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Questions and Answers: Diy

Welcome to Diy Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

alarms | around the house | carpets | cement | cracks | curtains | drilling | fireplace | glass | glue | lighting | miscellaneous DIY | painting and decorating | radiators | screws | tiles | toilets | wallpaper

Top questions in this category:

Can ceramic tiles be fitted outdoors?
Can i tile on top of existing tiles?
Can you cement wall tiles directly onto plasterboard without having the board skimmed first?
Can you plaster over wet cement
Can you wallpaper over tin foil
Central heating radiator temperature
Copper pipe
Damp proofing and insulation
Dampness around the house and clothing?
Doors not flush when they close
Drill steam is a ...... steel bar generally 10-20ft long
Everytime we flush our wc it makes banging sounds that can go on for a few mins at a time, what is causing this and how can I stop it. We have a combi boiler and gas central heating?
Fire place surrounds
Fixing screws into ceramic tiles
Gas cookers...diy
Hi, How can I remove glue residue from my wood steps? I removed the carpet and padding and they were left sticky. Thanks!
How can I check the water mains pressure?
How can i get Fake tan of my letaher seats in my car?
How can I keep my paint in good condition?
How do I build a porch? Where do I start?
How do I change a burglar alarm battery?
How do I change the level of water flow into the toilet cistern to stop ot overflowing
How do I clean my glass oven door?
How do I cure cracked and flaking paint on my kitchen walls?
How do I drill a hole in stone tiles?
How do I fit a shelf in a wardrobe?
How do i fix a hole in the wall?
How do I put a screw in a piece of wood?
How do i remove glue from a woolen jumper
How do I remove glue residue from my METAL bike?
How do I remove lino floor tiles easily, without leaving the backing of the tile behind on the floor?
How do I remove the stickiness (glue) left after removing a border (wall paper)?
How to do crochet?
How to install AC ducts?
How to level existing conc. slab for tool shed
How to open bottles e.g. jam, sauce, etc when is lid is tight and does not open?
How to paper window recess
I am installing towel rails onto mosaic tiles. Should I drill into the tile or the grout?
I need to hang a pair of shutter doors on the bathroom door frame. The door frame is metal. What type of screws do I use to put the hinge on the metal door frame? Is there a special technique for doing this?
I want to know what sort of paint I can use on my gas fire to spruce it up. It will get hot.
I wish to install an outside wall light can I run wiring along the outside wall ?
Is the spark plug in an Internal Combustion Engine the transducer?
Just built a redwood deck. Wood is very green. How long should I wait to put a preservative on the wood?
Landscaping ideas
Painting Kitchen Cabinets!
Picure rail
Removing paint from windows
Removing wood Stains from worktops
Roman blinds
Shower going hot and cold?
Super glue perpituity
Toilet seat won't stay up!
What causes condensation on windows and how can I prevent it?
What can you do to remove white mark from hot iron on a wood varnished coffee table?
What is assistant driller job while spudding
What sort of ladder do I need to be able to decorate my stairs from?
What sort of screws do I use to attach an antique door knocker to a upvc door?
When tiling a bathroom should you start at the top of the wall or the bottom?
Wheres the best place to drill through a Upvc window frame?
Why does an electric bulb fuse after certain time?
Wind Chimes
Wood floors

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