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Trees Questions

Can you plant flowers around pine trees? If so are there ones that do better than others?
Cherry blossom
Cotoneaster Hedge
I have a Kilmarnock Willow which has tiny little orange spots on the backs of the leaves. Its recently been re-potted and is fed regularly......can you advise me what the spots are please?
I have just built a pergola over my patio. What could I grow up and over it?
I live in Palm Coast, Florida and I get the afternoon sun in the back of my property. What kind of plants and palms would thrive
I planted an apple tree about five years ago. However, the apples are really small and wanted to know how I could improve the size and quality of the growth?
I would like to give a gift of a flower/tree/seeds, which can be planted now and will flower every year in September. Purple or blue if possible. Ideas?
Lack of Growth
What can i plant that is evergreen and quick growing?
What should I plant as a hedge, to give privacy, without too much maintenance?
When should I trim a magnolia tree so as not to stop it flowering next spring? Autumn or after flowering next year?
Why is my yew tree turning yellow?
Why isn't my 4 year old healthy apricot tree producing fruit?

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