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What is truth?

Question asked by: knowitall

What is truth - well that is a classic question that philosophers have discussed and argued about for a long period of time. And the nature of truth will probably be discussed for a long time to come.

For many what makes something is true is that most people agree that it is true.

This might not sound particularly revealing but it is as far as many think we can go.

Others think that some absolute standard can be applied and truths are absolute in this sense by means of reference to something external to ourselves. Thus a religious person may define truth in relation to their god.

For others something is true if there is something that corresponds to it in the world. Thus if I say there is a pink elephant in the room that is false, as there isn't one as far as any human sense can tell.

However if I say the grass is green, that is made true by the fact that when I look out the window the grass is green.

Truth is an intuitive concept, and something we often take for granted. However as with any basic concept when we try to define it and look at its underlying nature, many puzzles occur.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Truth is something you feel on your own to be own. Truth is veracity . It is the fact that rules our morality of living. it is the light of our hope of future. By explicitly implementing the truth we can go near our Allah .
By: stasnim

Date of comment: Sat, Sep 20th 2008

In response to the comment "what is truth".I would ask "whoes truth?"
By: eddieby

Date of comment: Mon, Jan 14th 2008

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