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How do I get rid of fish smell after cooking?

Question asked by: knowitall

Use air freshener to remove the smell.

Or open the windows and aerate the room well.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

If you\'ve used the microwave to cook the fish, try cutting up a lemon and squeezing the juice into a bowl of hot water - then add the rest of the lemon pieces to the bowl and microwave on full power for five mins. If not used a microwave try burning a candle scented ones work best but even a normal one will do.
By: emmajon

Date of comment: Sat, Jul 28th 2007

To remove the smell of Fish or curry in a kitchen after cooking slice up some raw ginger and fry in a pan over a high heat no oil wait till it starts to smoke then turn the pan off and leave it in the pan to cool hey presto smell gone. It's only a good idea if its shared
By: Donal

Date of comment: Tue, Oct 24th 2006

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