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I think of a number add 8 and multiply the result by 6 the answer is 66 what is the number i first thought of?

Question asked by: knowitall

Whenever you get a question like this, the first is to turn it into a mathematical expression you can work with, standardly the unknown number is written as 'x'.

So here we turn the words into:

6(x+8) = 66

Multiplying out the brackets, we then get:

6x + 48 = 66

Which we then re-arrange by doing 66 - 48 to get:

6x = 18

Then we divide through by 6 to get:

x = 3

And so there is the answer: the number is '3'.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

An Easy way to do this question is to do it backwards 66 devide by 6 = 11 11-8= 3 the number you were thinking of is 3
By: powers

Date of comment: Wed, Jun 18th 2008

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