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The Earth Questions

Discuss major factors that influence mass movements?
Discuss on the magnetic field element
How do geologists find out the age of mountains?
How do we know that the inner core is solid and the outer core is liquid?
How evaporation is calcalulated from lakes?
How has the earth changed since it was formed?
How long are oceanic volcanos active and how does that tie in with the hot spot theory?
How many seismograph stations are needed to alocate the epicenter of an earthquake?
How old is the earth?
Radon detection in arid areas can help to explore what?
Were there super continents before pangea?
What are the Black Smokers?
What is the Cambrian?
What is the difference between a canyon, gorge & valley?
What is the difference between the geoid and the surface of the earth?
What is the earth made of?
What is the earth's core made of?
What is the earth's crust made of?
What is the general statement regarding the temperature of water in oceanic depths?
What is the minimum depth needed for a feature to be considered a canyon?
What is the name of the largest volcano in the world?
What layer of the earth does magma form?
What makes mountains appear purple?
What seperates the outer core from the mantle above it?
What the longest depth can be measured using seismograph?
Where would you expect to find the oldest basalt on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean?
Which is the largest reef?
Which kind of volcano is the most destructive?
Which of the Earth's interior layers have been drilled and sampled and what are the deepest drilling projects on record?
Why did the continents spread apart?

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Category: geology