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A 12 litre solution contains 100/3% acid.how much water is to be added to reduce acid to 20%?

Question asked by: b.akila

Asked on: 20 May 2010

12 litres is 33% acid and you want to reduce it down to 20% being acid.

So 0 litres is 100% acid.

Therefore adding 12 litres reduces acid by 67%.

So each litre reduces by 67/12 = 5.58% Therefore to reduce by another 13% we need another 2 1/3 litres of water.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 23 May 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Suppose, we have to add x liter water to get 20% acid solution. Now, we know, V1*S1=V2*S2 Hence, 12*100/3=(12+x)*20 or, x=8 Therefore, we have to add 8 liter water.
By: psahu63

Date of comment: Fri, Sep 3rd 2010

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