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Questions and Answers: Jobs

Welcome to Jobs Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

finding a job | ideas | jobs and confidence | networking

Top questions in this category:

How can I build confidence at interview?
How can I find the best job for me?
How can I get a job as a web designer?
How can I get an executive level job?
How can I learn to network better?
How can I stop being nervous at interviews?
How similar to another show do you need to be to be in danger of copying it?
I have a good idea for a tv show. An independant production company wants me to pitch them it, but I dont want them to steal it. Is there anyway I could protect my idea whilst still pitching it? Thanks in advance for your answers.
I have an idea for a TV show what should I do?
I have been told to network but I'm shy what can I do?
If I send my TV show idea to Simon Cowell will he reply?
Is confidence more important than competence in finding a job?
Is online networking a waste of time?
Is perception more important than performance in large companies?
Is reality TV going to be as big in the 2010s?
My media studies project is to come up with a new TV show help?
Offshore work
The bigger the network the better: true or false?
What are competency based interview questions?
What can I do to help me find work?
What is networking?
What is the best form of networking?
What is the salary for each potential career?
What TV production companies are there?
Where can I find a job?
Where can I market my CV to recruiters?
Who should I pitch a television show idea to?
Why are TV shows so formulaic these days?
Why do less qualified people get better jobs than me?
Why should I do business networking?
Will the job market be better in 2010 in the UK?

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