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Questions and Answers: Biology

Welcome to Biology Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

animal classification | atmosphere | bacteria | biology and molecules | biology exam questions | blood groups | bodily processes and functions | cells | children | circulation | environment | evolution | famous biologists | genes and DNA and ATP | genetic engineering | inheritance | life | memory | miscellaneous biology | organisms | parts of the body | photosynthesis | plants | radioactivity | scientific method | spiders | sponges | virus

Top questions in this category:

Sponges are made of what kind substances?
A gene in DNA is the code for what
A husband and wife have three children, two girls and a boy. The couple is expecting a fourth child. What is the likelihood that the child will be a boy? a. 100% b. 75% c. 50% d. 25%?
A spider would be in which kingdom?
A)Under what conditions,does a patient need to be on a drip of glucose? b)Till when does a patient need to be given glucose? c)How does glucose help the patient recover?
AP Biology Question ? Neeed helllp..now!!!!!
Atp purpose in muscles
Biological macromolecules
Blood groups are examples of wat in inheritance in humans
Blood types-mendels genetic idea
By what process do organisms change over time?
Can an ant be an offspring of a fly?
Can humans polariate cells within them selfves
Can two black haired people have a ginger haired baby?
Cell Cycle in plant and animal cells?
Cell death that is genetically programmed is known as
Cell strucutre and function
Circulation in humans?
Cloning to produce embryonic stem cell is called what?
Compare and contrast
Composition of blood in humans?
Considering the summary equation for photosynthesis, what is the basis for the change in color observed
Cortex vs. Secondary Phloem in Carrot
Cyanide differs from dinitrophenol in that??
Describe how the different types of muscles move?
Describe the basic steps in the Scientific Method using an example. Why are controls necessary in the scientific method?
Describe the physiology of muscle contraction
Describe the six type of element?
Determine the length of one starch grain found inside the cells of a potato tuber, given that the cells are magnified 860 times?
Determining genotypes
Digestion of sucrose
Discuss the effect of light on photosynthesis?
Discuss the uses of enzymes?
Do beetles have bones?
Do you believe that malaria generates from chimpazees?
During the light reactions of photosynthesis, the electron carrier is charged with what?
Each organism has a unique combination of characteristics encoded in molecules of
Endoplasmic reticulum?
Even though red-green color blindness is a recessive trait, can a female have red-green color blindness?
Explain how radioisotopes could be used to determine whether intestinal cells or osteoblasts lack the ability to process calcium in a person with osteoporosis
Explain how radioisotopes could be used to determine whether intestinal cells or osteoblasts lack the ability to process calcium in a person with osteoporosis
F+ F- F and HFR Cells
Gene expression / inheritance
Genetic engineering
Goitre is common in hilly areas why?
Gravity on plants
Groups of atoms that carry out chemical reactions are known as what?
How are action potentials relayed?
How are living things classified?
How are male gametes formed?
How are seeds dispeersed?
How are spores different from pollen?
How are unicellular organisms similar to multicellular organisms?
How are water and salt molecules maintained in the body
How big is a Venus?
How can Natural Selection Be Best defined?
How could vestigial structures like the whale pelvis and femur contribute to the theory of evolution?
How did life first begin?
How do base-pairing rules explain Chargaff's rules?
How do drugs put you to sleep?
How do frogs breathe under water?
How do tortoise breath under water
How do trees reproduce
How do we grip?
How does a virus replicate itself?
How does homeostasis work to keep acceptable levels when exerciseing
How does memory work?
How does this loss make a magnesium more stable?
How hard
How is a terrapin differrent to a tortoise?
How is energy released from an ATP molecule?
How is fruit different to vegetables?
How is milk pasteurised?
How is propulsion ensured in rabbit
How is temperature related to kinetic energy?
How is the gall bladder informed of the arrival of the chyme?
How is the movement of nerve impulses in the inner ear passed to the auditory nerve?
How many cells are in the human body?
How many mass extinctions have there been?
How many neutrons are found in an atom of cobalt-60?

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