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If you have ten baskets of apples which one weigh the most?

They\'re 10 baskets with all the same amount of 100,000 apples. 9 of them weigh 5kg. 1 of them weigh 6kg. you only get one weigh but not by adding basket 1 then basket 2....then basket 10 that would count as 10 weighs but you can get a few from each basket. I am doing it for homework and i need to understand how to get the answer and what it is.
Question asked by: floraaaaa

Asked on: 23 Aug 2008

Put one basket on the left and then each other in turn on the right; the one that does not equal but weigh more is the heaviest, if they all weigh less than the initial basket on the left is the heaviest.
By: knowitall
Replied at: 24 Aug 2008
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