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Questions and Answers: English

Welcome to English Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

becoming a writer | english glossary | famous writers | parts of speech | poets

Top questions in this category:

Beauties. What is the animate of beauties ? or A __ of beauties
Can you make money as an author?
How can I become a writer?
How can I improve my spelling?
How do I overcome writers block?
How do I plan a book?
How do I submit my manuscript for publication?
How to i get rid of marks that are left on my face by spots?
Is JK Rowling the richest author?
Is mystery falls under fiction or non-fiction
Johnny & the dead
Main features of metaphor and metonymy are?
Should I write a whole book before trying to get a publisher?
What are the past and past participle of these verbs?
What did William Shakespeare write?
What does writers block mean?
What is a cliche
What is a metaphor
What is a noun
What is a noun
What is a noun?
What is a portmanteau word?
What is a proverb
What is a simile
What is a spoonerism
What is a synonym
What is alliteration
What is an acronym
What is an adjective
What is anacoluthon
What is anadiplosis
What is anaphora
What is anastrophe
What is anthropomorphism
What is antiphrasis
What is antonomasia
What is aposiopesis
What is assonance
What is catachresis
What is chiasmus
What is circumlocution
What is double-entendre
What is dysphemism
What is epistrophe
What is epithet
What is equivoke
What is era?
What is euphemism
What is hyperbole
What is irony
What is logodaedely
What is malapropism?
What is metonymy?
What is onomatopoeia?
What is oxymoron?
What is palillogy?
What is paralipsis?
What is personification?
What is preciosity?
What is slang
What is syllepsis?
What is synecdoche?
What is the term used when people say the wrong word?
What is tmesis?
What is trope?
What is understatement?
What is zeugma?
What tips are there on being creative and writing?
What type of book is most popular?
Who is J K Rowling?
Who is the most famous writer?
Who was John Keats?
Who was William Butler Yeats?
Who was William Shakespeare?
Who was William Wordsworth?
Why is Charles Dickens so well read?

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