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Questions and Answers: Modelling

Welcome to Modelling Questions and Answers.

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Can I Model | Famous Models | Glamour | Model Statistics | Modelling Agencies | Modelling Photography | Modelling Portfolio | Modelling TV shows | Models and weight | Plus size

Top questions in this category:

Americas Next Top Model
Can a model be too thin?
Can a woman be a male fashion model?
Can you be a model if you don't have flawless skin?
Can you be a model with stretch marks?
Can you become a model if you are 24 size 8 ?
Can you do glamour modelling at 18,with lingerie on,if so where is the best place to start?
Can you really get scouted as a model in the street?
Choosing the right agencie
Could i be a model?
Did Lisa Snowdon used to be a model?
Do I have a chance at being a model?
Do model TV show winners go on to have a good career or disappear quickly?
Do you have to be a certain age to do catwalk modelling?
Do you know of any good modelling agencies within oxford area?
Estimate the number that each letter represents
Fuller Breast Modelling
How can I check a modelling agency is reputable?
How can i make my body like the models?
How can I make my modelling portfolio better?
How did it happen that models tend to be so thin and skinny?
How did Kate Moss get into modelling?
How do I get a modelling portfolio?
How do I find the best modelling agency?
How do you become a model what things do you have to do and when can you start?
How do you get a model portfolio like on America's Next Top Model?
How do you know if you can be a model??
How many countries is the next top model format shown in?
How much should a photographer be paying to take nude photos - does the model decide her own prices?
How tall do you need to be to model?
How tall is Cindy Crawford?
How tall is Kate Moss?
How tall is Naomi Campbell?
How tall is Sophie Dahl?
How tall is Tyra Banks?
I have read about a free photo test shoot. Do you think this is a con?
I have been promised modelling work by an agency. Should I sign up?
I have been scouted by a model management company with no joining fee but 60 to have pictures taken. Should I be suspicious?
I have had to pay 49 for modelling cards and CV is that ok?
I signed up for a modelling agency but got no work, why?
I want my child to be a model. Do they need a portfolio?
I want to be a teenage model but ive look all over and cant find anything - help?
I want to model, but I have a tattoo. Is this a problem?
I was wondering if you have lots of freckles on your face can you still be a model - I'm afraid to try modelling as I have them?
If you are borderline plus size should you slim down or try to do plus size?
Im 35, 27, 34 could i be a model?
Is appearance important to a model?
Is it even possible?
Is it ok for men to watch modelling TV shows?
Is it worth paying to join modelling school?
Is size or height important for modelling success?
Is the presenter of Canada's Next Top Model American?
I've just started my a levels at college, can I model at the same time?
Modeling ages
Modelling portfolio?
My modelling agency say I have to use their photographer. Why?
Should I pay to join a model agency?
Tyra Banks
What agencies do plus size modelling?
What decides whether a model becomes famous or not?
What is a portfolio?
What is an open call modelling audition?
What is finger modelling?
What is foot modelling?
What is the height required for male to become a model?
What is the wright weight for a teen model?
What size is a model who is plus size?
What sort of work is there for plus size models?
What's the difference between a model and a supermodel?
Where can I find modelling agencies?
Where can you find if you have the look to be a model?
Where do plus size models get the confidence from?
Which companies require a plus size model?
Who is the most famous model?
Who is the presenter of America's Next Top Model?
Who won Britain's Next Top Model?
Why are most models female, not male?
Why are there so many Brazilian models?
Why do modelling TV shows have models who don't meet standard requirements?
Why do models look better in photoshoots than in real life?
Why is it seen to be bad to be plus size in modelling world?
Why isn't modelling illegal because it discriminates on the basis of appearance?
Will modelling talent directories get me work?

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