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What messages does the brain send to the heart?

Question asked by: knowitall

The brain is the central computer system of your body. It communicates with all of your muscles (including the heart) whether this be subconsious (you don't know your telling the muscle what to do) or consious (e.g. your telling the muscle to flex or to walk).

The brain tells the heart everything it needs to know in order to keep you alive. This is done subconsiously. The brain does this by telling the muscle to flex (contract) and release the flex (lets the blood into the heart).

When you go for a run or do physical activity, oxygen is used in your body. To keep oxygen in the body to keep you alive, the heart must keep up with the need for pumping fresh blood from the lungs around. This is regulated by the brain.

So, the brain controls how fast, or slow, your heart beats!

By: Unknown
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