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Questions and Answers: Astronomy

Welcome to Astronomy Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

asteroids | big bang | black holes | comets | extraterrestrial life | galaxies | gravity and light | miscellaneous astronomy | moons | planet earth | planets and astronomy | space and time | space exploration | space phenomena | stars | the sun | UFOs | universe

Top questions in this category:

Are stars important
Are we alone in the universe?
Bing bang
Could we divert a comet from impacting the earth?
Crescent moon
Describe Venus' atmosphere?
Did life come from a comet?
Did life come to earth on a comet?
Did water come from comets?
Distance of saturn from the sun?
Do all objects in the universe with mass, fall uniformally?
Do black holes really exist?
Do galaxies interact?
Does non carbon based life exist somewhere in the universe?
Does Saturn or other moons are related to the word Satellite
Does time stop at an event horizon?
Earth formation
How big is our planet earth
How big is the universe?
How big is Venus?
How can space expand faster than the speed of light?
How did life begin on earth?
How did the moon form?
How do clouds form?
How do moons stay in orbit?
How do we find out about the history of earth?
How do we know how many days to have in a year?
How does gravity affect life on Pluto?
How does gravity work?
How far away from earth is space?
How far from earth is the moon?
How fast is the solar wind?
How have some stars had time to die since the universe began?
How hot is the core of Venus?
How hot is the mantle of Venus?
How is saturn like earth?
How is Venus different to earth?
How is Venus like Earth?
How long does a day last?
How long does a month last?
How long is a day on saturn?
How long is a year on Saturn?
How long is it until our solar system ceases to exist?
How many black holes are there?
How many earths can fit into Jupiters great red spot?
How many moons doe Ceres have?
How many moons does Jupiter have?
How many moons does Mars have?
How many moons does Neptune have?
How many moons does Saturn have?
How many moons does Uranus have?
How many planets are in the new solar system?
How many planets are now in the solar system?
How many planets are there in the solar system?
How many stars are there in the whole universe?
How old is the earth?
How old is the universe?
How was the moon formed?
I am doing a project on space and i need to know how many moons venus has.
I have no advanced knowledge of physics or math, but it does seem to me that there are repeated patterns in the universe and I wonder if "the big crunch" and what happens in a black hole may be versions of the same pattern?
I need to know more about it
I saw a bright star low but not too low in the northwest but i dont know which star it is nor in which constellation, it was flashing from red to blue, could you tell which star it is please?
I would like to see our solar system plane related to our galactic plane, and our position in the orion spiral arm?
If a human was to float in space and he look up would there be other planets on top of the planets in out galaxy?
If aliens exist then where are they?
If gravity only attracts mass and If light doesnt have mass why does it appear to bend when passing a planet ?
IF we form a tunnel between two poles of the earth and then there is a free fall of a marble through that tunnel ;what happens?
Is belief in aliens a matter of faith?
Is Pluto really a planet?
Is the gravitational pull on an object equalised if the object is at the centre of a planet, ie surrounded by the mass of the planet which is creating the gravity?
Is the Moon escaping the earth?
Is there life elsewhere in the solar system?
Is there water in moon rock?
Is this object Nemesis or Niburu?
Is water consumpstion less in space
Mars is closest to the earth when it is in?
The area where all the water flows into a river
The big one!!
The brightest stars in a young open cluster will be/
Velocity Of light?
What are all the objects in the earth that can be seen from the moon?
What are asteroids like?
What are gamma ray bursts?
What are good words starting with s,a,t,u,r and n discribing saturn
What are shooting stars?
What are the chances we will ever make contact with other species?
What are the compositions of neptune?
What are the names of Jupiter's moons?
What are the names of Mars' moons?
What are the names of Saturns moons?
What are the rings of Saturn made of?
What are UFOs?
What came before the Big Bang?
What causes the great red spot of Jupiter?
What colour is the moon?
What created the moon?
What did earth used to be like in the past?
What does supernova mean?
What does the word apogee mean?

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