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How can I cover up spots?

Question asked by: knowitall

Covering up spots can be difficult particularly if you are a man!

For women the best bet is to use your standard foundation product or concealer if you have a dedicated product and be sure to blend in well with the skin so that it is not obvious through a change in skin tone colour.

For men the good news is that there are dedicated spot cover up sticks that you can buy that don't count as make up and you can get these in most cosmetic stores.

Don't be afraid to use these to cover up those unsightly spots - just blend in well and hopefully others won't notice but even if they do, well, you are not doing anything wrong by trying to look your best!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

I have lots os spots but my make up doesnt cover them up i use concealer and foundation its same as my skin colour and its oil free but it still doesnt work and makes me look orange and blotchy i l looked up to how to apply iyt properly but it still didnt work i need serious help as i cnt go out this plzzzzzzzzzzz help
By: rachel

Date of comment: Tue, Aug 15th 2006

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