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Questions and Answers: Travel

Welcome to Travel Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

Flying | Foreign languages | Health whilst travelling | Holidays in America | Holidays in Britain | Holidays in France | Holidays in Germany | Holidays in Ireland | Holidays in Italy | Holidays in Spain | Holidays in Sweden | Packing | Travel fears | Visas

Top questions in this category:

Can i pack food eg meats in my suitcase to Lanzarotte
Can I take sharp objects abroad when going by air?
Can you take liquids on an aeroplane?
Do i have to get a vaccination in thailand?
How can I avoid DVT when flying?
How can I best pack my suitcase?
How can I find my suitcase easier at the airport?
How can I keep the kids quiet whilst travelling?
How can I make sure I don't forget to take things on holiday?
How can I overcome fear of flying?
How can I overcome travel sickness?
How can I remember what I need for holiday?
How can I weigh my suitcase before travelling?
How long does it take to get a emergency new zealand passport while you are in the uk
Iv recently come home from living in new zealand . i want to go back but have used my visa , how do i go about going back??
My wife and i both retired, would like to visit Canada total 21 days, tavelling by train across Canada East to West say 5 days. First 5 days Toronto and area. Destination Vancouver and possible remainder of time there ? We live in the UK.
What are the must see sites in Amsterdam?
What are the must see sites in Barcelona?
What are the must see sites in Cardiff?
What are the must see sites in Dublin?
What are the must see sites in Edinburgh?
What are the must see sites in London?
What are the must see sites in Madrid?
What are the must see sites in Stockholm?
What causes travel sickness?
What colour London underground tube line is which?
What is DVT?
What is there to do in Rome?
What must I do when in Paris?
What should I take on holiday?
Which is much better place malasiya or china
Why are Northern Light Holidays so popular ?
Will anyone speak English in Germany?

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