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Summarize and evaluate Maimonides’ claims against anthropomorphism, i.e., that it is not appropriate to apply any human attributes to God. To what extent is Maimonides view here consistent with either Craig’s argument for a personal God or Adams’s argument from morality. If Maimonides is correct, then what reason is there to obey God’s commandments?
Question asked by: netjet

Asked on: 29 May 2008

It is true that the whole concept of God is anthropomorphised. There are two arguments for why this is. The first is that the only way for us to really understand a God or grasp what they are like is to talk and describe that God in human terms - what else do we know. The second argument from religious sceptics is that we have created God ourselves and therefore of course he would be in our image.

As to whether we can worship or obey God's commands if God is not like a human is a stupid question - what was your lecturer asking that? There is no logical correlation between whether God is like a human or not and whether we should respect God.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 21 Aug 2008
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