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When did humans evolve on earth?

Question asked by: knowitall

Humans are thought to have separated from other apes around 6 million years ago.
By: Unknown
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If that is true, where did all the people go? Can you imagine how many people must have lived over the last 6 million years?! Here is an article that spells it out much better than I can, but it is clear that humans must be rather recent or there would be far more people alive today than there are. Some people claim there have been as many as 100 - 200 billion people who have lived over the course of human history. If so, we should find literally billions of buried bones. There should be clear evidence of that, but there is not. They are missing. Where did they go? I cannot imagine how humans could possible have evolved 6 million years ago or even 100,00 years ago. Considering population growth, there should be many times as many people alive today as there are if that is true.
By: jbm100

Date of comment: Sun, Aug 8th 2010

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