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Questions and Answers: Politics

Welcome to Politics Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

British Politics | Contacting MPs | Crime | Education | Freedom of information | Healthcare and politics | Judges and the law | Politicians | UK Political Parties | US Politics | Voting systems and elections

Top questions in this category:

BBC salaries and freedom of information act?
Can government operate without parties
How can I contact my MP?
How do you become PM?
How do you find who your MP is?
How do you know if something is in the interest of the public or not?
How do you make a freedom of information request?
How does the BBC get away with charging a license fee?
How does the Supreme Court influence politics?
How has the face of American Politics changed during the last election?
How many cases does Supreme Court decide in a year?
In what ways do political parties promote democracy?
Is it legal to protest against government policy?
Is too much information made available to the public these days?
Of all countries today, what is the number that are functioning democracies?
Should cabinet decisions and discussions be revealed under freedom of information?
Should government enquiries be in public or private?
What are conflicts within the American Political System?
What are the possible misuses of information made free?
What does my MP do for me?
What is a career politician?
What is a hung parliament?
What is an MP's surgery?
What is the average turnout for a British general election?
What is the freedom of information act?
What is the purpose of special policy advisers and what parts do they play in policy-making?
What role do third parties play in an election?
Who draws up Congressional District lines?
Who is in charge if the president and the vice president die?
Who takes over at president if the previous one was impeached?
Who will the Lib Dems support if there is a hung parliament in 2010 election?
Who will wing the 2010 General Election in Britain?
Why are jails in Britain so full?
Why are the Conservative party so unpopular?
Why didn't the BBC sack Jonathan Ross?
Why do judges earn more than teachers, and raise the taxes and we have to fight for education?
Why is Gordon Brown unpopular with the British people?
Why is it difficult for a new political party to get established in the UK?
Why is the African Hercules the African monster?
Why is the house of commons often called a talking shop?
Why won't Gordon Brown apologise?
Will any existing MPs get de-selected at the election due to the expenses scandal?
Will the expenses scandal increase turnout at the 2010 general election?

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