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Cotoneaster Hedge

I ordered over 100 cotoneaster bare-root plants last year and only 11 survived. The company is not guaranteeing them. I can't afford another $400.00 to buy more. Last week I got about 100 cuttings from a friend and want to know how to root them for planting in the spring. I do not have space for that many pots. Can they be rooted in water? Any other suggestions?
Question asked by: hummer

Asked on: 14 Sep 2009

Hmm that doesn't sound too good - maybe go and speak to someone at a garden center near to where you live and explain the type of soil, position and amount of sun that is received where you tried planting them out to see if the experts there can shed any light on what is going on...
By: knowitall
Replied at: 21 Sep 2009
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