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Questions and Answers: History

Welcome to History Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

battles | British history | historical names | kings and queens | miscellaneous history | specific events | US history | wars

Top questions in this category:

philosophic differences
Native American History
Three of the most important things that have happened in history?
1622 indian uprising
1920s girls
American revolution
British strategy for 1759-1760
Buffalo to hudson
Can i please know the top ten revolutionary persons in the world history so far?
Can you tell me a little about slavery during the American civil war?
Can you tell me about what the Colosseum in Rome was used for and when it was built?
Can you tell me, what is the exact controversy over gaza strip?
Dawes plan
Describe two way in which geography has influenced the people of south aisa
Did Daniel O'Connell go to jail in Kilmainham?
Did George Washington keep for himself land that was earmarked for his soldiers?
Did we copy anything from Egypt?
Does Elizabeth II have to legally leave her throne to Charles Prince of Wales?
Does Llywely deserve the big name?
During the civil war what advantages did each side have that may have led them to think they would win the war easily
During the early 1980s Conservatives objected to what they believed were excesses in?
Edict of Nantes and Galileo's Letter
Enlightment and great awakening
Explain the thinking behind the protest no taxation without representation?
Explanation of colonial administrative systems
Five major european powers from 1815-1847?
For how long do we elect senators?
For how long is the President elected?
French invasion of Russia in 1812
Gow did colonial leaders use the boston massacre as propaganda?
Help please
Help plzzz!!!!
How are the Celts dispersed?
How can preston be linked to the slave trade
How did agriculture differ in the north and south
How did American constitutionalism after 1776 differ from the British constitutional principles that the colonists had accepted and revered before 1776?
How did American foreign policy change as a result of the American experience in Vietnam?
How did armada helped elizabeth 1
How did early writing system like hieroglyphics and cuneiform help civilizations?
How did elizabeth became a powerfull queen even if she was not married
How did individuals, groups and institutions respond to the changes brought about by the depression of 1929-32?
How did life change for civilians during world war 2?
How did New Netherland become New York and New Jersey?
How did religious beliefs change in the 16 and 17 century
How did spanish settlers affect society in the new world?
How did the enlightment ideas contribute to the revolutionary mood in france?
How did the fire of London start?
How did the Royal Proclamation of 1763 alarm the colonist?
How did the second world war change American foreign policy between 1945 and 1960?
How did the smuggling courts created by the Sugar Act differ from the regular courts?
How did the urban political bosses control theit cities?
How did the USA obtain Louisana?
How did the war between britain and france effect washington's decision?
How do historians find history
How does Francisco de orellana die?
How is a Pope elected?
How many american presidents have there been
How many did bloody mary kill?
How many stars are on the american flag
How might the British have defended themselves aginst the charge that they continually provoked the Americans by violating their rights.
How was Marat assassinated?
How was the greek and persian civilizations similiar
Importance of understanding 'time' when studying history
In 1763 how did great britain try to end troubles with the native americans?
In the 1800s, the United States had a foreign policy of _______.
In what way did the court system support the goals and philophies of big industry in 1877-1900?
In what ways did the values shared by independent house-holders limit the reforms that the Revolution could offer to other Americans?
Indian ocean
Making Inferences
Man passed fromfood-gathringstage tofood producing stage in the
Official national region
One of the most important factors binding Americans from different colonies into a single political culture was
One of the most important factors binding americans from different colonies into a single political culture?
Our Colonial Heritage
Political liberty
Progressive movement
Reform act
Social science
Sources of history
The american revolution inspired a revolution in which other country?
The commencement of a transcontinental railway was an incentive for which province's entry into Confederation in 1871?
The earliest agriculturists to migrate into Europe probably came from
The failure of revolt of 1857
The first permanent settlement in New England was?
The industrial revolution
The King Sri krishna Deveraya belonged to which dynasty?
The New deal of 1935
The new deal reform
The Southern Manifesto
The Venezuelan-born creole who led the liberation of south america was who?
The waves of immigration during the french regime and british rule, and the distribution of that population over the territory
Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet that was called what?
Urgent! History Question

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