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What is the best way to remove lime scale from a wc bowl without the use of chemicals?

Question asked by: knowitall

If you really don't want to use any chemicals to clean the toilet bowl then you have few options.

Therefore you are left to just using good old fashioned elbow grease and some warm water - perhaps with soap suds in it if you are allowed to use that.

However to remove hard engrained limescale then you really will have to consider using some chemical treatments.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

I know that dropping two denture tablets in and leaving them overnight usually does the trick. Also white vinegar works the same way, you can apply it by either pouring it down the loo, leave for a while and then rub off with an old toothbrush. I\'ve used the vinegar method on my shower head (I poured the vinegar into a plastic bag and tied it onto the shower head with an elastic band) left it overnight and then used the toothbrush to get it off the following day. Good luck!
By: emmajon

Date of comment: Sat, Jul 28th 2007

You could try using white vinegar to remove your limescale on your toilet bowl. Best get all the water out of the bottom and blot dry. 5 litres of white vinegar is only a few pounds. pour the vinegar into the dry bowl and work with a toilet brush and leave to soak, keep doing this and you should see the limescale break down, flush away when finished.
By: Colin

Date of comment: Wed, Dec 20th 2006

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