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Prove Indentities

1). Prove the identity cos 3θ - cos 7θ / sin 7θ + sin 3θ ≡ tan 2θ 2). Prove the identity cos 3θ ≡ 4 cos^3 θ - 3 cos θ 3). Solve the following giving answer in radian in the range 0 to 2π: a). cos 2θ = sin θ b). sin 2θ - 1= cos 2θ NOTE: to clarify θ = theta cos^3 = cos cubed
Question asked by: Marxxs

Asked on: 03 Mar 2010

Did you ever get the answer to this?

Looks like there are no maths experts around at the moment!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 10 Apr 2010
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