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Questions and Answers: Music

Welcome to Music Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

composing | drama | famous musicians | instruments | jazz | lyric writing | music practice | playing by ear | reading music | selling music

Top questions in this category:

About how many times would you have to enlarge a cheek cell to make it the same diameter as a tennis ball?
Can you give me some tips on lyric writing?
How can I add drama and tension to my music?
How can I compose a song?
How can I create a power source for a speaker?
How can I find words that rhyme for lyrics?
How can I get better at playing my favourite instrument?
How can I learn to play by ear?
How can I learn to play jazz?
How can I learn to sight read music?
How can I sell my music online?
How is the scale of a song determined?
How should I practice piano?
How should I prepare for a music exam?
Is it possible to make cars to transform into robots?
What does variation and theme mean in music?
What is a breve?
What is a crotchet?
What is a minim?
What is a quaver?
What is a semibreve?
What is an octave?
When writing a song i can get verses ok but can sometimes struggle with choruses and middle eights is ther any formula that i could work with to resolve this problem at times.
Where can I get ideas and inspiration for writing music?
Where can i upload music to create a url?

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