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Does free will make sense?

Question asked by: knowitall

Free will makes sense for most people who think of it in an ordinary and non philosophical context!

It is a concept we all intuitively seem to think we have and understand what it means, until we investigate it.

However many have said the idea is not really coherent in that how can it be said to be 'free will' if it means some sort of randomness.

If there is something truly random then in what sense is it determined by anyone? If I determine it then it's not random and if I don't determine it then it's not me acting and it's not free will.

Therefore there does seem to be a real paradox about free will - we all want to say we have it but what does it really mean?

Many are led to believe that really there is no free will but just the illusion to it due to the very complex nature of cause and effect that we don't and probably will never fully understand.

By: Unknown
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