who are the jersey boys
Who are the judges on Oliver?
Who are the judges on Strictly Come Dancing?
Who are the presenters of MasterChef?
Who does the voiceovers on Talking Heads?
Who has the most friends on Facebook?

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